Undercarriage Composite Tray Ripped

Undercarriage Composite Tray Ripped

Hey Fellow Tesla Peeps,

Has anyone had problems with the undercarriage composite trays? From what I know there are two of them. One located in the front between the wheels and one in the back between the wheels. My back composite tray started to rip last week as seen in the photos. I took it in to Tesla and they can replace it for roughly $250. Not covered by warranty b/c the service person claimed it was due to natural driving issues. Normal wear and tear if you will. Feels bad man. At the service center I didn't make a stink about it and I went ahead and made an appointment to replace it this coming Saturday. But as I thought about it over the weekend I started to feel that this is a bit ridiculous. My Model 3 isn't even 3 months old; I took delivery on June 6th. I've been driving the car for 2 months and 14 or so days with about 3,800 miles. I noticed this when the car was around 3,500 miles. (I did a decent amount of driving this weekend and past week) My driving isn't anything crazy that would warrant composite trays to rip. Majority of my daily commute is highway. I live in a very suburban area (NJ resident here) so the roads are all paved; its not like I'm driving on rocky rough roads. Grant it there are potholes but no way is my Model 3 undercarriage scrapping the road. There would be more evidence of that besides the composite tray. I didn't notice any other damage to the underneath of my car when I was inspecting it with the service person at Tesla. I honestly do feel like I got a weak or bad piece but I have no way of proving that. The 3 imgur links are pictures of the ripping composite tray, check it out yourself. It really does suck that my first problem with my car happened within 3 months of receiving the car and its on me. I honestly wouldn't care if it was covered. Oh and I suppose I should state the hanging piece does drag against the road from time to time. The noise it creates is how I noticed this ripped in the first place.

So what I want to hear from you guys is the follow.

-Has anyone else had a problem with the undercarriage composite trays?
-Should I call up Tesla and claim I shouldn't be responsible for this?
-What is the function of this piece? Is it for protection? Aerodynamics?

Thanks for your feedback peeps!

PS - This really doesn't have to do with the issue but another aspect of this issue that put a sour taste in my mouth is that my local service center(Paramus, NJ) is booked until August 30th. I accepted an appointment with the Brooklyn NY service center b/c I didn't want this to get worse as I waited for August 30th to come around. Not being a car guy I fear the damage that could have been caused. For anyone one in the area you know how much of a pain going into NYC can be, especially with a car. $15 dollar toll plus all dead stop NYC traffic. Oof, it certainly is a big pain.

CST | 31. Januar 2019

@TickTock - thanks for that - a few months ago, I found a bolt just like the one in the Home Depot link on my garage floor. The mobile service tech didn't know what it was for, now I know! I still have it too.

syclone | 01. Februar 2019

@GDR1737: I have nothing but great things to say for the Syosset service center. They have always been courteous and efficient. I've stopped there a few times just to ask a question (they are about 10 minutes from my home). They always take the time to answer and even come out to the car and show me how to take care of any issue. I've had some experience with the Service center in Danis, Florida - same courteous service.

TickTock | 01. Februar 2019

I also noticed that the felt around the rear wheels was missing two push-in retainer clips. Clips for an 8mm hole worked for me.

dknox | 02. Februar 2019

Just had mine tear off in two pieces during heavy rain. TBD on resolution

gdr1737 | 04. Februar 2019

Tesla fixed the problem checked tires and torqued the wheels. They also fixed a loose plastic seat base on the drivers seat. No charge, so I ran out happy as a clam without any paperwork. Tesla is very light on paper! I didn't receive anything by email either.

PECo CT | 13. Februar 2019

Basic Vehicle Limited Warranty
Subject to separate coverage for certain parts and the exclusions and limitations described in this New Vehicle Limited Warranty, the Basic Vehicle Limited Warranty covers the repair or replacement necessary to correct defects in the materials or workmanship of any parts manufactured or supplied by Tesla that occur under normal use for a period of 4 years or 50,000 miles (80,000 km), whichever comes first.

CST | 13. Februar 2019

I was driving the speed limit on a two-way road today and came across a flooded section that I hit at about 30mph. The water was dirty, so it blended in with the road and wasn't visible until I was nearly upon it. No visible damage to the composite material. Luckily, just last week, I had mobile service over and had him replace one of the large bolts that had fallen out a few months back (thanks to the forum to identifying it's location). I did notice that the front composite tray seems to flare out a bit near the front-sides. Not sure how aerodynamic that is. Does anyone else notice this as well?

Coastal Cruiser. | 13. Februar 2019

Just checking this thread for the first time in a while. Looks like a solution may be close?

Would someone do me a favor and email me if M8B ever happens to admit he's been wrong from the beginning? Send to "".

Magic 8 Ball | 13. Februar 2019

@CC Wrong about what, people driving too fast through deep water? Do you think you will ever buy a TESLA or are you just going to make dumb suggestions like telling people to call lawyers on their third visit to service?

drsanjaymd | 23. Februar 2019

Update on my undercarriage tray - I had this repaired at my local tesla approved body shop (North Fresno Collison Center) - initial estimate $297 for parts and labor. Tesla said that they MIGHT consider warranty coverage if I took the car to Fremont or Monterey service center, they will not let Tesla ranger do the same thing at local Tesla approved body shop even though Tesla ranger operates out of that body shop! I just do not have time to spend an entire day that it will take to get this done at Fremont or Monterey.

Final repairs happened on 2/21/19 - It took Tesla more than 3 weeks to deliver the part.

When I went to pick up the car - price had gone up by $150! I was told that Tesla will not allow only the front tray (the one that had fallen off) to be replaced. According to the body shop - TESLA required that both FRONT and REAR trays must be replaced simultaneously and that bumped the price up.

So my model 3's rear tray was replaced even though it was fine. However, Tesla did not pay for it. I discovered it when I went to pick up the vehicle and had a choice to start a fight on the issue or quiet pay and pick up the car.

Some one like me with lack of time to deal with the issue - just paid up and finished the matter.

The main reason I buy a new car is to avoid spending time dealing with maintenance/repair issues due to lack of time to devote to these things.

My guess is that Tesla is aware that the part that was in my car was faulty and there are many model 3s with those defective parts out there. They have probably updated this part and are now forcing this repair - sometimes at their customer's expense. Tesla still does not have established policies and procedures to deal with issues. Even if they do - they have not trained their staff to apply that in consistent fashion. I was advised by a fellow Tesla owner that if I lived in Idaho, local Tesla ranger would have evaluated the issue at outside body shop and this would have been a warranty covered item.

Hopefully, I will have no surprises in near future with my model 3.

I love my model 3 but very disappointed with Tesla service.

Will I recommend any one else to buy a Tesla - probably NO.

Magic 8 Ball | 23. Februar 2019

My wife has to go in to get part of her aorta replaced. She is healthy and runs marathons (she will be doing a 10K days before surgery). My guess is the creator is aware the aorta in my wife was faulty and there are many people with defective aortas out there. The creator has apparently done nothing about this issue so now we have to deal with it.

Hopefully the surgery will only take about 6 weeks away from "normalcy" but it is a burden. My wife is lucky hers was detected in time when many others go undetected and people just keel over from an aneurysm. Some doctors are good at diagnosis some not so much.

My wife, and I, love her heart and aortas but we are very disappointed with some doctors not detecting this and finding out people die from this everyday.

Fortunately the new Model 3 has given us lots of enjoyment to help offset the stress and worry we have about things that really matter.

drsanjaymd | 23. Februar 2019

@M8B - all the best to your wife for her surgery and recovery. May you and her have many many happy and healthy years ahead..

Magic 8 Ball | 23. Februar 2019

@drsanjaymd Thanks and same to you. I really doubt there is a nefarious attempt by "TESLA" to sweep this under the rug. "TESLA" , like any other company, is a group of individuals and they are not all on the same page (no different from any other company). Thank you for keeping us posted on your experience. The reports on how this is being handled by TESLA are all over the map, currently.

Mike UpNorth_ | 23. Februar 2019

I've been driving through snow, sleet, ice, rain etc up here in MN....9/2018 build.....still waiting for my trays to fall off. Nothing yet.

Cheers to the wifey M8B.

Lonestar10_1999 | 23. Februar 2019

It wouldn’t surprise me if the reviewer from CR had the undercarriage rip.

-TheJohn- | 23. Februar 2019

I blew through a medium puddle the other day at about 15-20mph.
The tray detached in three separate places in front and on the front left corner of the rear part.
Not that ones word means jack on the Internet but I swear I've never had anything strike the undercarriage before and there's no other incident that could have caused the damage.
The Ranger came by to determine the extent of the damage and see if there was anything they could do for a temporary fix. He ended up admiring my duct tape work (it was scraping on the roadway, horrible sound from our silent car!) and saying that they'd changed to a new undercarriage tray some time after my M3 was made 59k vin.
We didn't get in to whether it'd be covered under warranty but imho that part should -not- have failed under such a relatively simple test.
We'll see!

ArcticStation | 23. Februar 2019

@M8B--I underwent open heart surgery in 1961 to correct a congenital heart defect. I’m still here. Tell your wife not to worry.

kcheng | 23. Februar 2019

@drsanjay, I hope you kept the rear tray, since it was fine, and you might have need of it sometime in the future! Legally, you are supposed to be able to keep replaced parts, I suppose, as proof that the part was indeed replaced.

@m8b, your wife is extremely fortunate to have found out before rupture. She's lucky that the Bay Area has some of the World's best CT surgeons. My older brother is a CT surgeon in LA, but used to be at UCSF and before that Johns Hopkins.

coselectric | 23. Februar 2019

@M8B, I hope your wife's surgery goes well and she recovers quickly and completely.

palmerra | 24. Februar 2019

Had this happen to me over the summer- only two weeks after delivery. Probably related to driving though water crossing the road; cover dropped later in the day. While I was disappointed by the failure of the cover, I was impressed by my first experience with Telsa roadside support. They had a tow truck out to me within an hour and had the car repaired within two days. No charge- and they also found another issue (brake squeak) that I hadn't reported and repaired it as well. Since the experience, I've read lots of similar stories, but this forum is the first place I've seen people being charged for the repair. From everything I've seen, the part was clearly not strong enough to handle routine driving and I hope that Tesla has addressed it by now.

Everything was very positive- Tesla did things other companies couldn't. They picked up the car without me being present (I unlocked it by remote- left keycard inside for them). When I couldn't get to the dealership before closing time, they locked my keycard in the trunk and I was able to get into the car with my phone. Because of this, the repair was a total non-issue for me. There was little disruption to my life and everyone was pleasant. I was one of the people who filled out the CR survey this year. While I did report the incident with the composite tray, I very clearly praised Tesla for the way they handled it.

drsanjaymd | 25. Februar 2019

God help every one who buys a new Tesla. Tesla appears to have issues that does not happen to other cars. Check this out - rim damage - causing low tire pressure from leakage. Blame the rim damage on the driver going over a pot hole. Price tag - $700.

jimglas | 25. Februar 2019

FUD nonsense, this has nothing to do with Tesla. I blew two tires in potholes in my BMW. Broke one rim

drsanjaymd | 25. Februar 2019

My model 3 is car number 7 that I have bought. All previous cars (Toyota, Honda, Lexus and Subaru) had much better initial build quality. I did not spend 450 dollars on any of these cars in the entire time I owned them ( I usually keep my cars for 10 years) that I spent on Tesla within first 3 months. No rim damage despite driving in massachusetts and minnesota. I am glad CR pulled its support of Tesla model 3. If Tesla is going to improve their build quality - it is because they can see the sales taking a hit due to issues that get publicized. I hope Tesla does not pay attention to fan boys because there are only so many fan boys. Tesla quality and service needs to improve. Tesla needs to take inspiration from Toyota and Lexus. Toyota and lexus mean build quality and longevity in the market.

BMW is a piece of crap. Tesla does not need to learn from BMW.

Keep saying FUD all you want. For people who value their money, 400 dollars here, 700 dollars there pinches.

davidfguajardo | 14. März 2019

Hi, David here from Mexico (Living in Houston Texas).

I have a Model 3P and this unfortunate issue happened to my after only two months of owning the vehicle. The sound was VERY annoying at low speeds, unrecognizable at 30+ mph.
This happened to me one day prior to a roadtrip to Dallas Tx, so I had to visit the Dallas Service Center for them to cut out the sounding part. They did, at no cost and very fast, also they washed the car as a complimentary visit. After that they told me that they will explain the issue with my local service center and they will email me with their findings.

They did after a couple of days mentioning a total of $175 + $35 in Labor for .2 hours. I was sad to see that and angry because I know I did nothing to cause this so I decided to visit a couple of Forums and found this one, so it gave me the courage to go in person and ask the Service Center for Help.

Long story short they said it was not my fault and they replaced the part FOR FREE and upgraded it with the new material part. Also at the same the installed the Dual Motor badge and a software update finished downloading after waiting for it since January !

Thank you all, I love TESLA

Bloob | 14. März 2019


jinxinor | 12. April 2019

I have the same issue. The service center wanted to charge me $200 but after I show them that this is a design flaw they agreed to only charge me the labor of $30. However, it should be free of charge.

I found the following discussion from another forum. This is a known issue and all the service center should replace it for free. Hopefully, Tesla will design a stronger one and replace all of the cars.

There is now a service bulletin addressing this:

On some Model 3 vehicles, the front and/or mid aero shield panels might be susceptible to damage when driving through standing water. Updated panels are available which have a more robust design than the original panels.

Upon customer complaint of missing or damaged front and/or mid aero shield panels, inspect the panels, and if necessary, replace both panels with updated parts.

Affected VIN(s) Affected Model 3 vehicles built before approximately November 29, 2018.

wiboater4 | 12. April 2019

One thing about service bulletins is they can still charge you for fixing things. I had a 1998 Dodge Ram pickup. They had bad intake manifold gaskets on those trucks. I stumbled on the service bulletin about it one day and went to the dealer.They still billed me to fix it. It's not like a recall. I was not happy with Dodge. They didn't even tell people about the service bulletins.

Sslnight | 12. April 2019

Service bulletins are not recalls. If you are out of warranty then you will pay. That being said if you have an issue under warranty the tech will perform the service but it never hurts to mention the bulletin.

mailoncomp | 25. April 2019

I put a hitch on my model 3 and cut a hole for the hitch receiver. Then when my mid aero shield panel came down the service center said it was because I cut the clips when i reinstalled the shield. Thats ridiculous. Their fix was to zip tie it back up and then say it was good. I just called the service center because it came down again and the air catching the shield is pulling the rear bumper off. I just found this service order and called them about it and they claim that since I cut off the clips and modified it then they wont replace the front and mid panels. I am so frustrated right now!!

Carl Thompson | 26. April 2019


I hear you but that's kind of the risk you took when you cut into things to install your hitch. I don't think you can expect a user-modified component to be fixed under warranty even if you believe your modification isn't the cause of the problem. You cut a freakin' hole in it for goodness sake! So I don't think Tesla really needs to do an analysis to see how much affect your modification did or did not have. I think it's perfectly reasonable to no want to repair it for you under the warranty.

You should just offer to pay for the proper fix.

Lonestar10_1999 | 27. April 2019

+1 Carl Thompson. It’s often difficult to find the root cause of a problem especially when there is high integration between hardware and software. For that reason alone I would never modify the M3 unless it was a Tesla approved upgrade.

BTW, my SR+ built in March 2019 has a solid hard plastic undercarriage. They must have discontinued the original undercarriage after all the customer complaints were aired.

calvin940 | 27. April 2019


I talked with the mobile tech today about the piece when having some service done. There is a new component with a new part number and a service bulletin to replace that piece with the new part if it is damaged/hanging. But they don't replace it unless there is an issue with the original one.

Lonestar10_1999 | 27. April 2019

@calvin - this is proof positive that customer feedback can influence running production changes to improve overall quality. I never bought into the argument that M3 owners with undercarriage issues were either themselves to blame or whining cry babies. The latest M3 undercarriage is not the same as the earlier fabric type that was vulnerable to ripping.

Magic 8 Ball | 27. April 2019

The only customer feedback needed was the failures documented at the service centers. The fix was well underway while people were whining and crying TESLA was trying to sweep this under the carpet. A few reported they did not get compensated and it is quite possible there was evidence of hitting objects in some cases.

The bottom tray can fail under abuse conditions and I believe it is possible some early failures were a result of abuse. I am guessing well over 100K folks have the original material and it is holding up fine for us.

rxlawdude | 27. April 2019

I'm pretty sure that if you are charged for a service bulletin repair where parts are replaced with "more robust" parts, that it's a tacit admission of a design flaw and thus covered under the theory of IMPLIED warranty of merchantability. This theory is based on the fact that your purchase expectation is a produce with no design defects.

texxx | 27. April 2019

Long as that produce isn't a lemon. ;)

Magic 8 Ball | 27. April 2019

Improving performance is not an admission of design defects.

PECo CT | 27. April 2019

“On some Model 3 vehicles, the front and/or mid aero shield panels might be susceptible to damage when driving through standing water. Updated panels are available which have a more robust design than the original panels.”

This kinda sounds like an admission of a design defect to me.

Magic 8 Ball | 27. April 2019

Since they say "some" and not all I am not sure where I am seeing admission of design defect. Sounds more of an admission to a QA issue that was solved with improved design.

The original material is resin "impregnated" fabric. I suspect they were having a combination of supplier quality issues (I.E. some batches were thin on resin) and assembly line installation problem (some were not tucked in right). So far, to me, it looks like they solved some difficult to manage process issues with an improved part design.This is not the same as design defect.

calvin940 | 27. April 2019

In the end, there was never a Tesla representative here on these forums saying one thing or another. It was forum participants arguing amongst themselves about the underlying issue which really means nothing. In the end, Tesla has seen fit to change something about the production of the cars and offer new component replacements for damaged components to remedy the issue being identified by owners. That seems reasonable and good to me.

jerrycfp2004 | 06. Mai 2019

I live in Rhode Island and RI roads are the worst in the country. I went through a large puddle on a newly paved road with terrible drainage at a decent rate of speed and the Undercarriage Composite Tray came apart. I dint notice it until a few month later I noticed a piece of it hanging down. so, I went to the forum and sure enough, others have had the same issue. Running through standing water at a high rate of speed.
It was at night and the large puddle was obscured by the dark road and no moonlight.

rkalbiarEV | 06. Mai 2019

It was a poor design choice. It happens. Nobody or Company is perfect. Glad to see they are acknowledging an issue!

Lonestar10_1999 | 06. Mai 2019

The controversy wasn’t about the poor choice of undercarriage material. With any engineered product like a Tesla a problematic part will be chosen for production and only later it is found to be the root cause of repeated complaints.

The controversy was that customers were told that Tesla was not responsible because it was the customer’s fault. Therefore it was not covered under warranty and the customer had to pay for repairs. Thank goodness common sense prevailed.

bj | 07. Mai 2019

@M8B has come a long way since his initial “user error - don’t drive through water” reaction to this issue. I guess hundreds of independent reports made it a bit too hard even for @M8B to pretend they were all FUD.

Good to see Tesla have fixed the design issue. I expect to have no problems when I get my Model 3.

Magic 8 Ball | 07. Mai 2019

@bj You have come a long way yourself. Looks like TESLA was on top of this all along and maybe a few SC's made some mistakes. No need to panic or blame TESLA for not taking care of customers and issues.

BTW, can you show where I say "ALL were FUD"? It is not surprising you would make a lie and accuse me of saying "ALL" were FUD.

There are some trays that were destroyed by users driving too fast through too deep of water, are you trying to deny that?

Magic 8 Ball | 07. Mai 2019

BTW, I was saddened when you stopped keeping a running tally of unverified stories on this thread about ripped trays. When did you realize you were an idiot for doing so?

Magic 8 Ball | 07. Mai 2019

Oh, another thing @bj, you are not cool enough to own a TESLA.

kcheng | 07. Mai 2019

The Iraqi Minister of double-speak, has nothing on you-know-who.

Magic 8 Ball | 07. Mai 2019

Wow, kcheng makes a rare appearance.

What is he crying about today?

bj | 07. Mai 2019

@M8B - “I was saddened when you stopped keeping a running tally of unverified stories on this thread about ripped trays. When did you realize you were an idiot for doing so?”

Far from being idiotic, I think it served its purpose - that we were not just dealing with a few isolated, random events, but that there was a large number of them (relative to the number of people that visit and post here) and that there was a pattern to the failures. Once the number was high enough to demonstrate that, there was little need to keep going.

As to your umbrage that you never said the reports were all FUD, that was your clear implication, even repeated again in your response above that they were “unverified stories”. What else are we supposed to conclude from that? Your intent in labeling them as such is to discredit their veracity and that effectively is to put them in the FUD basket. Even if you kid yourself that you meant no such thing.