Posting pictures here?

Posting pictures here?

What is the best way to post pictures here? I am use to forums where you can upload a pic and post the link but it appears this forum does not have that feature. Any advice would be appreciated!

gmr6415 | 22. März 2019

Post them somewhere like and then include the link.

jjgunn | 22. März 2019

Nope....get used to it.

Tesla uses 1990's BBS's in here.

Feel free to post a link to a picture

Carl Thompson | 23. März 2019

"Tesla uses 1990's BBS's in here."

I used BBSs extensively in the 80s and 90s. I assure you almost all were much more full-featured than this forum!

jjgunn | 23. März 2019

16 colors!

jim | 23. März 2019

@Carl Thompson I remember dialing into CompuServe at 300 baud for $6 an hour back in 1984. The TESLA forums are rather spartan in terms of features, but it is better than what we had in the 80's.

Carl Thompson | 23. März 2019


CompuServe didn't offer much but other BBSs in the 80s has extensive global message systems including private messages, downloads, games, reputation indicators and lot's of other features not found here.

Carl Thompson | 23. März 2019


Not to mention basic facilities like search!

billlake2000 | 23. März 2019

You paid $6. I went to the library and modemed for free.

Tesla2018 | 23. März 2019

I remeber going to college in Texas in the late 70s and linking into the computers at universities in Arizona and Massachusetts to look at their engineering programs. Someone found the lunar lander program on one of the other schools programs and we played with that all day for about a month. It said what the long distance bill on my computer account was since the school got charged and it was about $400 each for about a dozen of us that did it. No wonder tuition was so high. In the 80s I took a night class and a fellow student from South Africa used to use the computers in the lab to call her relatives back home on a dial up system.
Tevhnolgy sure has evolved. Now people on the space station can Skype down to earth for free.

Carl Thompson | 23. März 2019

"Now people on the space station can Skype down to earth for free."

Is Skyping from the space station really "free" all things considered? ;-)

Haggy | 25. März 2019

Tesla used to allow pictures, as well as certain formatting in posts. Not only did they take away the capability, but they also stripped the formatting out of old posts. So if I had a response to a post and used some way of indicating what I was quoting aside from quote marks, it's no longer there and some of my posts from years ago make no sense, since parts of them are really quotes but there's no way of telling.

Now that posts are limited to verified users, they could be more lenient.

syclone | 25. März 2019

It could be worse! What about using Archie or Veronica instead of Google? Hint- you would be giving a hint of your age if you know what they are.

StealthP3D | 25. März 2019

You mean those lists? I remember 300 baud suction cup modems, then 1200 came out without phone suction.

syclone | 26. März 2019

They weren't lists, they were search algorithms. You would access Archie on the web, type in a term or name that you wanted to look for, and wait up to 2 days for the search to complete. Basically, you were doing what Google does now in the background without the benefit of being able to compile a search database.

WantMY | 26. März 2019

This forum is like Tesla Model 3 interior without the tablet, lol

EVRider | 26. März 2019

This forum used to support embedded photos and HTML tags, but they removed those features 2-3 years ago.