Navigate on Autopilot

Navigate on Autopilot

Navigate on Autopilot is worthless. Doesn't do anything it claims to do well or properly. Thought a drive from Portland to Seattle would be a good time to test. 100% worthless in every measure.

jimglas | 02. November 2018

i couldn't see any difference from EAP

COrich | 02. November 2018

It only works on limited access highways. It will noitify you when to change lanes and will activate and subsequently deactivate the turn singles from the computer (after you agree with the suggestion). It will turn on the turn signal and exit from the highway without your intervention. So, yes there is a significant change from the previous auto pilot operation.

tony.karais | 02. November 2018

It doesn't recognize slower cars in front despite having open lanes on either side, just sits behind then at the slower speed. I was 2.8 miles from an edit and it asked to confirm, I did, and it slowed down and got behind a slower car for the 2.8 miles despite showing the blue line around and ahead of the car next to me at the time. Doesn't do anything it's supposed to do. I also thought it would suggest moving back out of the fast lane after passing a car. Nope. Sits in the passing lane. #fail

markcohen | 02. November 2018

Did you customize the level of aggressiveness when changing lanes? To what? I chose the medium option - below mad max - and it definitely suggested lane changes to keep speed up for me. It was not perfect. There were a number of things that I didn't like - going to the very end of an on ramp before merging, and how it drove on ramps between highways. That said, in my opinion, this is a huge step forward and should keep improving.

bp | 03. November 2018

The current NOAP is only a first step on limited access highways, providing advice on lane changes from entry ramp to exit ramp.

Once Tesla has worked out the kinks in the software, they should turn on the Auto Lane Change, with the software automatically changing lanes to get around slower vehicles, get into the correct lane for highway interchanges, and move to the exit ramp.

Based on feedback posted so far, the software isn't ready to do that - yet...

Until then, Tesla should be collecting data from vehicles operating under NOAP, and tracking the locations where the drivers have not followed NOAP's recommendations - and use that data to improve NOAP.

poloX | 03. November 2018

this is just in intermediate step. Before auto lane change and freeway changes can be fully automatic, this is a test to validate the process using real drivers and real road condition to validate the S/W decision making. So be patient.

levin92 | 03. November 2018

I have had a similar experience with auto Lane change and auto exit when Navigation is being used. Better keep your hands firmly on wheel when trying these features.

levin92 | 03. November 2018

Anyone having trouble with new screen functions?

Teslapalooza | 04. November 2018

I tried the NavOnAP feature yesterday during a 250 mile round trip yesterday. It did surprisingly well. I would say it did well in 3 out of the 5 interchanges involved in the trip. In one case I had to manually take over since it had a hard time to get on the exit lane since the lane markings were very faded. In another case, it said a lane change is needed to change to a different highway but when I put on the indicator it did not get on the exit lane, so I had to do it manually.

Also in slow traffic in the highway, there was one instance where it swerved to the left crossing the yellow line into the shoulder and I had to manually take over to pull the car back into the lane. This has happened to me once or twice before as well even before 42.2

LTO2 | 04. November 2018

Have used NoAP frequently when on interstates and beltways around the city. An impressive first iteration, completely at odds with the experience of @tony.k, hence, is far from “#fail,” in my experience. As others have noted, with analyses of data from usage, the software is likely to be improved, incrementally, resulting, over time, in substantial enhancements. We are beta testers. I’m enjoying the experience.

elvnga | 06. November 2018

I tried it for the first time in Atlanta rush hour last night. It kept cutting off when I needed to merge or change lanes. It did try to change lanes to one that was about to end. Still, it seems like a good next step.

I don't do a lot of rush hour driving as I commute on surface streets, so I don't get to try it much.

Cuttin | 06. November 2018

You are WAY off Tony. NoAP is awesome. Far from perfect but awesome.

And I absolutely agree with others on here that is a GIANT leap forward!

It will obviously get better, just as everything else keeps getting better. Well except the automatic windshield wipers....

I have used it for the last two weeks for several hundred miles.
There are definitely faults. Yes it accelerates slowly sometimes when getting on a highway. Sometimes doesn't get the fast vs slow lane right.
But it freaking knows where you are going! will suggest lane changes, then once you confirm, it will EXECUTE them beautifully. Sometimes waiting for the right time to merge sometimes slowing down to merge etc. Then get off exit ON IT'S OWN! Turns blinker on and just gets off. Crazy beautiful!

But its LIGHT YEARS ahead of anything else out there. And as always will get better.

bp | 07. November 2018

Biggest frustration so far with NOAP is the unnecessary speed adjustments, due to errors in the speed limit database or when the software decides to slow down for no apparent reason.

The lane keeping works pretty well. The lane change recommendations could be improved, not always selecting the correct lane, and usually waiting too long before recommending lane change to position for the exit ramp.

But, compared to the early AP2 releases, the NOAP software in 42.2+ is surprisingly good.

jjgunn | 07. November 2018

That's weird @bp.

I have the opposite experience where about 2-2.5 miles before the exit, lane changes are being suggested. Never been late for me.

My biggest beef with NoAP is the route it chooses. Usually I can find a better route. (faster arrival time) - which may have more to do with the navigation map/software rather than NoAP

Teslapalooza | 07. November 2018

@jjgunn: In one instance I kept waiting for the lane change message, and it did not pop up until 0.8 miles before the exit. That may be cutting it a bit too close to get into the exit lane. In some case if by then the lane marking has already turned solid while, then the car won't change lanes automatically even if you turn ON the indicator. Manual lane change is the only option at that point.

Waldek | 07. November 2018

@teslamania I always wonder if when we initiate manual lane change towards the next maneuver while in NoAP mode it teaches Autopilot anything like "oh here human changed lane earlier, let's take into consideration to suggest lane changes earlier" lol... :-) so I wonder what's better: to wait to see when AP suggest lane change or do it earlier it feels it does it sometimes too late lol :-)

scotteeboy71 | 07. November 2018

I had to take my Model X to service so the maps would download properly. They kept the vehicle overnight. Now, I can actually see the NOA option in the Autopilot settings. Turned it on. Nothing. Drove about 50 miles on LA freeways travelling on the 405, 101, 134 etc. NOA never prompted me at all, not even to activate despite the fact that I had Autopilot activated. Anyone else had this issue?

jjgunn | 08. November 2018

Set your navigation to a specific address. Drive & turn on AP. Once you do you will see a button on the navigation "ribbon" named "navigation on autopilot". It's probably gray in color. click that button & it will turn blue.

It doesn't work on city streets only supported freeways. Mine actually turns off at a tunnel saying "unsupported tunnel" - it err's on the side of safety first.

jjgunn | 08. November 2018

You'll hear 3 chimes when it's enabled. And see a blue line coming from the center of your car (on the screen in front of your steering wheel) while driving.

scotteeboy71 | 08. November 2018

@jjgunn- yup that's exactly what I did. My problem is that the button never comes up. Not blue or grey. And I know NOA works here in SoCal as folks have posted videos. So that's the strange part.

Teslapalooza | 08. November 2018

@waldwk: "I always wonder if when we initiate manual lane change towards the next maneuver while in NoAP mode it teaches Autopilot anything like "oh here human changed lane earlier, let's take into consideration to suggest lane changes earlier"

I think that would be good for the car to learn driver preferences as long as it is a safe action. That is what AI is supposed to do.

jjgunn | 08. November 2018


Try a dual scroll wheel reboot - let's see if it shows up for you.

Make sure NoAP is enabled under Autopilot when it comes back up.

Also, enable the HOV lane slider

scotteeboy71 | 08. November 2018

Hi @jjgunn, yes all three of those have been taken care of. Drove for 1.5 hours this morning. No go. Also, cellular connection was non-functional for 59 minutes (another bug I've heard about with the newest MCU). That said, NOA didn't work when the cellular came back on, and it didn't work yesterday when it was on the entire time. I'm wondering if the newest firmware update is the problem. I spoke to the service center and they said they tested it successfully prior to returning the vehicle to me. The only thing that changed after that was the latest firmware delivery.

oragne lovre | 09. November 2018

I like NoAP. It's not perfect because it's a beta version that is still learning. Please be patient. The more often beta testers use it, the sooner it'll get better.

scotteeboy71 | 10. November 2018

After doing a reset, I now get an error that states "Navigate on Autopilot Currently Unavailable. If issue persists please contact Service."

That's better than what I got before which is nothing. So far, NOA has never worked for me. Im' taking the car to the service center on Tuesday and leaving it there for them to address:

1. Cluster Screen that goes offline every few days, leaving me driving with no speedometer
2. Navigate on Autopilot non-functional

This will be me 3rd visit to Service since getting at my Model X on 8/24.

The first visit to service was for 10 days to address the Cluster issue the first time around (replaced the entire MCU in that situation... unfortunately, cluster issue returned a week later).

Second visit as overnight to update the maps, which would not update over wi-fi or cellular. NOA option to activate was missing without the maps update.

arkadiygr | 29. Januar 2019

Hi, I wonder if other drivers had what I am about to describe happen to them. This happened several times to me. I was driving using a navigate on autopilot feature with little traffic and no car close to me in front and also no car in the lane to my left. Tesla suggested a lane change to my left which I chose to ignore bu doing nothing at all. Then my car began to slow down considerably by itself for no apparent reason as there was no car in my lane or the suggested lane. Please advise.

jjgunn | 29. Januar 2019

This will happen if you choose to drive forward instead of following the NoAP path like exiting when it tells you.

Sometimes at certain exits AP will slow down too - I don't like this one especially when I'm in the far left lane which is about 99% of the time.