Tesla Model 3 problems (Regenerative Braking disable/ car need service)

Tesla Model 3 problems (Regenerative Braking disable/ car need service)

Regenerative Braking disable/ car need service. ... What to do next?

Hello World, I had my Model 3 for about 20 days. On the second day, I received several alarms associated with the power steering, traction control. tire pressure system needs service, etc.. intermittently. I drop the car at the service center the past week, they said a new software was installed and the problem was resolved. Today I had the same problem. Does anyone else experience the same problem?... do I have a Lemon car? What to do next?


Magic 8 Ball | 04. September 2018

Yeah, probably a lemon. Paint it yellow.

httran26 | 04. September 2018

Try rebooting it.
Press and hold brake pedal. Press and hold both steering wheel scroll buttons. When Tesla symbol appears, release everything.

cheperesperes | 04. September 2018

I did already, problem started to happen only when you start the car. The car is back in the dealer, they said it could be speed sensor. Lest see what happen.

sbeggs | 04. September 2018

Lest we forget...

Are you in Canada?

cheperesperes | 04. September 2018

No, USA.

sbeggs | 04. September 2018

Interesting about the speed sensor. Hmmm. Looking forward to hearing about it.

njchillie | 04. September 2018

Whether it is a lemon depends on the laws of your state. Read the lemon law disclosure that was provided to you and is in your account documents.

apodbdrs | 04. September 2018

Provide the techs as much information as you can, what were the alerts, how many times have the alerts occurred, what was the car doing, what were the symptoms, driving speeds, did you perform a reset, etc. You don't have a lemon, unless they can't repair the problem(s) within a specified time, check your Lemon Laws at the end of your Owners Manual and your State. However, start documenting everything and also give them a chance to fix the problem(s). Get a "loaner car".

nranthonyvsu | 04. September 2018

I had the exact same thing happen and started to freak out. The only thing that worked for me was the engage "tow mode" let it sit for a minute in "tow mode," and then restart after tow mode is off. That worked for me, good luck!

cheperesperes | 04. September 2018

Tech is currently working on the car; I have provided as much information as I could. My main objective is having my car back; I love Tesla vision on electric cars. I had a good experience so far with Tesla service department, the two times they give me a loaner nice model S, so I can’t complain. I share my story, for information propose only Lest see what happen.

apodbdrs | 04. September 2018

You may want to relate what nranthonyvsu said above, however, even if that works, it does not correct the problem. The actual problem has to be fixed, otherwise you will be sorry down the road. Also the LEMON LAW doesn't apply after a period of time, I think 18 months from purchase.

cheperesperes | 04. September 2018

Thanks, Good information.

dannyrobe | 25. September 2018

@cheperesperes Did you ever get this issue resolved? I'm 7 days in to owning my car and this series of errors started popping up yesterday. They are pointing to the speed sensor, but still waiting to hear back on official cause.

Iwantmy3 | 25. September 2018

I have had the exact same set of errors. I know that others on here have been able to clear them by going into tow mode or parking, allowing the car to "turn off" and then restarting. However, the issues have often returned for them

When my incident happened, my wife was driving at the time. She called the service number and the car was towed to the nearest service center. The service center told me that I had a faulty steering column control module. (SCCM). They replaced it. 8000 miles later and I have not seen the error again.

ramamurthy.kumar | 09. Dezember 2018

My model3 after a month does the same thing. Is this car worth keeping?
I will call service.

goatea | 05. Januar 2019

I had this happen as well. In the manual is says, “regenerative breaking may be limited if the Battery is already fully charged or of the ambient temperature is too cold.” In my case, I had a fully charged battery one time, and it was 40 degrees the other time. Perhaps this is the case. Also, it’s important to note that they don’t recommend regenerative breaking on snow or slick conditions.

djw77 | 22. Januar 2019

My car had all those alerts and messages after changing.....I drove it home and scheduled a service for two weeks out.... I turned it on....held the brake pedal and the two balls on the steering whee until the Tesla sign come up ... It is now back in working order...drove it around the block and it is OK so far.... Still going to keep the service apt to see why that happened....hope it doesn’t happen again!

rahul.pandit | 04. April 2019

I purchased my Tesla Model-3 in Nov 2018.

Right from day one, my car is giving pop-up notifications and errors below
Airbag system needs service
Automatic Emergency Braking is disabled
Traction control disabled
Regenerative braking disabled

I have to make excessive use of my brakes especially downhill, which is a lot in Seattle. The car seems to somehow coast even with no foot on acceleration. Moreover, it is a safety risk with the car randomly switching downhill from a slow speed with Regenerative braking to speeding up in a split second on the road (with regenerative braking disabled) which almost caused an accident.

I called Tesla Service hotline, tried power recycle troubleshooting steps, software updates finally followed by a service appointment with Tesla Service center to further diagnose and fix this issue. They investigated and replaced the Service Restraint harness that appeared to fix the issue but only for a few days. Recently, I have started seeing an increasing number of safety hazard pop-ups that again make it difficult to drive. I still see the same issues pop up randomly even when i am in the middle of driving the car. I see this as a substantial defect in the car that is present from day 1, representing a safety issue with driving in a new car even after 4 months and several attempts of trying to fix this issue with online support and service center.

rhossain4648 | 04. April 2019

I’ve had the same issue recently . Dropped it off at the SC.They changed the steering wheel control module. PART NAME (M3 STEER COLMN CNTRL MODULE KOSTAL )

erwin.sennett.wu | 16. September 2019

Had the same issue happen to me today on a road trip passing through Fresno. As you can imagine, it was quite disconcerting.

There are no Tesla's in this town. There is one Supercharger station holding together a long stretch of highway.

I visited this forum and this is what I did:

1. Reset the screen (hold 2 steering column buttons until screen turns off). No solution.

2. "Full reset" which I never heard of until this thread (held 2 steering column buttons + the brake until the Tesla logo appeared again). Same thing.

I figured since the car is still able to operate during the reboot sequence, that the software and hardware relationship does not actually reset until you are away from the car, allowing for hibernation.

3. I walked about 50 feet away from my ME with my phone, it auto-locked and I let the car sit for a few minutes. Walked back and everything was back to normal again.

Hope this helps for others.

Hope this doesn't happen again.