Problem with HomeLink auto-opening the garage door

Problem with HomeLink auto-opening the garage door

Generally very happy with HomeLink but I can't seem to get it to open my garage door automatically without shifting from Reverse into Drive. As you may have guessed I back into the garage and front out of it - just easier to get in and out of the car that way. It seems to pretty reliably close automatically when I drive away but it will never open automatically unless I shift into drive right in front of the garage, which is a bit of a pain. Any ideas? I have reset location a few times with no success.

PECo CT | 15. März 2019

Have you tried changing the distance at which it activates?

hfisher3380 | 15. März 2019

Yeah I’ve tried that - and this problem doesn’t seem to be a distance issue as much as a gear issue - it only automatically opens when I switch from reverse to drive in the same spot. I’m right in front of the garage in reverse and it isn’t opening - switch to drive and it opens. Strange...

wiboater4 | 16. März 2019

hfisher3380 Might not be a bad idea to call Tesla service on that. Maybe they can add a software option button down the line to choose to reverse what it normally does.

Daryl | 16. März 2019

I wonder if HomeLink is only active when the car is driving forward, and not in reverse. That would prevent the door from prematurely coming down on the car as (most people) back out of the garage, if the location wasn't exactly right.

Now that I consider it, when I back out of my garage the door never closes until right after I shift into D.

rdavis | 16. März 2019

Where did you park when you setup the "home location"?

RoadDevil | 16. März 2019

My garage door closes when backing out the garage with no problem before shifting to drive. My problem is with HOA gate, every time leaving HOA gate, it will try to auto open the gate although I turned Leaving/Close off . I have to click on "SKIP" or just let it to open the gate

hfisher3380 | 18. März 2019

Thanks all for your input. To answer some of the question, I've played around with different distances and tried to reset location just outside the garage door multiple times both facing the garage and facing away from the garage, still won't open as I approach the garage in reverse - but opens as soon as I switch to drive (at which point I'm obviously at a standstill with my foot on the break). So strange!

SalisburySam | 18. März 2019

I know this will sound nonsensical, but you might just try to re-program the opener. Ensure you use a fresh battery in the remote control you use, regardless of how well it may work. The fresh battery gives the remote maximum strength, something that is apparently needed as it is suggested in both the Model 3 owner’s manual and on the HomeLink website.

Fdez.Jas | 14. Juni 2019

Welp, I don't believe it's a distance issue. I've attempted to reset the connection three time since I purchased the vehicle and it still wouldn't function properly. It practically never opens or closes unless I bypass the home link. I can count two occasions when it actually opened when I got home from work and that was only pulling straight in, not backing in. Today, I was backing into my garage (like regularly do) I pulled up a bit to readjust and then continued to back up (Something I also regularly do), but this time the garage door closed on my trunk damaging it. Needless to say... I'm furious.