Model X window closing issue

Model X window closing issue

Has anyone else had this issue or has any recommendations?
My model x passenger window will not close and makes creaking sounds. Trying to close it, it begins to close but before closing all the way it begins opening as if there is something inside the door that keeps it from opening so it goes back. I also noticed what seems to be some smudging down the middle of that window probably from the mechanism that is not working.


darrickpaul | 27. September 2018

I had a similar issue. You can manually raise and lower the window. By manual, meaning instead of using the auto up and down function, you need to single tap the button to raise and lower the window. Hopes this makes sense. If not let me know and I will be happy to elaborate further

chelsey.hansen | 04. Oktober 2018

I had a similar issue on my drivers window and called my mobile service rep and she sent someone same day with a replacement regulator, two weeks later same issue on the passenger window, similar response. Just call your SC and they will fix it.

jordancolby | 07. Oktober 2018

Where do I get the contact information for my mobile service rep?

scotteeboy71 | 07. Oktober 2018

Both my windows squeak quite loudly as they close at the top. Though, the still close at least.

eveningsun | 08. Oktober 2018

Issue appears for me intermittently, every couple weeks once or twice. Service center could not replicate it at a time I was in for half shaft replacements, so it's still happening for me too, kind of used to it and just roll my window up in small increments

chelsey.hansen | 31. Oktober 2018

Jordancolby, I am not sure how to obtain it, I got mine because most of my services have been via the mobile service. I would ask the people in the call center if it can be done by mobile. I don’t know if your SC can do mobile service. Mine wants to do 75% of service with their mobile techs.

Cuttin | 31. Oktober 2018

I had this awhile back. Be persistent and they can fix it. I think they first replaced the rubber. Then adjust track or something.

From what I remember it also squeaked when wet. Weird.

Modelx from windows are a bit problematic.

scotteeboy71 | 03. November 2018

Both my passenger and driver sound windows squeak as they approach the closed position. How loudly it creaks seems to depend on environmental factors- I'm not sure what else it could be. Sometimes, it makes no noise at all. At night, when it's cooler, I've heard them make VERY loud squeaks. I recorded it on video and took it to service. Their response was- that by design the windows fit very snugly into the doors and depending on temp, this could be effected. My X was built in Sept 2018. That said, no car I've ever owned (including Model 3 and S) have done anything like this.

viptutuappapk | 03. November 2018

Any recommendations on getting the front windows to stop squeaking so much? The issue has been brought up to the SC a number of times and every time it comes back, the squeak is initially gone, but eventually it will come back with a vengeance (to the point where it is embarrassing to pull the window down with people around as it literally sounds like someone passing gas...). I think beyond adjusting the window fit, someone suggested using some rubber protectant. For those who have dealt with this problem, do you recommend any specific brand? Would the standard Armor-all do? thanks

Triggerplz | 04. November 2018

Rub that Spam on your windows

rbuckle1ster | 05. November 2018

My MX had the same squeaking problem as they neared the top. Mobil service was here to replace the 12 volt battery and he rubbed a little lubricant on the gaskets and voila, silent. He used Krytox. I got a small tube from Amazon. Expensive but works great.

gmpspark | 14. November 2018

Mine had similar problems. It seemed to have a bit of sap on the window, which I cleaned off with a bleach wet wipe. Then I did the reset where you bop the window on top as it's coming up a bunch of times, which makes it think something is stuck in it. It then reset itself and has worked fine since. See the method in the reset thread.

raman.singh | 21. Februar 2019

Same issue on my Model X today (bought new in September 27, 2018). I have a service appointment setup at the Westmont center. Mobile service is not avaialble for the next 2 days. Have to take it to the service center which is about 30 miles away. Window is all the way down and when I press on the window button, it won't go up.

Redmiata98 | 21. Februar 2019

Try pushing down slighty on the window at the same time that you push the up button.

kevincramer | 05. Juli 2019

I have same exact issue with Model X ordered in December. They "fixed" it and it was OK but now happening again. Kind of annoying really.

mayankusc | 29. Juli 2019

i had the same issue. But now its fixed.
I still have the squeaking problem. SC said they will charge to fix it as its a maintenance problem. Not a Warranty issue. Is this correct ?

johnse | 29. Juli 2019

I had the same squeaking/squealing issue when rolling down the driver's window. They told me it would be charged for...but I had the car in for annual service and they handled that problem gratis.

Probably has to do with how much work they actually have to do on it.

chelsey.hansen | 31. Juli 2019

I've had this same issue SEVERAL TIMES on both my driver's and passenger front windows. I've gone to two SCs, and had the mobile tech out so many times I lost count. This problem among MANY others is why Tesla is buying my car back as a lemon. However they are making the process as long and as painful as possible. So much so I'm considering going to a lawyer or the CA arbitration commission and seeing what my legal options are. There's so much I want to love about Tesla, however since their customer service is lacking in every way possible they are likely to lose me to Porsche or heck even Hyundai at this point. I don't need the SuperCharger network, I don't drive long distance often, if I need to travel I fly.

MrGasEx | 03. August 2019

Sadly, the same here. Driver window would not go up. It started to, but then went back down. Brought it in for service and they say it seems to work fine. Cleary they have an issue. But, they're so busy now building and delivery M3s, they don't have time for their own issues. 5 years of MS ownership with no issues. At least, when I did have an issue (far less frequently than my X), they addressed it. In one service viist.

raj9342 | 03. September 2019

My Tesla Model X (Aug 2019 model) had the same problem with the front passenger window. I lowered it, and thereafter it would not go up beyond the halfway mark.. and then promptly lower itself even though I was pulling up on the window button.

Called the Service Center and they walked me through a screen reboot (took less than a min) and then a complete power off and on again (3min)...

.. a few min after that, the window responded again and rose up to the top.

Weird that I was facing this less than month after taking delivery of the vehicle.

RAUDIKAL | 08. September 2019

I had this happen early on for all four windows on my MX90D and I had to “reset” the windows. The procedure- hold window button down until window goes all the way down and keep holding for count of 10. Then pull button up and keep holding for count of 10. I had to do this for all four windows.

sevencyclist | 11. September 2019

This happened to me when tree saps made our windows a little stickly. The resistance from the stickiness made the window motor thought there's something in the way, and the windows rolled back down. We washed the car and the issue stayed away, until more stickiness got on the windows.

bdambrosio | 11. September 2019

I had that problem on my 2018 MX from the first day. After reading a service tech did this, I tried: put an invisibly thin layer of this one the rubber gaskets (top, sides) the widow slides against. Completely fixes the problem.

I got it from Amazon: Krytox GPL 205 Grease, Pure PFPE/PTFE, 0.5 oz Tube