Model X Factory 20'' wheels+tires for Sale

Model X Factory 20'' wheels+tires for Sale

Factory 20'' wheels + tires for sale

Upgraded to the 22'' through the referral program. These 20'' tires have about 3-4K miles on them of city driving.

Available in the SF Bay Area only. I can try dropping it off in the South Bay, but this is likely a pickup only. Please make an offer.

All proceeds will go to a 501(c)3 charity

Passion2Fly | 07. Januar 2019

And you just lost 15% range. The 22” wheels are really bad for range... No snow chains either... Tesla doesn’t sell chains for 22”...

Passion2Fly | 07. Januar 2019

And the towing capacity drops from 5000 lbs to 3500 lbs...

Uncle Paul | 08. Januar 2019

And they look really great :)

kaushiknun | 08. Januar 2019

@passion2fly for my usage, all of that is worth it.

@unclepaul they do look awesome.

Makemark | 10. Januar 2019

@ kaushiknun How much are you asking for the set? Am from Bay Area.

Makemark | 10. Januar 2019

@kaushiknun Please reach me at my email nerdhiker (at) gmail

kishorekv | 12. Januar 2019

I'm in the Bay Area, and curious about your asking price. What color are the wheels, and are there any cosmetic issues?

kaushiknun | 30. Januar 2019

Forgive the radio silence folks... Hoping to get something close to $1500. Have an offer at $1200, but he wants to wait a while.