Key card for Model X

Key card for Model X

I am somewhat a minimalist. I would love to have a credit card sized fob for operating my Tesla X. Something that can fit in my credit card wallet. Any chance of that?


lilbean | 13. März 2019

No. There is a card reader on the B pillar. However, enabling the phone to be used as a key would be awesome! That's one of the greatest things about the Model 3. All you need is your phone which you probably have anyway.

ratchet | 13. März 2019

It's a bit involved, but you can drive the X using the Tesla app on your phone if you don't have your fob. You can unlock the car by pressing the padlock icon (then confirm). You can then start the car by pressing the icon with the keys. You will be prompted to enter your account password to enable keyless driving. Keeping the fob with you is much easier.

jjgunn | 13. März 2019

You can use your phone (the app) to drive an X/S without the key fob.

Key card is not needed

lilbean | 13. März 2019

With the 3, you don't have to press anything on the app.

jimglas | 17. März 2019

For me, the phone works great, as long as the App is open when approaching the car

raffidesigns | 17. März 2019

Elon states a year ago that the Model S/X will be getting bluetooth unlock (same as the 3) but no such software has been released. As the others have stated, the mobile app is the best no key lock/unlock.

Does anyone know what the time limit is from when you press the unlock in the app? Remote start is 2 minutes, but i have no clue how long the remote unlock takes before locking.

ratchet | 17. März 2019

@raffi - My Model X unlocks immediately and allows driving immediately if I use the phone app without the fob. I have not seen a time delay for any of the phone app functions.

keiki | 22. März 2019

As far as "Elon Musk states" , We may never see it happen. Not sure he really knows.

festgiven | 02. Dezember 2019

in the Tesla app I just notice that I have a key icon under the pic of my car, I pressed it and it said i can drive for X time

ElectricSteve | 09. Februar 2020

To everybody evangelizing leaving MS and MX keyfobs at home and using only the app instead: you‘ll change your opinion when you are in an area without any cell-signal...

ElectricSteve | 09. Februar 2020

@festgiven: read the message again. It says you have a certain amount of time to START driving. The command auto-expires after this period.