300,000 pounds of towing capacity. Tesla Pickup

300,000 pounds of towing capacity. Tesla Pickup

Now that is real truck. Not a mambepambe ford.

carlk | 31. März 2019

Can't wait to see how it will be like. I can already feel shivering thousands miles away from Detroit.

Mike83 | 31. März 2019

I guess one could put a house on wheels and tow it to a new place.

kcheng | 31. März 2019

So, kind of like a Unimog, but electric?

mtbikemike | 01. April 2019

I've been thinking of putting a 1K deposit down on a Rivian, but I'd so much rather go with a Tesla. I live in Utah, ski and mt bike a lot. The snow and easy access to 4x4 offroading out here are beckoning for a clean and powerful diesel killer. So many Ford, Dodge and Chevy lovers out here. Can't wait to blow past them in a far superior vehicle!

tstolz | 01. April 2019

IMHO Rivian needs to address charging by partnering with Tesla on the Supercharger network and change those headlights ... they just don’t work! I will buy an EV truck when they arrive in 2020 ish ... but I’m guessing it will be a Tesla!

Tesla2018 | 01. April 2019

300,000 lbs! They should film it towing a bunch of car carriers loaded with the competion.

Zoom in. The Tesla can tow a trailer with 8 Chevy pickups on it. Zoom futher out- and also another carrier with 8 Chevy pickups,zoom out again, and then show another carrier with Dodge Pickups, and then Toyota, etc.

Then show all four of the other brands in a tug of war against oneTesla assuning that theTesla would win.

Then have a Tesla semi pull up and say, "but if you need more power weve got that covered too"

jimglas | 02. April 2019

@Tesla: Great idea, you should go into advertising

andy.connor.e | 02. April 2019

I am not one to believe that the pickup is going to be able to haul 150 tons.

xeran | 02. April 2019

Tow* not haul.

xeran | 02. April 2019

The thing about the 150-ton tow rating is that it doesn't necessarily imply any particular tongue weight.

Sure, the thing might have the torque to move 150 tons, but can it stop 150 tons? Certainly not in a way that would make me feel comfortable.

It's one of those numbers that seems insane because...well, because it is.

Mike83 | 02. April 2019
xeran | 02. April 2019

Right, so that's my point. That 787 was entirely resting on its own suspension/wheels. The Model X is bearing ZERO percent of the 787's weight (which is actually similar to the 300,000 lbs mentioned by Musk). It's just moving the 787 like an aircraft tug would, which isn't surprising because aircraft tugs don't have a ton of power/torque.

Trailers conventionally towed by pickup trucks and the like generally rest a portion of their weight on the vehicle towing them; you're not gonna rest 20% or even 10% of your 300,000-lb trailer on a Tesla truck. Semi? Sure, it could handle that. But the pickup won't have those massive rear axles or any of the rest of the heavy components required to bear that kind of tongue weight.

Tesla2018 | 02. April 2019

They could also offer it as a fifth wheel option hitch that mounts in the tailgate bed in order to handle the tongue weight.

Ross1 | 02. April 2019

So all this hinges on the term 'bladerunner' which is completely unfamiliar to me. Who else?
What does that term coming from EM invoke to you?

andy.connor.e | 03. April 2019

Its about as meaningful as saying the Model 3 interior is like a spaceship. Means nothing.

Mike83 | 03. April 2019

Those that think outside of the box progress while those who can't are stuck in the past.

Tesla-David | 03. April 2019

I believe the term "Bladerunner" that EM is using is from Bladerunner 2049 movie!

@Mike83, agree totally! ;0)

jimglas | 03. April 2019

I suspect he was referring to the original bladerunner movie

DonS | 03. April 2019

These stunts demonstrate the traction control system and sticky tires more than anything else. If these stunts were attempted on anything but level ground, expect instant overheating going uphill and mayhem going downhill.

Shock | 04. April 2019

Anybody who knows anything whatsoever about tow capacity knows this figure is complete nonsense. As such, I'm not surprised to see musk state it and others parrot it like it means anything. You guys really think this pickup truck has more than 3X the tow capacity of a semi truck?

Here is a Volvo pulling 750 tons:

The difference of course is Volvo are not morons and don't think that just because it can get that weight moving it means it has a 750 ton tow capacity. Musk specifically said the tow capacity of this pickup is 300k lbs.

sosmerc | 04. April 2019

Yes, when I first read that I was thinking he must have been referring to a SpaceX launch vehicle of some kind :)....
But then again, maybe we are just talking "downhill" specs? (gotta have some awesome brakes though).
Whatever, if the Tesla Pickup is competitive with what Rivian is contemplating then I think we are ok.

Mike83 | 05. April 2019

this obviously offends the truck fad people who own big fords and dodges. LOL

gree23849 | 11. September 2019

Tardy post, but I'm scouting out more info from professionals on whether it's feasible. Elon stated "TOWING CAPACITY." From what I know from owning and towing with multiple SUVs and trucks, towing capacity is "determined by the vehicle manufacturer and takes into account the GVWR, GAWR, GTW and more." The term TOWING CAPACITY is on every owners manual as a SAFE tow rating (all things, including brakes, considered).... So in agreement with the example used above about the Volvo... The TOWING CAPACITY of the Volvo used is never mentioned in any news article or video, only that it was capable.

Another example is the Model X and Boeing. Never is it specified that the TOWING CAPACITY is the weight of the plane. But in the manual the term TOWING capacity is near 5,000 lbs.

So my final question is, when Elon said the term "towing capacity", would you consider that to be towing capacity or towing capability - maybe he got the words confused (not an Elon move). If he actually meant towing capacity, then that would mean Elon would have factored in the requirements to math out the towing capacity, which would be crazy impressive.

andy.connor.e | 11. September 2019

When Elon said the term "towing capacity", i consider it to be more than anything offered by an ICE competitor, and i leave it at that.