Hearing Aid Blue tooth compatibility

Hearing Aid Blue tooth compatibility

I have an I phone 7 and Trulink hearing aids. I can make an outgoing call from my phone and have the incoming voice over the speakers in the tesla 3 or my hearing aids. When I receive a call there is no priority for the tesla 3 or hearing aids so I have to pick up my phone and try to manually change where the incoming call is received. Trulink didn't have any answers for me, do any of you?

EVRider | 24. November 2018

Where do you want the incoming call to go?

Boosh | 30. Dezember 2018

I’m having the same problem on calls that I don’t have in my other vehicles. Calls in my other vehicles with my iPhone 7 and Oticon OPN1 hearing aids play on the cars bluetooth, not over my hearing aid Bluetooth. In my Model 3 it seems to have a hard time routing and After several seconds of not being able to hear the person they either hang up or I finally use the phone earpiece speaker holding the phone to my ear. Hoping to figure out how to fix this.

wiboater4 | 30. Dezember 2018

When I get a call i just push the green phone icon to answer. Don't you have that showing up? I have Oticon hearing aids and can hear the calls great over the cars audio.

wiboater4 | 30. Dezember 2018

Just to clarify my answer a little you can make outgoing and pick up incoming calls without touching your phone if you have the phone linked by bluetooth to the car.

tarpey | 21. Mai 2019

I have been experiencing a very similar problem, in that my iPhone 7, my ReSound hearing aids, and my Model 3, despite being BlueToothe enabled, would seemingly not interconnect properly to allow me to make or receive calls, in the car. I just conferred with a member of the digital generation (my 19 YO son) who, after brief investigation, pointed out that the Model 3 was (sometimes not always) setting its audio system volume to zero upon receipt of an incoming call. The next time you cannot hear an incoming caller, check the audio system volume setting. | 21. Mai 2019

I have Trulink compatible hearing aids. When a call comes in while I am driving, it goes to my hearing aids. After a minute or so it transfers to the audio in the car (preferred). I have to remember to take my iPhone 6 out of my pocket when I get into the car and put it in the center console with the mic end up so I can begin the call hands free. If t doesn't switch over, that's OK but it usually does. | 21. Mai 2019

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