NEMA 10-30 Adapter is back!

NEMA 10-30 Adapter is back!

This item was sold out for a long time, now it's back:

Unfortunately, Tesla doesn't seem to want to produce it anymore. This is a 3rd party product. It works!

gmr6415 | 30. Oktober 2018

The Tesla Store states it's sold out. It doesn't say it's discontinued.

P49X | 30. Oktober 2018

Buy a 14-30 adapter from the Tesla Shop and replace the 14-30 plug with a 10-30 plug. Will be about half the cost of the EVSE adapter and still less than the Tesla 14-30 plus a 14-30 to 10-30 adapter.

e46s54 | 30. Oktober 2018

doesn't Tesla give us a whole set of adapters for all charging ports? 5-15, 14-50, J1772 etc?

Coastal Cruiser. | 30. Oktober 2018

Not *all* outlets. Just the ones you mentioned.

sterickson | 30. Oktober 2018

@j.ed.muns: You can't do that - there's a chip in the plug head that tells the car what kind of circuit it's on.

Coastal Cruiser. | 30. Oktober 2018

True. All GEN 2 adapters have a circuit board in the plug.

RichardKJ | 30. Oktober 2018

Actually it’s just a resistor, not a chip.

Kikujiro | 30. Oktober 2018

How is anyone using a 10-30 plug? I understand you need a ground to safely charge the car. 10-30 is 2 hots and 1 neutral.

Coastal Cruiser. | 30. Oktober 2018

RichardKJ said: "Actually it’s just a resistor, not a chip."

Not to be argumentative Richard, but while that was true of GEN 1 cables, GEN 2 cables have circuitry that performs additional functions beyond just setting charge rate. I have a good source on this.

P49X | 30. Oktober 2018

@sterickson: The coding in the Tesla adapter is coded to the charging current (not the NEMA plug type) which is the same for the 10-30 and 14-30 adpaters. That's why a 10-30 plug can be swapped in on a 14-30 adapter ... the coding in the other end is the same 24 amp charging current on a 30 amp house circuit.

Shopaholic | 30. Oktober 2018

I have posted this before, and again, it says out of stock on the web site, but call your local SC and order at the store and you will get it in 7-10 days.

gmr6415 | 31. Oktober 2018

@jhchooo, although the L-shaped tab on the 10-30 adapter may be labeled W for neutral, it is actually wired to the ground in the breaker box. That said, old electrical code did have it wire to neutral and it did work.

Here is a diagram for the current code wiring a NEMA 10-30

sterickson | 31. Oktober 2018

@j.ed.munds: Yes, but the circuitry is in the plug end of the adapter, so you can't just cut off the plug and replace it.

junlebrilla | 20. März 2020

Hi guys the tesla Gen 2 NEMA adapter 10-30 is out of stock on the website. But there is a website that sells Nema 10-30 adapter for tesla model 3. Is this safe to use?