Excessive road noise and tire slap

Excessive road noise and tire slap

Took a 500 mile round trip from Long Island to Boston. Car ran great. great range even in the cold. One big problem. Certain roads the road noise and tire slap was unbearable.
Never experienced this kind of noise in any car i have owned. Also excessive wind noise. Has anyone experienced this?

Redmiata98 | 28. Januar 2019

You will probably notice the tire sound because it is not masked by the internal combustion engine noise on other gas/diesel vehicles you may have driven. If you have winter tires on now, you will notice a definite decrease in tire sound when you change to the summers. You will need to get used to it, it is the nature of the vehicle.
The wind noise is probably more noticeable because of the above BUT it may be increased due to misaligned exterior parts. Newer vehicles had most of these initial teething problems fixed on the assembly line. However, if your vehicle is older, it may have been missed in the after production fixes made by the service center or your vehicle developed new ones. Either way, you need to make a trip to the service center and discuss it with them. Dependent on time/service center, you may be asked to take a test drive with the technician or they may be able to diagnose it from your description. Don’t ignore the noise. It is obviously an irritant and needs to be adressed. My 2016 P90L had a few service center initiated fixes made when I took it in for other things and the wind noise significantly decreased.
In the future it would be helpful if you provide the vehicle model/year and the brand/model of tires. That would be more helpful in helping you diagnose your situation, info above is generic for Midel X.

rjrc | 28. Januar 2019

Thanks Redmiata98. I appreciate your input greatly. I will get that info to you regarding the tires but it is a 2018 model x 75d.
I have scheduled a service meeting already. Thanks again.

avesraggiana | 30. Januar 2019

I live in Southern California, where seasonal tyres are generally not warranted.

Years ago we took a test drive in an X100D Performance, shod with the larger rims and tyres. The road noise was very noticeable, even on smooth stretches of black bitumen instead of concrete.

The car we ordered, an X100D, came with the smaller tyre size, 20" I believe. Still some road noise but much less intrusive than the larger rims.

I love our of Model X100D very much, but I do ride in my cousin's ICE Volvo XC90 with some envy, because of how much quieter it is at freeway cruising speeds. To my ears, the difference is noticeable.

jjgunn | 30. Januar 2019

It's the road....nothing wrong with the car.

When I'm driving in Hayward CA on 238 southbound after you exit 580 east - they just paved the road about a year ago. It's ultra quiet. Puts the Tesla smile on my face.

rjrc | 30. Januar 2019

Thanks for all the input. I have the 20" Continentals on the car. Yea, on freshly paved roads its great. But it is noisier than my 2010 Ford Taurus with 120k miles on it overall. However, I love the car. My next issue is getting tar off the body that happened the other day. I was reading some input on the forum about car wash issues. Anything different about the paint on these cars? | 31. Januar 2019

Basically the identical paint most other car makers use. Here's everything you ever wanted to know about Tesla paint: