Huge crack in Model 3 roof

Huge crack in Model 3 roof

This almost looks like vandalism in the shape of the Tesla T, but upon seeing picture of similar stress cracks in M3 pano roofs, I believe it’s coincidence and at least started as a stress crack.

Scheduled service via the app, soonest appointment is 19 days from now in Santa Monica. Not sure how dangerous it is to drive like this, but hopefully they can expedite a replacement. Anyone else have a similar issue lately? My car is one of the first 10K.

badaman | 12. Januar 2019

I would taped the crack drive until drop off at service center.

ctmorell | 12. Januar 2019

Thanks Badaman. I’m going to also hound Tesla Monday morning to try to get them to expedite the repair.

Found some old posts from peeps with the exact same Tesla T shape fracture. So weird that it sometimes cracks in almost the exact same shape as the logo.

M3phan | 12. Januar 2019

Even Ben from Teslanimics had the T crack on his M3 roof.

M3phan | 12. Januar 2019


kcheng | 12. Januar 2019

Is the roof glass double-layered?

kcheng | 12. Januar 2019

Obviously, there's stress at the edge where it starts to crack. If you put a 3ft level on that edge, is it straight level across, or is there contour to that roof glass?

gballant4570 | 12. Januar 2019

Sounds like a warranty issue. Tesla will fix it.

kcheng, there is a contour to the glass. In any direction....

Brady.Walters | 12. Januar 2019

I don’t think there is any safety concerns continuing to drive the car with the cracked roof until Tesla fixes it. The glass panels aren’t structural and I’ve seen people drive with big cracks in their wide shields for years with no ill effects.

vmulla | 12. Januar 2019

I had it and yes Tesla will take care of it.

ctmorell | 13. Januar 2019

Thanks all!

Magic 8 Ball | 13. Januar 2019

Did you do as Capt Obvious suggested and put a level on it? ROTFLMAO.

jordanrichard | 13. Januar 2019

The glass is laminated so there is no concern of it literally coming apart.

emeralda2 | 13. Januar 2019

OP - see

Expedite requests addressed to Tesla may or may not work depending on your local service center's parts inventory and the Tesla mothership's parts backlog. A similar fix (covered under warranty) on my car took 3 weeks. Didn't affect the car's drivability although I can understand your being concerned (just as I was when I saw the crack widening week after week). It's double paned and laminated as others have mentioned so it's extremely unlikely that you'll see a problem beyond the temporary shoddy cosmetic appearance of your new car.

emeralda2 | 13. Januar 2019

Also - Tesla asked me to email them pictures for their engineers to inspect/verify. Your pictures should be similarly conclusive that it's a production related problem that some early VINs (including mine) experienced. Scheduling a service appt till Tesla service weighs in on your pictures and verifies parts availability is perhaps not going to get you any results. The timeline for the fix is in the link posted above, if that helps in the meantime.

kcheng | 13. Januar 2019

"Magic 8 Ball | January 13, 2019
Did you do as Capt Obvious suggested and put a level on it? ROTFLMAO."

Dude, are you still stalking my posts?

Magic 8 Ball | 13. Januar 2019

@kchneg Do you have any original material? Maybe when you grow up your family of doctors will be able to cure you.

bruceg.shared | 19. April 2019

My 3 just developed the same "T" stress crack (appointment in 6 days). Are there any stats on how frequently this problem has arisen?

izaged | 19. April 2019

Just noticed a crack this morning! It's growing... Next available service appointment is in two weeks. @bruce.shared there's a good amount of reports on multiple forums but i haven't seen stats. Would definitely be interested in that data.