UpDate on Black Screen - Replaced Computer

UpDate on Black Screen - Replaced Computer

I have continued to have my random screen blacking issue (would not wake up sometimes for minutes, sometimes for hours, sometimes for days! and would sometimes just go dark in middle of the drive). Weird because it would go for a month or more working fine and then start acting up. After a software update it would tend to work fine for several weeks but then start its nonsense all over again.

So Tesla replaced the computer yesterday so hopefully this will permanently resolve the issue. As always, service center was efficient and courteous even if I did get "stuck" with a Model S for a day.

Original Post:

Long story, but my screen has been going black for past several days. Stays black for hours (from 12 to 36 hours) then randomly comes back on after sitting for a few hours or overnight only to go black again after being parked for awhile. Numerous reboots and a call to Tesla roadside did no good. It is scheduled into service center for next Monday (ugh). BTW everything else works - even EAP - just no screen. I am running software rev 50.6 since December.

When this broke I was staying out of town (100+ miles from home) for the weekend so no way to deal with a tow. The situation forced me to drive for most of 4 days (including a 110 mile trip home) with no screen.

I ended up opening the app on my iPhone and using it to make the drive home. It gave me more-or-less real-time speed information (1-2 second delay) plus state of charge information and the ability to control the climate. Not ideal, but it worked okay in a pinch to keep me from going too fast (especially important since I was mostly driving a rural road in East Texas with speed limits that vary from 75 to 35 and I really had no desire to get caught in one of the many speed traps out there). I was also glad to have the SOC information since I was pushing the range envelope after 260 miles on the road over four days and only one evening access to a 115V charge (turned out I had plenty of juice but driving blind would have been very unnerving).

Anyway thought it would be a useful tip if anyone else finds themselves in the same situation. And, BTW Tesla, you guys should think about a screen mirroring app connected via the USB to give us a backup!

rxlawdude | 11. März 2019

Great idea, Bob. But I'd be more insistent with Tesla that this is a safety/driveability issue and they should take it in for service STAT.

Lonestar10_1999 | 11. März 2019

Please update this thread after your service repair and let us know the root cause of the black screen.

ccash | 11. März 2019

Very useful, thanks, and sorry about your trouble.

Hal Fisher | 11. März 2019

Turn your head and look? I’ve almost backed into people and cars relying on that stupid monitor. It might be good to use initially, but much safer to just look.

TexasBob | 11. März 2019

"Turn your head and look?" That definitely wins the non-sequitur of the day award.

rxlawdude | 11. März 2019

Don't mind Hal. He's just mad for being left in orbit around Jupiter.

PBEndo | 11. März 2019

Good tip!
The app will also let you control the music.

kevin_rf | 11. März 2019

I thought it was first Saturn, then Hollywood got involved and Saturn was to far to go for a movie.

johnw | 11. März 2019

Several phone apps will give near-instant speed updates via GPS, fyi. may be closer to real time than the app, though it would be useful to control the climate that way.

posinator | 11. März 2019

ha ha at first i read the title as Emergency Backup Screen Fails or something too, like just the backup camera wasn't working, maybe that's how halfisher read it too? anyway, that's a great idea using the mobile app as an emergency backup source of data. good thinking and good luck getting it fixed (new computer??)

how dark is it with no screen? too minimalist??

TexasBob | 13. März 2019

@Lonestar since you had asked for an update, here is where we stand:

For four days in a row it was blacking out for long periods of time but would then occasionally come back on for a few hours only to black out again after the car had been parked for awhile.

Updated to 5.15 on day 5 and it has now been working for almost 48 hours. So we will see. It may have been solved with the software update.

gllivyl | 13. März 2019

TexasBob: did Tesla tell you what was the cause of the problem? Did they "fixed" it, or did Tesla replace a new computer?

TexasBob | 13. März 2019

@gllivyl - I have not been into the service center yet. Appt scheduled for next Monday. But the software update *may* have fixed the issue. Right now, SVC center is reviewing logs. If it does not glitch for rest of the week then I will probably cancel appt and see if it stays good.

rlwrw | 13. März 2019

Having worked with electronic systems, this sounds like a thermal, and/or somewhat loose issue with a connector to the screen. Has the inside temperature remained the same all the time? Are there certain vibration patterns that affect whether the screen comes on or goes off?
Are the connectors dirty, and just need to be cleaned?

TexasBob | 21. Mai 2019

See update above. Ended up needing a new computer.

CharleyBC | 21. Mai 2019

@TexasBob, is the new computer HW3?

TexasBob | 21. Mai 2019

@CharleyBC, I suggested they put in HW3 to save an upgrade in a few months, but they said the HW3 is not yet available to them. So HW 2.5.