What is the point of share navigation from phone app?

What is the point of share navigation from phone app?

I guess I don't get this feature, unless they plan on expanding it in the future. Why would you to go Google Maps, look for a destination and then send it to your car, when you can just push a button and speak "Navigate to..."? If at some point you can plan a route, and share the entire route, then maybe this will be cool at some point. Though, I don't really use my phone for route planning. I like the nice big screen on my computer for that! Anyway, if this is all it's going to amount to, I don't get it. Am I missing something?

RedJ | 06. Oktober 2018

on yelp looking up restaurants you can send the address directly once you decide on one. (I’m assuming it works like this. I don actually have the update yet)

rednairb | 06. Oktober 2018

@RedJ Ah, ok! I just tried that, and it does work! Thanks for the tip. I guess it does have a use.

olioops | 06. Oktober 2018

@rednairb - how did you get this to work, what are the procedure. I have version 9 update and latest Tesla app v3.6 but not sure how to do this. Thanks.

RedJ | 06. Oktober 2018

Thanks, was hoping that it would work that way. Now I just need V9.

rappmyers | 06. Oktober 2018

Does not seem to work on Apple Maps - Tesla app does not come up on list of routing apps.

Boonedocks | 06. Oktober 2018

Or doing the search in your home / office / restaurant (whenever outside the car) and having it be on the Nav screen when you get in the car is pretty sweet. Had this feature on my 2009 BMW AH7 and loved it and am very happy to have it on our Tesla’s now.

Ruby110 | 07. Oktober 2018

Anyone get this to work with waypoints? Using a Google Maps, it works with single destination but fails with three.

EVRider | 07. Oktober 2018

@rappmyers: I just tried this on my iPad — to get Tesla to show up as an option, select the Share option from the map, select the More option from the top row, then enable Tesla there.

EVRider | 07. Oktober 2018

@rednairb: Another use case is when you’re navigating to a private address, which you might not have in the car and would require more complex vocal commands.

rednairb | 07. Oktober 2018

@olioops It took me a while to figure this out too. Which you need to do, is click on the pin of the place you are going on the map, and then you will get an information tab about that place. One of the icons is "share", click on that and scroll all the way to the right and find "more". From the More option scroll down until you find the "Tesla" app, and turn it on. Now you should see Tesla in the Share menu.

@EVRider YES! I was playing with this more last night, and found if I went to my phone contacts, selected a name, clicked on their address, it would take me to Maps where I could then share it with Tesla. That is also a nice feature! Thanks!

TranzNDance | 07. Oktober 2018

@rednairb, could you share the contact from within the contact app without needing to go to the map app?

rednairb | 07. Oktober 2018

@Tranz I don't see a direct way to share a contact with another app. But, it's not really that big of deal. As soon as you bring up the contact, and click on the address, it goes right to the map, so all you have to do is click on the share icon.

Ruby110 | 07. Oktober 2018

@EVRider: What I see in Apple Maps is the share to Tesla for a location not directions. If I want to select from alternate routes, I do not see a share option.

With Google Maps, I can select the route I prefer and share it. However, that doesn’t work, for me, if the route contains waypoints.

olioops | 07. Oktober 2018

@rednairb - Thanks for the instructions. That worked for me. Nice new feature.

TranzNDance | 07. Oktober 2018

@rednairb, the sharing link is at the bottom of the contact page. I can see Tesla as one of the options to share to but I don't have v9 so can't test it.

EVRider | 08. Oktober 2018

@Ruby110: I wasn't aware that you could share a route, I thought it was just a destination. It seems you're correct, there's no way to share a route from Apple Maps on iOS.

Ruby110 | 08. Oktober 2018

@EVRider: So far I can only share routes from Google Maps if there is only one destination (no waypoint). Maybe this will improve in time.

In the meantime, I think it is still useful for the alternate routes.

copplej | 16. Juli 2019

You can’t put via points into your route in the car. You can on your phone. So if you want to take a particular route, you can, by planning it on your phone and sending the route to the car.

EVRider | 16. Juli 2019

@copplej: Have you tried that? Sending a route to your car only sends the destination, not the actual route, unless something changed very recently.