Where's the dealer markup?

Where's the dealer markup?

Traditional auto dealers often, if not usually, add a dealer markup to high demand vehicles. Tesla does not do this. I think that this needs to be added to the benefits of Tesla vehicles being sold directly to customers. | 26. September 2018

Yep, With Tesla, there are no dealer party fees, salesman's boat fund fees, finance department excess interest rates, screw you markup fees, and the list goes on and on. It's quite refreshing not not have to wheel and deal with traditional dealers. | 26. September 2018

I guess someone likes getting screwed by dealers. Over the years I got so tired of it. Tesla - one price and everything is clear up front. None of the hours of playing with salesmen and managers, only to get to the finance department at a dealer and find they've tacked on even more charges and fees.

JustSaying | 26. September 2018

"No like um"(Tesla?),
I'm no fool I only bought just the undercoating, extended warranty ,LoJack and "Perma Plate"

greg | 26. September 2018

@TeslaTap "Tesla - one price and everything is clear up front."

Except at the end of the quarter [like now] when its not. Its seemingly then that all manner of discounts, referrals, free supercharger for life [again] - but hurry its a limited time, never to be repeated offer! and incentives are offered to get *you* in to your Tesla *today*. Of course its all done in the best possible taste - but its a "sell job" none the less.

Sound a little familiar? Yes, I know, nothing like the big boys. But not exactly holier than thou either.

jordanrichard | 27. September 2018

greg, the discounts are on used or demo cars that have miles on them. Discounts that would be there anyways. No one is getting a discount on a custom ordered car.

kcheng | 27. September 2018

Great that there isn't a dealer markup, kudos to Tesla, but then again, we have the ever-changing prices, and forced-to-buy options, and the impossible-to-buy base models, and the weird options that aren't even implemented yet, like FSD.

Lumina1 | 28. September 2018

I sure wouldn't buy FSD, but most manufacturers doesn't have base models on the lot. The changing prices and limited colors are a bit odd. I am looking forward to the Atari games. ;-)

kcheng | 28. September 2018

@Lumina1, you must live in an urban area. Where I live in Maine, most cars on a dealers' lot are base models. The loaded ones tend to sit and sit and sit.

vikix | 29. September 2018


vikix | 29. September 2018


NOLEK SUM | 29. September 2018

Yes, dealers at least start with a huge markup. In the case of Tesla, when there is no negotiation. They include a huge mark up and keep it for themselves, I am more power to them, as dealers In my experience no value.

It seems to me that a model S should be far cheaper to build in a car problem I’ll ask class or seven series. Start with the interior. The luxurious interiors of the Germans, including Audi, far far more luxurious and expensive than that of a tough spot.

NOLEK SUM | 29. September 2018

It seems to me that a MS should be far cheaper to build than the S Class, 7 Series, or 8. The interior for the Germans is far more luxurious and expensive. And look at the Drive train. What is cheaper and simpler: a complicated ice car with a BOM which must be a mile long, or an S with us electric motors and that is about it?