Snow tires for 2016 Model x p90D

Snow tires for 2016 Model x p90D

Looking for advice on snow tires (not all-season) for our 2016 Model X p90D.
Tires sizes are 265/35R22 and 285/35R22 and it doesn't seem like there is much info on the internet.
Thoughts appreciated.

Passion2Fly | 25. Januar 2019

You cannot put snow tires on the 22” wheels. You need to get a new set of wheels for the snow tires. 20” or 19”. It should also allow you to easily swap the tires once the winter is over... Also, snow chaines are only available for 20” and 19” wheels.

mdelbreil | 26. Januar 2019

We've got 19' aluminum rims and Michelin Tyres. It works perfectly well

raffidesigns | 26. Januar 2019

Nokyan Hakkahahah SUV studded. Best snow tires. In New England, we had snow/ICE last Sunday. Drive like there was nothing there.

inconel | 26. Januar 2019

I did not know there was such a Hakkahahah tire :)

Are you sure it is not Nokian Hakkapeliitta?

Redmiata98 | 28. Januar 2019

Using Tesla provided 19” snow tires with wheels package ( and traction is great. I did experience an expected decrease in mileage from my 20” summers.