Why Gas vehicles can lose 50% in Cold weather

Why Gas vehicles can lose 50% in Cold weather

Several reasons discussed here like; warming engine(Zero mpg), trans, catalytic converter, etc.

Mike83 | 07. Februar 2019

To warm up our Teslas that live outside or in garage only requires the Tesla App and about 10 minutes to go from 30 to 62 F. No engine warm up or C02 to worry about esp. if in your garage.

82bert | 07. Februar 2019

My 3 warms up to 67 from 32 in literally 3 minutes. Amazing.

Mike83 | 07. Februar 2019


TexasBob | 07. Februar 2019

also winter blend gasoline has lower energy density than summer blend. article missed that contributing factor

Mike83 | 07. Februar 2019

Another issue is a gas tank can get condensation in winter which freezes and prevents starting; ie. fuel pumps, filters,etc.
Glad I don't have these issues.

kevin_rf | 08. Februar 2019

I have a very special morning preconditioning routine that ensures I get the most out of the car every single day regardless of the weather. I just get in and drive!

babagua | 08. Februar 2019

On point TexasBob
@TexasBob "winter blend gasoline has lower energy density than summer blend ..."

My ICE car honda hybrid gets 15-20% less mpg during winter time.

gballant4570 | 08. Februar 2019

The difference is that ICE vehicle drivers do not notice their inefficiency, unless they pay good attention to their pocket money or gas card bill. If you're out and about with your ICE, you see the gas gauge down, and stop and fill up. Then you quickly forget about it. The disappointment is real, but momentary. In you EV, you're mainly charging at home. Or at least I do, probably many others as well. An unexpected range reduction has a different result - you might have ti change your plans a little more than just stopping along the way for gas. You remember that more, as the inconvenience was greater.

This will not always be the case. Charging opportunities are always getting more numerous, and Tesla's acquisition interest in Maxwell may well point toward a solid state battery in EV's before too long. Put those two together, and any cold weather inefficiency disappointment in your EV will be just as momentary as in your ICE.

jordanrichard | 08. Februar 2019

The other week I timed how fast the interior of my MS heated up and it took all of 3 minutes to go from 32 to 72. One can not pre-heat their ICE while it's sitting in a garage........too bad, so sad...........

Mike83 | 08. Februar 2019

My neighbor in our mountain cabin home came by and asked for a jump. It was 15F. I guess their 12v. weakened in the cold. I don't have jump cables anymore and told her we only have Teslas so don't think I can jump start her. I remember parking on a hill with the old Tacoma and rolling it down to jump start it in 2nd. No more of that headache. My neighbor was late for work also.
I think the M3 heats up a bit faster than the MS but haven't checked it. I just drive like someone mentioned.

Frank99 | 08. Februar 2019

>>> we only have Teslas so don't think I can jump start her
Well, it would be an interesting experience when you hooked up your 400 volt battery to her 12 volt car....

Mike83 | 08. Februar 2019


kcheng | 08. Februar 2019

I'd keep a spare backup battery to jumpstart cars. Could be useful for your Tesla. Now with those small Lithium packs, they're hardly a bother.

jordanrichard | 08. Februar 2019

Though this really wouldn’t happen but if someone asks for a jump from your Tesla, just tell them that due to the power of the battery pack if you did that, it would be reduce their car to a pile of carbon.

billlake2000 | 08. Februar 2019

jordanrichard, you are stephen king in disguise

Mike83 | 09. Februar 2019

Does Stephen King own a Tesla?

bill | 09. Februar 2019

The cabin heats up nicely in ~10 minutes. But how long does it take for cabin heat to warm the battery to an appropriate level?

WantMY | 09. Februar 2019

I just had 450 miles trip in my Camry V6 to Maryland and it scored better than sticker efficiency 30.2 miles/gallon while below freezing. ICE cars doing perfectly fine in low temperatures. So you know mr. dummy Mike83, ICE cars are great in winter as they have heat for free and during summer they need to waste energy on AC to keep passengers cool, so are any EV but in addition EV needs to keep battery cool too. What a retard, lol

Mike UpNorth_ | 09. Februar 2019


Help me understand far as I can tell you don't own a Tesla. Nor do you like EVs. But you spend your time on a Tesla model 3 forum reading and commenting. What's your motivation or goal? I'm truly curious.

Randkthorn | 09. Februar 2019

Don’t know what you mean when you say warms to an appropriate level. My Model 3 works great for me at very cold temps. I don’t even think about it. I just drive.

Mike83 | 09. Februar 2019

Bighorn Cool. I will follow him.

Mike83 | 09. Februar 2019

Mike UpNorth

Good question. strange dude.

WantMY | 09. Februar 2019

@Mike UpNorth Dude, I love EVs, just not the junk you own. Tesla should do better, that would benefit all, including you and other trolls-ky.

mmclean708 | 09. Februar 2019

My awd3 cabin heats within 10 minutes at temps below 20 f, I just let it heat longer for the battery. My old Honda accord had remote start, I ran it for 10 minutes before getting in. The difference of 10 minutes in ev vs 10 minutes ice? My ev is as warm as my living room, the ice took an additional 2 miles driving before I could take off my gloves. As for mileage, I filled up once a week, used more in winter due to added weight in trunk for traction. In summer I could push to 2 weeks. Anytime we took the 90 mile round trip to the small city north of us, i had go full up again to get through the week. Now I plug in when I get home, and I am paying $70-$80 per month for electricity to charge, my gas was $100-$120 per month, if I only drive to work and home. Just need to save for my solar panels now!
Btw those who are jealous of us will call Tesla junk, to be ignored.

WantMY | 09. Februar 2019

There is nothing to be jealous about. lol I want my Model Y to be perfect. It is really hard to understand with your kindergarten level brains?

Neomaxizoomdweebie | 09. Februar 2019

@WantMY - Son, you won't be able to afford a Model Y until your parents raise your allowance.

Tesla2018 | 09. Februar 2019

My old car got better mileage in the winter since in the summer I always had the a/c on. In addition cold air is denser so it increases mpg somehow. The winterized gas just like ethanol gas cuts down on fuel efficiency.

I was surprised that the Tesla doesnt have a dead battery from having the cabin temperature control on for most of the year here in FL. Only tried the seat heater once and I have never turned on the heat.

Question- If you turn on all 5 seat heaters at once does mileage suffer and do the seat heaters only work if a person is sitting in a seat? It might be a good idea to not turn on if it detects no weight on the seat or a seltbelt not being fastened. This way it wouldnt be wasting energy if an unoccupied seat had the heat accidently turned on.

Mike83 | 09. Februar 2019

Gas engines are only about 18% eff. if engine is tuned and it is warm. EV are 90% efficient. Use your calculator and don't listen to salesmen.

Bighorn | 09. Februar 2019

Seat heaters use very little power. About 50W or less than 1% of electric heater.

WantMY | 10. Februar 2019

@Neomaxizoomdweebie My kids are older than you, lol
@Mike83 you claim ICE loose efficiency in cold weather. It is irrelevant what energy they loose to heat, as it is constant at any ambient temperature. Just indicates you have no technical background whatsoever, none.

Mike83 | 10. Februar 2019

Not my belief and of course you misinterpret. Read the link and don't let emotions cloud your anger. Not healthy.

Mike83 | 10. Februar 2019

In our old sold Prius the engine needed to keep running to heat up the catalytic converter. Mileage dropped from 46 to 27 mpg in 14F. that is about 44%.

qqaaplz | 10. Februar 2019

A few days back, I was charging at a hotel. I stayed in the car while waiting wife checking out. The inside temperature was at 52 so I turned on climate control to 68. The second I turned the heat on, the charging rate dropped from 45 m/h to single digit, then started to climb back, and became pretty stable in 30-32 m/h range in about 3 minutes. The cabin temperature reached 68 in about 5 minutes, while the charging rate remained in 30-32 range. So I would say M3 heating could bring down one third of the range.

WantMY | 10. Februar 2019

@Mike83 - the dumbo! What is your dumb Prius have to do with ICE? It is very inefficient hybrid, lol catalytic converters do not have heaters as it is installed inline of exhaust pipe and heated up by hot exhaust gases, lol
Stop posting embarrassing nonsense, save your self from public humiliations. Or better go grab the exhaust manifold on working ICE engine to see how freezing cold it feels, idiot.

Mike83 | 10. Februar 2019

@qqaaplz funny. Our troll probably will use that information to spew his BS.

Mike83 | 10. Februar 2019

A cold ICE car besides the problems mentioned there is what is known as FRICTION as ICE vehciles have many more moving parts compared with a Tesla. In addition cold air increases drag on the vehicle and ICE vehicles are not known for aerodynamic attributes.

h2ev | 10. Februar 2019

All I needed to read is the last paragraph - very short drive in cold and snowy conditions. If I drive my model 3 down to the post office couple miles away and back, the consumption will be over 400 wh/mile.

We just past 100k in the Lexus CT200h (which is a gen 3 Prius) which my son just took over. It has never gone below 36MPG even in the middle of winter. In the spring and fall it’ll be in the mid-high 40s. In summer low-mid 40s.

The trip computer in that car is almost always +2 over actual. Lifetime 100k average per the trip computer is 45.5. I’ve calculated every tank of fillup in that car (miles driven in trip A divided by gallons pumped), and every car I’ve ever owned for that matter.