Siri Shortcut for Heading Home

Siri Shortcut for Heading Home

Not sure if this is the best place to post this, but heck, what can go wrong?

I created a shortcut to basically calculate the time to go home, notify your significant other, turn on the climate control and send the nav home to the car.


PrescottRichard | 23. Oktober 2018

Nice! I have a ‘get ready’ shortcut that uses Remote S to unlock & keyless start but nothing that complicated. I hadn’t thought of setting the Nav on the car...

StatsApp | 23. Oktober 2018

It's cool but it shows your Tesla password in clear text.

LikeEVs | 02. November 2018

@SamGabby, does your shortcuts rely on Remote S or the stock Tesla App?

StatsApp | 02. November 2018

It doesn’t rely on any app

Ruizmeza | 03. November 2018

I have two cars. I can’t get the shortcut to send the commands to one of them.

Help! It always goes to the same

StatsApp | 03. November 2018

The script doesn't handle multiple-car scenario.

C02Free | 03. November 2018

Pretty cool! Can you share how you did that? I had never even heard of Shortcuts before this video, thanks for enlightening me!

StatsApp | 04. November 2018

The OP has shared the script in his post

C02Free | 04. November 2018

@StatsApp Thanks. I had clicked on that but it brought me to a download screen for the Shortcuts app. I figured it out this morning :)

melburstein | 04. November 2018

Thanks, Sam. That's really cool. I didn't even know that Apple Scripts existed.

F3 | 04. November 2018

This is great. Thank you!

dlmatthe | 05. November 2018

I can't find your shortcut in the gallery of the shortcut app. Did it get removed? It's called "time to go", correct?

gryghst72 | 17. November 2018

@Dlmatthe, did you figure it out yet?

gryghst72 | 17. November 2018

@Dlmatthe, did you figure it out yet?

jonathanlach2015 | 21. Mai 2019

I got this working and can see the message on my phone but can’t get Siri to dictate it out loud. Any suggestions?

jeffaajones | 21. Mai 2019

Ok, I thought I was pretty tech savvy but I don't see any link as to how to make the shortcuts app send anything to my Model S. I clicked on the link but as one of the others commenters said, it just goes to the apple website.

JChun | 21. Mai 2019

@ jeffaajones, open the link on your iphone and you will get it.