Wanted: Tesla Wall Connector

Wanted: Tesla Wall Connector

With the recent send out of limited edition referral wall connectors, is anyone interested in selling their old wall connector?

I've been checking Ebay/ Craigslist, but havent really seen anything yet. Hoping I can pick up a used one for cheaper than buying a brand new one.

reed_lewis | 27. August 2018

There are a dozen or so wall connectors on eBay for about $400 to $450. I doubt that you will get a price lower than that. No one is going to sell it for less than the going rate.

jamespompi | 27. August 2018

Those are also brand new units.

reed_lewis | 27. August 2018

There are also some used ones....

But I seriously doubt the price will go below $400 for even a used one. They do not age and work well even after a few years.

Just buy a new one from Tesla. | 27. August 2018

Just sold a WC a few days ago on craigslist for $250. Sold in less than 24 hours with multiple people interested, so I guess I underpriced it. Seems the good deals go quickly!

jamespompi | 27. August 2018 omg, I would've definitely been begging you to ship it to me for that lol | 27. August 2018

@james - Sorry, I didn't even think to tell anyone in the forums about it!

jamespompi | 27. August 2018

All good! I found a guy with a mobile connector on ebay really cheap, but I think I really want that HPWC for times when you might be a little low on battery and want as much range as you can get before going somewhere. Didnt think I would ever need it, but given my pretty unplanned schedule it could be helpful to get 40 miles an hour instead of 30.

EVRider | 27. August 2018

@jamespompi: You might get a better response here if you change your title to indicate that you’re looking to buy a wall connector.

Someone who got one as a referral award and doesn’t need it might be willing to sell at a discount.

jamespompi | 28. August 2018

@EVRider thanks, ill rephrase

jamespompi | 28. August 2018

Actually ended up ordering a second mobile charger.. Got one for $178 with Ebay's 15% off coupon today. Although its not as fast as the wall connector, I'd rather have a second mobile charger that I keep in the carport permanently than have the HPWC in case something happens to my other mobile charger.

aaroncheung1 | 28. August 2018

I was thinking of the same thing with Ebay's coupon. I'd also be interested if there's anyone local in MA that would want to work something out locally. The default would be getting a wall connector off Tesla.