IRO Dashcam for Tesla Model S AP1. Parking Monitoring?

IRO Dashcam for Tesla Model S AP1. Parking Monitoring?

I've been thinking of ordering an IRO dash cam for my 2015 Model S, and contacted the seller in China to ask if it records while the car is parked (important to me.) He said no. But then I found this video, which seems to say that it's possible to wire it so it does record while parked. Has anyone had any experience with this? | 10. Januar 2019

It sounds like it just depends on the power source. For ICE cars, you use a power connection that turns off when parked so it doesn't kill the 12v battery.

Most dashcam makers are clueless on EVs. For an EV, you want an always on power, as the 12v is always charged from the main battery. In essence you could run for years without charging if the only load is the dashcam. This way it remains recording when parked. Better dashcams detect parked (by motion) and only record when there is motion. This avoids filling up the memory with stationary video. No idea if IRO supports this feature.

I wrote this article on dashcams for the Tesla. The Always-on power sections should help:

Yesterday I also made details on making your own dashcam power cable that connects into the power connector and allows for the optional intrusion module:

akikiki | 11. Januar 2019

TT - cool.

Ev-SF | 10. März 2019

Just installed IRO dash cam for MS 2016 with AP1 about an hour ago.

Can confirm, this does record while parked. Fairly straight forward installation but extremely poor documentation and installation instructions.

Tessa75D | 30. März 2019

Same, constant power source was from the grill mic extra adapter used for the alarm in Europe and or the add on in US.

tommyb_ny | 11. April 2019

EV-SF can you confirm what year your car is and if the IRO had three wires? I've seen conflicting info about recording while parking and i'm trying to see if my 2016.5 will work.

Tessa75D - Whats the "addon" referenced for the US?

PagemakersS75 | 12. April 2019

I have a 2017 S. UK. I have had this car installed for about 8 months and it does not record when the car is parked.

mohit4u44 | 15. Juli 2019

Where should I purchase the IRO model that records while parking ?

wundercar | 15. Juli 2019

I can't comment on AP1, but I have an AP2 car with the IRO dash cam installed and it does record while the car is parked provided Sentry Mode is turned on.

diamonds2 | 16. Juli 2019

There is a lot of good information about the IRO in this thread:

I have one, works great.