Vote of support for Apple CarPlay in Teslas

Vote of support for Apple CarPlay in Teslas

Just wanted to chime in here and say that Apple CarPlay would be a tremendous addition to my Model S. (Or, if for some reason it's not possible to add, I hope Tesla would consider its inclusion in new models.)

My phone is the center of my life, and it's so much more convenient to have the car honor that (as my wife's Honda does.) Not to mention that I have found Apple Maps' routing to be significantly better than that in even Tesla's newest Maps upgrade.

My Model S is the best car I've ever owned, hands-down. But CarPlay is convenient enough that I likely wouldn't buy another Tesla unless it supported it.

carlk | 05. Mai 2019


I do not understand why you're saying that. Could you specify what I was missing? Seems to me the only thing missing is if you have to use your iPhone while you're driving, not necessarily a good thing imo. I can't think of another thing CarPlay can do that Tesla can't, and can't do it better. Take Waze, the most mentioned feature, for example. I have been Waze user for a long time. Tesla navigation has improved to a point it does pretty much everything as good or better than Waze. It has a MUCH better and clearer map and turn by turn screens, gives as good route suggestions as Waze and best of all is tied to Tesla specific features such as supercharger locations and battery statues against route selection. The only thing it does not have is police and speed trap but Waze never works in the urban area anyway. It's either too late or false alarms that are not removed. Even without the trouble of making the connection I would still use the Tesla Navigation over CarPlay/Waze hands down.

nothotpocket | 05. Mai 2019

I love Tesla navigation. That's definitely something that I don't think that CarPlay and Android Auto don't do better.

Not sure if you saw my post, but Android Auto can "Take me to Aunt Justina's house" (using the contact name), tell you if a store you'd like to swing by on the way home is closing soon, display a list of podcasts or put together a diverse music playlist, and a long list of other things that Tesla can't. Because Tesla's not likely to improve their system, probably better we don't detail out everything we're missing out on.

carlk | 05. Mai 2019

If you know the address or name of estabishment you can always use Tesla voice comment to set the navigation. Or just send the address from the phone to Tesla before you start the trip. The nav will be all set up and ready go go when you get into the car. On the other hand with your phone apps you will never have that nice big nav screen or get a reminder of your range left after the trip, or a reminder if you do not have necessary range for the trip and direct you appropriate superchargers along the way. The thing is Tesla UI can always add needed features in the future while many of these useful Tesla specific features you will never get from CarPlay. It's just not integrated with your Tesla.

carlk | 05. Mai 2019

I almost forgot this when I wrote the post since I only have AP1. NoA and any future iteration of Tesla technology. Apple or Google can never integrate with your Tesla. Your only hope is maybe someday Tesla will make its own mobile phone. That's actually not that an outrage idea.

carlk | 05. Mai 2019

I almost forgot this when I wrote the post since I only have AP1. NoA and any future iteration of Tesla technology. Apple or Google can never integrate with your Tesla. Your only hope is maybe someday Tesla will make its own mobile phone. That's actually not that an outrage idea.

carlk | 05. Mai 2019

I almost forgot this when I wrote the post since I only have AP1. NoA and any future iteration of Tesla technology. Apple or Google can never integrate with your Tesla. Your only hope is maybe someday Tesla will make its own mobile phone. That's actually not that an outrage idea.

sirbarton77 | 06. Mai 2019

I would like CarPlay in every car I own. Why not? In every car it's currently in, it's an option. Not mandatory to use. Why not have the option? I don't need it, but it's nice.

thomas | 06. Mai 2019

I don't understand why they wouldn't add support for it.

It would be huge if they did. I understand they want to control their own UI so then work with Apple and build something together.

To many of peoples, lives are centered around their phone/computers being able to integrate that easily would be huge.

I see it as a given it's hard to belive they don't, Unless tesla is trying to make money on the same services.

carlk | 07. Mai 2019

Maybe something like that. There were rumors about Tesla talking to recorde labels in the past. Elon is building Tesla not into a car company but a tech company. He also insists on vertical integration and wants to do everything internally. Who knows maybe someday he even will get into the mobile phone business. It's actually not as hard as you might think.

Remeber Apple and Google are potential competitors to Tesla too. Apple has the car project even it is going nowhere and Google has Waymo. Other auto companies had been resisting to let those tech giants to take over or have a foothold on their infotainment screen but they just don't have the technical prowness to do it on their own. Tesla is much stronger in this area than any ot those auto and tech companies there is NO reason for it to let them have it for free.

Here is an article "The Battle for the Last Unconquered Screen—The One in Your Car" that describes the situation well. it's from WSJ that you need to subscribe to read. I read it from Apple News on my iPhong.

davezforce | 12. Mai 2019

Would like it.

danieldepena | 29. Mai 2019

please!!!! make it posible

matt | 01. Juni 2019


hlmast | 03. Juni 2019

Yes, please. Or at least something that allows WAZE navigation.

manosoul177 | 03. Juni 2019

I want my Apple CarPlay in my Model 3 because it makes accessing my personal music library so much easier. Access to the big screen for my personal Apple Music playlist would make the Tesla experience even better. Those that say "NO" would not be forced to use it, or in any way be inconvenienced by its availability for those who want it.

boulderchuck | 04. Juni 2019

YES. Most definitely. Just like a Tesla, once you have tried you'll like it (that is CarPlay). We do have two other cars but the Tesla Model X get the most miles. It is just better. I do use the Tesla apps with ease. But I use my iPhone while in the car more than I use the Tesla apps -- my Podcast, my music, and phone calls -- maybe through the Tesla speakers but it is the iPhone that I use. I even use the iPhone navigation about 30% to 50% of the time. The iPhone is just more convenient. Try it you'll like it - VERY VERY MUCH. PLEASE bring CarPlay to the Tesla.

sosmerc | 08. Juni 2019

For most of us it seems we are pretty much "married" to our smartphones. What I would like to see is a truly standalone smartwatch that can allow one to ditch carrying around the phone. I predict that somebody is going to do this sooner or later and I think it will be awesome ! (maybe the move to 5G will bring this transition a little faster)

rhaydon | 09. Juni 2019

Yes, absolutely yes to CarPlay in my Tesla. If you don’t like it or you don’t have an iPhone, you don’t use it. CarPlay will get better and better and more and more features will be added to it from third parties over time. These features can only benefit our cars.

aczeisler | 20. Juni 2019

Yes! I definitively vote for Apple Car Play.

nukequazar | 30. Juni 2019

YES, YES, YES, 1,000 YES's! Apple nav kills Tesla nav, and lack of spoken/voice messages is a safety problem (I know about the study that says they're the same but I'm sure that will be invalidated in the future when a significant number of people are using spoken/voice messaging).

My music and podcast libraries are in my iPhone and Slacker/TuneIn are not even in the same ballpark as a substitute.

Bottom line, the CarPlay interface that I added to my 21-year-old BMW M3 beats my Tesla interface in every way. Oh, right, except for the directional fart app, sorry. Some friends of mine made a cassette tape in high school that worked just fine.

rxlawdude | 01. Juli 2019

Sure, if you want to alienate half of your customers, just put in technology from one smartphone manufacturer. I would support CarPlay if AndroidAuto is concurrently offered.

NKYTA | 01. Juli 2019

Don’t support either.

steve.miller | 01. Juli 2019

Yes for CarPlay/Android Auto!

Loved Slacker in my Model S but sadly, the sound quality in my 3P sucks balls and find myself longing for CarPlay to allow me to access my playlists from a screen rather than my phone or have to engage in verbal wars with Siri. If CarPlay isn’t an option, at least make smartphone integration better. You claim to be a tech company, so provide more than basic Bluetooth integration. It ain’t that hard.

kishan.psd | 02. Juli 2019

Need Siri and Apple Maps for sure.

ira.j.blumberg | 02. Juli 2019

I fear this is a lost cause. While I too want CarPlay for various reasons, based on my observations from 2 months of Model 3 ownership it seems clear Elon "does not play well with others."

Specifically, for example, when I transferred the USB stick from my wife's previous car to the Model 3, none of the music would play. Why, because of course it was recorded in ALAC (Apple Lossless Audio Codec) form. As far as I know, every major auto maker has included this CODEC in their car audio systems for at least the last 5 years. Not Tesla. If you want lossless, you have to use open source like FLAC. Similarly, Tesla won't recognize any disk format other than FAT, even though NTFS is more appropriate for large storage media and more easily created by modern operating systems.

While I am very impressed with all the things that Tesla has developed in-house, I am bothered by Tesla's refusal to add compatibility with technology developed by anyone else.

NKYTA | 02. Juli 2019

I’m bother by those that aren’t building companies that further sustainable transport, and cherry-pick crap stuff like CarPlay.

I’m all in on Apple, just not CarPlay. Multiple Tesla Owner household.

rxlawdude | 02. Juli 2019


nukequazar | 04. Juli 2019

@NKYTA, have you tried CarPlay in the last couple of years, because it sounds like you certainly have not, or you never have and you're making assumptions, or you're very prejudiced for whatever reasons? The fact is, it "craps" all over the Tesla interface, especially the newest iOS 13 beta. Apple nav is better, spoken/voice messaging, accessing Apple Music and Podcasts, full functional access to phone features such as extensions appearing on the CarPlay screen ready to send when appropriate, etc., etc., etc.

nukequazar | 04. Juli 2019

@nothotpocket, "I'm thinking that users who are satisfied with Tesla's interface aren't familiar with CarPlay or Android Auto so they don't know what they're missing."

I agree 100%.

And of course I would have no problem with Android Auto there also. Definitely should both be available.

ittraining.pune121 | 04. Juli 2019

Yes I Vote

NKYTA | 04. Juli 2019

“@NKYTA, have you tried CarPlay in the last couple of years, because it sounds like you certainly have not, or you never have and you're making assumptions, or you're very prejudiced for whatever reasons?”

I have not, ever. My 1998 Jetta didn’t have it. My ‘85 vette didn’t have it.
I have driven a Model S for 6.5 years and a Model 3 for a year.

When it comes to phones or tablets, or laptops or personal servers, I go Mac/Apple, 100% of the time.

Why, in all that is holy-tech, would I want Tesla to have to pay licensing fees for Apple tech that was designed for the lowest common-deniminator Camry?!?

So you can all try and disprove MythBusters that voice to text is safe on the roads?!?

You are messing with other drivers on the road.

Stop that.

And Android users dwarf you, so of course we have support them, right? Or is it all about you?

Finally, Tesla is making decisions as a company in to of itself. A non-poll on these fora ain’t going to do zero-zip.

Maybe you should wait to get an Apple EV, because that is coming RSN.


inkrediblehull | 21. Juli 2019

I vote yes.

blakamp | 21. Juli 2019

I would much rather see Tesla integrate services like Spotify, Apple Music, iHeartRadio, Pandora, MLB, etc natively and cleanly, than to bolt on CarPlay. I’d like to see something akin to a Tesla’s version of Sonos. There is so much amazing innovation and differentiation to be achieved there. I’d hate to see Tesla cede that opportunity to 3rd party franken-integrations.

Nonetheless, if Tesla is not committed to such innovation and development of the infotainment system, I would take CarPlay and call it a win... just to minimize the number of times I’m forced to interact with my phone under the current system.

blue adept | 22. Juli 2019

NO! | 22. Juli 2019

Don’t need or want car play in my Tesla.

nukequazar | 22. Juli 2019

re. "Those tied into the Apple/Google universe already have their data sent to Apple and Google to be resold to unknown parties." Google, yes. Apple, no. That is Google's business plan. It's why all their crap software is free. Not Apple. We pay high prices for Apple products because we are actually paying for the products. With Apple, the product is the product. With Google, the user is the product, sold to advertisers or whoever waves the cash.

There has never been a report of CarPlay being hacked, that I know of. Even the FBI is unable to open a locked iPhone. Tesla cars, however, have actually been hacked through it's bug bounty program, if news reports are correct.

I don't see how adding an optional CarPlay app would be any more--and probably less--of a security risk than the browser, mapping, and third-party apps already there.

nukequazar | 22. Juli 2019

Correction: "...through *its* bug bounty program..."

NKYTA | 22. Juli 2019

I agree about Apple vs Google.

“Tesla cars, however, have actually been hacked through it's bug bounty program, if news reports are correct.”
a) if you have access to the car
b) if you know which panel to pull off to plug in your Ethernet cable
c) if you have mad-hacking skillz to understand complex software which you didn’t write

Count me as not worried.

nukequazar | 22. Juli 2019

@NKYTA, I'm not worried either. But I'm less worried about a company that's been focused on personal computing for over 40 years, personal internet access for over 30 years, and specifically, mobile personal data for over 10 years, with a stellar security record, than I am about an energy and transportation company that has a small slice of their pie associated with personal data access. In other words, I believe that the incremental security risk of adding CarPlay is infinitesimally small compared to the inherent risks of driving a car developed by a young company, relying on mobile access for self-driving and regular OTA firmware updates, with some third-party infotainment patched in.

pbstrickland | 03. August 2019


carlk | 03. August 2019

Don't waste your energy it's not going to happen. This article is a little old but it describes the ongoing car OS battle pretty clearly. Tesla will NEVER put the trojan horse in its cars. The more you ask the more Tesla will be convinced it should avoid that like plaque.

Request features, on the other hand, is the more sensible thing to do. Tesla maybe resource limited now but Elon's goal is eventually to make Tesla one of the biggest tech company if not the biggest. There is no need to rely on Apple or Google for this most critical part of this "computer on wheels". Other companies do not have the option because they are all very weak in technology. Then again for those few who think this is a make or break feature fortunately there are many other options for you. That's why we have so many different brands for people to choose from.

nukequazar | 03. August 2019

@carlk, I tuned out on the article at the first sentence. Calling CarPlay a Trojan horse shows a huge bias against it, although maybe the author is not really clear about history and what Trojan horse means. CarPlay is far from a Trojan horse. It's an extremely secure, minimized interface to an iPhone that shows up on a car dash screen, and interfaces with the audio system. That's all.

The problem with all this car-centric thinking is that cars are transient. We buy new cars every few years, and nobody I know has one brand of car throughout their entire family. Many families I know, however, share a mobile OS, and our mobile OS stays with us. That's the key, and I don't see it changing in the foreseeable future. My Tesla cannot follow me into my office or home, while my iPhone does. I want access to my iPhone data while in the car, not switch to some other OS in my car, a different one in my wife's car, then back to my iPhone when I get to work or home. This idea just doesn't work.

nukequazar | 03. August 2019

My iPhone is also completely synced with my iPad, my laptop, my desktop, my TV, and my cloud. No way that Tesla can take over all those platforms or even be significantly compatible.

blue adept | 03. August 2019


As I've explained, at some length might I add, to you and especially that @blakamp person before I, and it appears @carlk as well, are more clued in and better aware of the very real and present threat associated with integrating third-party apps and platforms into Tesla's onboard infotainment interface

But if you can't accept the rationale we offer to explain Tesla's reluctance to rely on third-party providers of infotainment platforms perhaps you'll accept the reality of the threat such apps pose from those who've uncovered their flaws and exploits:
(And you wouldn't even know it before it was too late to do anything)
(Imagine if your iPhone were connected to your car)
(A news app used by Apple)
(Cars are just as susceptible)

IDK, but I guess that it never even occurred to anyone to think that the welcoming, addictive, engaging, irresistible, habit forming user-friendliness of those various platforms and apps are the very reasons that make them the perfect targets for hackers who're only interested in "mining" your personal data for less than honest purposes.

+1 @carlk

carlk | 03. August 2019

@nukequazar You really should read the article. You're either playing dumb or you're really dumb. Trojan horse means putting something there that seems harmless but with a much more evil purpose. Apple never meant to just be a nice guy to provide services to car companies and owners. The way some of you cry for CarPlay do you think, once implemented, any car company will be able to take it out or renegotiate with Apple in the future? There is nothing to prevent Apple to add functions and make it more critical and eventually take full control of the car.

Anyway you need to read the whole article to understand what the dynamic on the car OS is and why you simply will not get it from Tesla. Like I said just get a different car if that's so important to you. And you could always consider a different phone too. At least I hope you still can. Like I said earlier I was the owner of the first iPod, iPhone and iPad and still own an iPhone X. Just the other day I was discussing with friends what my next phone should be and you know what? It does not even have to be an iPhone even it likely will be. I don't think I have commited my entire life to a single device company.

nothotpocket | 03. August 2019

@carlk I think the article's pretty far away from CarPlay in this discussion. It's hard to imagine Tesla giving up the operating system to Apple and that's a completely separate issue.

CarPlay/Android Auto is little more than screen mirroring and Tesla could apportion a section of the Model S/X screen to the app while maintaining it's interface on the rest. With Model 3 this might be a little more funky. The only info that Apple requires from Tesla is whether the car is moving if CarPlay is in use. Not a big security risk.

k1tten | 03. August 2019


blakamp | 04. August 2019

There are a couple different arguments here, some on strategic grounds and some around security.

Strategically, I agree that Tesla would be better off not ceding ground in the interface to Apple and Google. I’d like to see Tesla driver a flexible integration of music services and navigation services on Tesla’s terms (data, security, interface, etc). I like the idea of Tesla creating something akin to a Sonos for auto, whereby Tesla defines the interface and the terms by which approved integration partners are supported. I also believe Tesla needs to make upgrades to the infotainment system in the near term (Spotify, better podcast integration, meta-data fixes, voice support, iHeartRadio, Pandora) if it wants infotainment to keep pace with all other aspects of the car, and with where competition is headed. The strong calls for CarPlay support is frankly indicative of needs and urgency there.

@blue adept... As for security, I appreciate the significance of the issue; Tesla absolutely needs to devote real time and attention there. Nonetheless, I don’t buy it as a rationale to do nothing. Nor does Tesla apparently. Tesla has made multiple moves that potentially present security issues... They’ve integrated a browser! They’ve integrated Slacker, TuneIn, Spotify and SiriusXM. They’ve integrated a Google Maps API. They just loaded 3rd party-developed software with Beach Buggy. They just announced coming support for YouTube and Netflix.

How do you reconcile these moves by Tesla with the security concerns you highlight?

booshtukka | 04. August 2019

YES (obv)

booshtukka | 04. August 2019

Also, anyone calling this a security risk either misunderstands security and sandboxing, or misunderstands CarPlay. Running code arbitrarily in an environment like a web browser is a far far bigger security risk, and yet we have a pointlessly hamstrung one of those. @blakamp is completely correct.

carlk | 04. August 2019

Please stop this straw man argument. It's not about security risk whether there is any or not. It's about business strategy. You are not handing a piece of important part of your product to your competitor. Tesla, Apple, Google are competitors. They all are doing serious, and have plan to do even more serious, computer HW/SW. Apple and Google also have plans to do serious auto stuff and grab a piece of that market. Other automakers can't do the computer stuff they don't have a choice but Tesla likely have no interest of becoming a box maker. Tesla actually is trying to become the Apple while the rest are going to be just WinTel makers whether they know that or not.