Sending direct from PW2 to the Grid (Export power)

Sending direct from PW2 to the Grid (Export power)

We have a new supplier who provides pass through wholesale prices from (and To !) the grid. They also provide predicated pricing data by hour.

With PW2's at our weekend house (we're not there at all during the week), we could make good returns by charging the PW2's during the day and exporting from the PW2 directly to the Grid isn "prime time". From what I can see, that's not currently possible, or have I missed something ?

Mediumed | 09. Dezember 2018

I believe the PW2 can only feed your house and not back to the grid. The only power that can be fed to the grid is directly from the solar panels bypassing the PW2. The reason for this I'm not sure of.