Lane Departure Alert

Lane Departure Alert

I’m on the backside of my first extended road trip and have never had a more joyful ride. One aspect of the car that could be strengthened is the lane departure alert. Too many times while traveling the interstate that either the lane departure alert does not work or it is so subtle that it is indistinguishable from the feeling of the car on the road. Do you know if there are adjustable vibration levels in the steering wheel to alert the driver? Is there an optional warning such as audible tone? Do you know how I could send a safety feature request to Tesla for one of the upcoming software upgrades?

rdavis | 27. Oktober 2018

You could send bug report/request via pressing steering wheel right wheel and sayin “”bug report”, followed by what your want. IE, “bug report, add audible alert to lane departure warning.”

jcjoseph | 27. Oktober 2018

Will do. Thanks for the tip.

jcjoseph | 27. Oktober 2018

I was in a Tesla showroom today and shared my concern about the lane departure alert with a sales rep. He said it’s the same software as other models but the suspension is different than the other models so that the vibration on the steering wheel on the Model 3 is often indistinguishable from the ride on the road. He suggested submitting a bug report.

vb1 | 28. Oktober 2018

I hope the audible warning is not a chime. How would we know what the chime is for? Excess speed limit/bsm/lane departure

aulakh51 | 16. April 2019

Lane departure warning stop working. Steering doesn’t vibrate anymore. Lane departure warning is set to on position .

phinallydone03 | 19. April 2019

reset the SW.

EVRider | 19. April 2019

@aulakh51: If you use your turn signal before changing lanes, it won’t matter if the lane departure warning isn’t working. :-)

Like the previous reply says, try rebooting (hold in both scroll wheels until the touchscreen turns off).

howard | 21. April 2019

I leave everything off and don’t use it at all. It is very unreliable and therefore a risk to use.

calvin940 | 21. April 2019


How is it a risk to use? It's an assist tool not a replacement. Even if it had a low success rate it would still be more valuable than none.

It's a mystery why people say silly things like that.

howard | 21. April 2019

Because when your other cars you drive routinely have better, more intuitive safety systems that are flawless it is hazardous to get in the Tesla and expect it to work as well.

jdcollins5 | 21. April 2019

I think the Lane Departure Alert is very similar to my wife’s Honda Pilot and my daughter’s Toyota Sienna. I think the wheel vibration is very adequate and gets my attention every time and I know exactly what it is and why.

I would say that you must drive on some very bad roads if you think the alert warning is similar to the normal feeling of the road.

calvin940 | 21. April 2019


More silliness. If you aren't aware of your surroundings while driving, the only hazard is the driver. It's not a substitute, it's an assist.

calvin940 | 21. April 2019

And to call any experience flawless is to resort to hyperbole in an attempt to provide weight to an argument where none exists. I have owned plenty of vehicles to know flawless doesn't exist. Thanks for proving my point.

howard | 21. April 2019

Calvin, let me rephrase. My other vehicles have never failed to indicate via symbols in the side view mirrors when a car is in my blind spot. That has not been the case repeatedly with my Tesla. To me “flawless” has been my personal experience with blind spot warnings on my other vehicles. Sorry if that does not sit well with your Tesla fan boy attitude.

lbowroom | 22. April 2019

I thought the topic was lane departure alert, not blind spot alert.

calvin940 | 22. April 2019


I don't have a fanboy attitude. I have a BS detector that goes off everytime you text.

calvin940 | 22. April 2019

lol.. well got myself on that one..


howard | 22. April 2019

Ha Ha me too. Not familiar with it as I don't use it as well. Blindspot is a sore subject so there is where I went. My apologies. Truth to some is only truth based on their perspective or personal interests. On this forum, it is pretty polarized and I guess we can both see it from our own clear or rose-colored glasses. Just stating facts as they are relative. It is well documented and admitted that the Tesla blind spot system is less robust and intuitive than industry standards. That was my point, though off topic. My bad