Model S Range Options

Model S Range Options

I am in the process of buying a new Model S 100D. I am deciding between Standard and Long range option.
I maxed out my budget with the standard option. Is it possible to upgrade later from Standard to Long range?

jerrykham | 09. März 2019

Well the prior models where they sold them as a 75 and a 100 you sure could not just pay a fee to upgrade over the air. The batteries were different voltages (350 vs 400). There were some older models that were software locked to a specific "range" - this is why you sometimes see stories in the news about Tesla temporarily "increasing" the range of some of their vehicles to aid in things like evacuating before a hurricane. I haven't seen if the new SR and LR are actually the same battery with a software lock again. If so, then you would be able to upgrade. But if they are still selling two different batteries then no.

BTW, I've got a late 2017 Model S 75 (no "D") which was sold as having 239 mile range when new. Still loving it! So that 270 rating for the SR sounds pretty good if that is your budget.

Bill_75D | 09. März 2019

@jerrykham - your car is rated at 249 miles, not 239.

JaMo_75D | 09. März 2019

Wluck at this point id wait it out..... there will probably be a Model S update sometime soon. Prices just dropped big time. They will need to update the internals to accept V3 charging...... id at least wait till after 3/14 when they do the Model Y showing...who knows they may show a refreshed Model S too.

EVRider | 09. März 2019

After the price drop, the difference between Standard and Long range is only $4,000 (I think it was $8k before), and the difference in range is greater (65 miles now, 25 miles before). I don't know if you can upgrade later, but the extra range seems worth $4,000.

MJP.75D | 09. März 2019

Agree with EV — $8k for 25 miles was insulting but $4k for 65 miles feels reasonable if your budget allows. That said (written), I would like to know if the extra range is unlockable after purchase and, if so, for how much....anyone have solid intel on the subject? Thanks.

wpoveromo | 06. April 2019

So I found Long Range existing inventory but didn't want or need the range during end of the quarter. I wasn't going to buy it unless I could change it. It was a long process, but they DID remove the $4K line item and turn the exact same car into a Standard range. At least for this car, that meant it was the exact same battery pack. The bigger question was if I could upgrade it to a Long range in the future and can't really get a straight answer now. It was an EXTREME hassle and a LOT of mis communication just to have it removed ranging from you can do it, we do it, well we use to but now we don't, it's not technically possible, it is technically possible, if you do it now you may not to change it in future, etc...