Delivery experience - Buena Park, CA

Delivery experience - Buena Park, CA

So the day finally came to pick up Model 3 (RWD, midnight silver) after putting down deposit over two years ago for my wife yesterday (09/10). I fully paid online a week before yesterday. I got calls from delivery specialist to arrange for delivery. I opted for picking up at the local service store instead of home delivery as the service store was less than 5 miles (and most importantly I didn't want the delivery guys to mess with the car).

At the arrival, I was asked to sign papers including DMV. I was hesitant to sign the papers as I wanted to inpsect the car prior since I heard so many forums with delivery issues. My worst fear became reality. I signed and stepped out to see my car. What a beauty!! Soon though I found some major cosmetic issues in front and rear bumper. I was Ok to let that go until I saw major scratches and bumps underneath the car probably caused during shipment. I right away rejected the delivery. Delivery specialist went and got the manager. Manager acknowledged the issue and told me they will assign me new VIN. To be honest, I was very pissed at Tesla. I had super high expectations from Tesla. I asked the manager, don't you have some quality check prior to delivery for stuff like this? His response is this is the second car they are doing the delivery. Excuses ... excuses. My wife was super mad. I've been pushing her to get this car but now she is not sure. We have two toyota prius in the house and we never had such experience with them.

I will have to wait for my car again. Manager said it could be a week or a month. I will e-mail you!

Tesla, you are supposed to be the gold standard. What happened? Why are you sacrificing Quality over Quantity? Not a happy camper for sure!

saurabhkumar12 | 11. September 2018

@vbhavsar Sorry to hear about your experience and you did right rejecting the delivery. I had similar experience 3 weeks back at Fremont Delivery Centre Bay Area and rejected the delivery of my car because of major issues. Now I am back in the queue waiting to be rematched and getting new VIN assigned . All I get to hear from my Delivery Agent ( if he cares to reply once in a blue moon ) is that still they don't have any confirmed date of delivery and they are very excited to delivery car to me soon!!.

rayspeed | 11. September 2018

We had the same experience when taking the delivery at Fremont back in July. However, as most of the issues were cosmetic, we decided to take the delivery any send the car to their Service Center for correction instead. That is because I was expecting the needs to send the car in anyway due to their quality record. So, after driving the car for a week, we have found few minor exterior issues including "ghost discharging". There are also new issues created while they were trying to address the one initially reported. I figure that those are not major and I get to have a Model S as a loaner when my car is in the shop. Of course, I won't need to checking in with DA frequent in the hope of some update.

rdr1rx | 11. September 2018

I went into this Tesla experience with my first S75 in June 2016 and kept saying to myself, "it's an American car ... not a Honda ... expect meh build quality." I repeated that to myself during the 2 month build. So when I picked it up, left side doors were misaligned, rear hatch speakers were not plugged in, adhesive goo all over the front left bumper corner, grease on the left sunvisor and the pano roof crossbar and orangepeel clear coat on the left rear door,. The rest of the paint finish was perfect. Wasn't disappointed, just annoyed because hey, Made In USA.

ebmcs03 | 11. September 2018

@rdr1rx Made in China is worse. Be glad it’s made in USA.

vbhavsar | 13. September 2018


So I was contact on very next day and was told my car is ready for pick up. I picked it up yesterday. I was little anal about taking my time to check everything... and I was satisfied. There were still few minor bump which delivery specialist said will be taken care of next time I bring in my car.

It is still a honeymoon period, but car so far exceeded my expectations.

Thank you Tesla

rxlawdude | 13. September 2018

You do know you could put that update in the original post by editing it, right @vbhavsar? Some people may not read down to your update, and will assume you are yet another unhappy camper and the shorts of TSLA stock will rejoice.

gracekkang64 | 12. September 2019

delivery date

gracekkang64 | 12. September 2019

need to schedule a delivery date for tesla 3

M3phan | 12. September 2019

@vbhavsar, please consider an edit/update in your original post with the positive ending. I was planning to reply to you with “Hey, why so serious?? The delivery center is only 5 miles away, they accepted your refused delivery and will get you another car. You did the right thing, so Relax!”
And now that you have the car, it’s awesome right?! So since you are now happy, letting readers know in your opening comments would help.

Magic 8 Ball | 12. September 2019

They were able to take care of deep scratches overnight, fantastic! Can you share pictures of the bumps underneath?