Where'd that post go?

Where'd that post go?

Hmm, suddenly I can't find a thread I just posted about a possible source of production problems, that was neither vulgar or obscene, and didn't violate any of the stated forum rules.

So, I'm hitting a little too close to home for that discussion to be allowed to continue to exist, eh?

I somehow suspect this followup post will also disappear without trace, too. Whatever.


For the record, I fully support everything the Tesla company is doing, and I hope only the best for them. I hope they can get their production issues resolved.

Though with my income level, I will have to wait until the base model 3 is available as a used car in about a decade.

EVRider | 22. August 2018

I don’t recall seeing the original post, but if it disappeared it was likely because other forum users flagged it as inappropriate. Hard to say why without having seen it.

Rocky_H | 22. August 2018

Don't know. I'm on here a lot and see almost every post, and I never noticed that one.