Christmas Ball Easter Egg not working

Christmas Ball Easter Egg not working

Soooooooooooooo, I press the Tesla icon and the Easter Eggs pop up. I choose the Christmas Ball and get the message telling me to that it won't start until I exit the car and lock the door. So I do just that and it makes a sound and that is that. I am pressing the roof of the fob car as I always do to close doors and lock them. I was in a position where there were no cars or anything on either side and to the back a vehicle was parked but a good distance away. There was a window (showroom) in front but easily 12 feet away. Is my Tessie just shy or is this something I need help with?

Redmiata98 | 09. Dezember 2018

Sounds like you did everything right. The inly thing that might be causing the non-performance may be that it is parked on an incline. Try it again on absolutely flat ground and it might work.

aix93 | 09. Dezember 2018

It worked last night for me. No issues.

ScooterJim | 09. Dezember 2018

What update version do you have currently installed? I had the same issue when I was on 2018.39 and the service center that the next update would fix it. I have since installed 2018.44 and 2018.46. I ran the Christimas Egg program this last week at the tax preparer office and it worked fine.

Coldfire73 | 11. Dezember 2018

I've noticed that it sometimes doesn't work unless you manually close the front door and then lock it with the fob. If you close the door automatically with the fob then it "occasionally" doesn't work

rbuckle1ster | 12. Dezember 2018

Also if the button that disables passengers window buttons is pressed the display won’t work. It got me.

bob | 14. Dezember 2018

@ScooterJim - so after you showed it to your accountant did s/he advise you not to take the depreciation deduction since no farm vehicle could possibly do that trick!

kdurhammail | 26. Dezember 2018

I have the exact same problem with mine. Worked every time until the latest update.
Everything exactly in the same spot outside in my driveway even. Makes a loud bass sound as the music starts, headlights come on, windows do not open and it freezes ....

Triggerplz | 14. Januar 2019

Flag for you vinitapooidiot006 | 15. Januar 2019

The X is very sensitive to its surroundings when this Easter Egg is activated. I had tree limbs 10-15 feet away stop the show. I had someone walking toward the car stop the show. A window 12 feet from the front of the car could very well interfere with the show. You really need a lot of open space around and above the car. I think the ultrasonic sensors around the front, rear, sides, and roof of the car reach out to as much as 18 feet now.

Vawlkus | 16. Januar 2019

Also, during the summer excessive heat on the FWD can cause them to give faulty errors that will keep the show from starting.

gdYx9 | 20. Februar 2019

Same experience as kdurhammail.