Tesla downgraded my main breaker from 200A to 175A

Tesla downgraded my main breaker from 200A to 175A

I just noticed my main breaker is 175A instead of 200A after solar installation. This was done without telling me or asking for my approval.
Has this happen to anyone else?
I’m trying to get an explanation from Tesla but no response yet.

khanhvn | 04. September 2018

Most likely it's the same 200A main panel, but 25 AMP has to be reserved for solar back feeding current, so only 175A left for the main breaker. In theory, you can still get 200A max, 175A from the grid and 25A from solar.

More info about the 120% rule:

jlhm | 04. September 2018

@khanhvn. Thank you much for that info. It makes sense. It would be great if Tesla could reply back with this info to my email instead of complete silence.

Johnsonbr | 11. September 2018

khanhvn is correct, it is a common occurrence for Tesla to downsize the main breaker when adding solar as to not potentially overload the panel. I'm sorry your customer service experience wasn't any good.