Tesla 2018 Rear Camera

Tesla 2018 Rear Camera

My Tesla S - 2018, Rear camera goes dark and I have to reboot to make it work. Service dept has changed the camera and main touch screen, it didn't fix the problem. Even software updates didn't help.
IS anyone having similar problem? | 01. April 2019

I've not had the problem, but there have been a few other threads with similar issues. I suspect a software bug, but while a few have the issue and most don't is a mystery.

Have you tried closing the camera window and then reopening it? Not sure it will help, but if it works, better than having to reboot.

vivek | 01. April 2019

I did try that it didn't work. Only reboot works.

akikiki | 01. April 2019

vivek, yes, quite a few times. Yes, rebooting works 99% of the time. This sometimes works for me; after you put the car into drive, hold the brake and put it slowly into neutral, then reverse. Sometimes it comes back up when it goes into reverse a second or third time. If it comes back up, shift to neutral for a moment before going back to drive.

Feddan | 01. April 2019

Are you using Pin to drive? I have a theory that having the rear camera active, plus the Pin to drive screen active when the car starts, causes the rear camera to be blank/black.

I haven't done any testing though.

rxlawdude | 01. April 2019

@Feddan, nope. I never use Pin to Drive and occasionally (maybe 25% of the time) have the black screen of backup. | 01. April 2019

Another thought - do those that have the problem leave the backup camera on all the time (i.e driving forward)?Perhaps it's not shutdown properly in that mode when the car turns off.

Yodrak. | 01. April 2019

My wife and I both have the rear-view camera on all the time, and we've had no problem with it since allowing the original update to V9.

Prior to that, when we had been avoiding the update, at one point the camera view went black and could not be brought back by multiple reboots or several over-the-air resets (my term, I don't know exactly what the service people did). The service people finally told me that the only way to fix the problem was to allow the V9 upgrade and there's been no issue ever since.

pgkevet | 01. April 2019

I get this.. less often since 2019.8.4 but happened again today. Seems not to happen if i precondition cabin temp remotely. Boot order?

bhanuk99 | 01. April 2019

I used to have this more often in Feb when our temps were colder. i did numerous reboots, took to Tesla etc, None of those steps fixed it. Tesla told me it is a known issue and a future software update should fix it. The SC tech also asked me to create a voice stamp to log the occurrences and also told me preconditioning the car and using controls such as unlock and flask from the App prior to driving should help. I think the last step may have fixed it in conjunction with improved weather.

After I got the update to 19.8.1 from 18.50.7 in early March i don't have this issue any more. My 2018 S 100D is an Oct build that I bought in late Dec.

akikiki | 01. April 2019

TT, I am sure you remember that I have front and rear cameras. When my car loses a camera view, its always the front, never the rear. And it only happens when I come out of reverse and go into park or come out of reverse and go to drive. Yes, I leave my front up when I leave the car, but its always working when I come back to depart.

I've had the front/rear camera setup since '14, when I think we were on 5.x Comes and goes. Has nothing to do with cold temperatures and never enabled PIN to Drive.

sr.smr | 03. April 2019

This is the back camera issue @akikiki, not a front and rear camera issue that sounds like your referring to a 2 ch dash cam. I have a 2017 that has this problem since I owned it and the standard reply from the service center is that it is a known software bug that Tesla is working on. I received firmware upgrade 2019.8.4 yesterday that mentioned in the notes "minor bug fixes and improvements." There has not been enough time to know if this latest update solved the backup camera problem. I counted 31 failures since 2017, and each time it happens it is a real bummer.

pgkevet | 03. April 2019

2019.8.4 doesn't fix it on mine. Only 31 failures in 2 years? I've had more than that since christmas and one each of the last 2 days. | 03. April 2019

I curious, does everyone that has this issue display the camera while driving forward? Akikki has said he uses the rear camera all the time. It seems very few owners get this problem and a few get this problem all the time. Just trying to see if there might be a common operation that creates the issue.

For example, perhaps the rear camera has a heater, and when used for 30 seconds in backup is not an issue. Using if to hours driving forward might overheat the camera or cause other quirks. While it should work in all situations, perhaps Tesla is not aware how some users are keeping the rear camera on, and there really is a hardware issue with the camera manufacturer. This is a long-shot as I thought with EAP, the rear camera is always on, so it could be something else in the camera processing for display that is the problem.

pgkevet | 03. April 2019

In my case it is a blank display screen window when i first get into the car. Yes I keep the camera on when driving forwards 'cos rear mirror view is poor but even if I had that display closed when I left the car it is sometimes a blank window when going into reverse.
It happened again today.
As I've reported here before it almost never happens if i remotely condition cabin temp before using the car so my theory is that it's a problem with assigning video memory depending on start-up order.
I should add that a couple of times the display has cleared after entering the PIN but that only happened after 2019.8.4

akikiki | 03. April 2019

sr.smr, nope, I am not talking about a 2 camera dash cam configuration. TT, I didn't mean to say, if I did, that I have my rear camera up all the time. I have my front camera up all the time. That's my front cam switch's default position. I have the front camera kit invented by artsci on TMC about 5 years ago. My front camera kit allows me to see the front of my car at the lower splitter when I have that view up. When I go to reverse, the rear camera comes up. When I go back to Drive or Park, the front camera comes up. This is great for when I am pulling forward into parking space and I approach the curbs.

As for the issue the OP talks about, when I shift from from Reverse back into Drive, my front camera sometimes does not come up. I have learned different things sometimes fix the problem. Almost 100% of the time when my problem occurs, I am in Drive and moving. Therefore, my attempts to fix mine, start with pulling over and putting the car in Reverse to trigger the swap to the rear camera. Then back to Drive. Sometimes this fixes it. When it does, I begin driving again, and try reboots. Sometimes its a center console, and other times it requires a instrument panel reboot. | 03. April 2019

@akikiki - Great info. Ok, for your car, it may be the use of the switcher. I did look at that project (which is cool), and at first glance, I don't think it should cause problems. LIkely hard to do, but one test would be to temporarily remove the switch and use only the rear camera. If the problem goes away, you've found the source (although no good solution).

I thought Tesla needs to send some configuration data to the camera at some point - perhaps after being powered up or is done as part of the MCU reboot. If this data is being sent when the cameras are switched, it might corrupt one or the other camera's info. The other thought is the one camera that is not actively on is not getting the configuration data when it needs it.

@pgkevet - Sounds like some kind of thermal issue. I doubt the camera is affected much by cabin temp, but a poor connection on the cable or the electronics that process the camera may be at fault. I'm surprised the Tesla logs don't help pinpoint the issue. I'd keep on Tesla to fix it - although I know intermittents are the ultimate in pain to solve.

I had an intermittent side repeater camera problem - maybe once every 2-3 days. They could tell which specific camera was at fault with the logs, but not what the exact issue was. Replaced the camera and sent me on my way. Problem returned right away, and with a second visit found the connector going to the camera was bad. Didn't say how they fixed that, but it's been rock solid since they fixed the connector.

pgkevet | 03. April 2019

If this was a connector or thermal issue then wouldn't one expect sporadic issues during journeys?
This is a case of it happens to be functional or not when i get into the car and a reboot corrects it.
I've even had it happen on getting into the car, reboot and it's fine, then drive 15mins to get a paper and when i get back into car it's off again when the screen lights up. Car is warm by then.
I will start noting car internal temps, though

sr.smr | 03. April 2019

The following is a detailed explanation of the circumstances and temporary solutions:

1. When the car is initially turned on, occasionally the backup camera video on the touch screen is distorted. It could occur twice a week, once every other week – there is no consistency as to when the failure will occur.
2. On most occasions I preheat the car, so I cannot pinpoint if cabin temperature is a factor. But the problem seems to be more prevalent in cold weather.
3. The image can appear in many iterations; i.e., frozen image even while car is in motion, solid grey, solid black, solid green, black and white, green tint, purple tint, and stripes of alternate colors to name a few.
4. When backing up, 99% of the time the white guide lines appear on the video.
5. The temporary solution is to reboot using the two scroll wheels, which is a frustrating time consuming process.
6. The distorted video ONLY occurs when first turning on the car.
7. If the video is normal when first turning on the car, it has NEVER failed while driving.
8. The distorted video can be restored in two ways: 1) Reboot 2) If you turn off the car while the video is distorted, don’t reboot, and come back several minutes later, the video will return to normal without intervention.
9. Bug reports were sent on most occurrences of the failures.

Tesla replaced the backup camera and MCU with center display. They kept the car for a week and installed a temporary cable between the MCU and camera, but could not duplicate the problem. For two years I can't find a common thread for all of the above symptoms. And this is not unique to Model S. I have seen threads on the Model X and Model 3 with the same complaint. One owner said his service center replaced a switch under the driver's seat, but my service center said they are not aware of this hardware solution and continue to ask for patience for the next firmware upgrade.

bhanuk99 | 03. April 2019

@teslatap-Yes, I do leave my rear camera on all the time when I am driving. This way I know what car is behind me or on the next lane so that I gun my car at the light if needed.
It used to be a constant issue during the cold weather. Preconditioning the car did not fix it for me. However, turning any one of the Controls from App wakes up the car and that seems to have fixed it. Possibly, the recent software updates helped too. But now I get "systems powering up" message often and dashboard goes blank.

N4RCL | 04. April 2019

I too have this problem. It started after version 9 for me. But I got V9 around the time it started getting cold, got my car in July. The past 2 times I have had my car in for service, I have mentioned this. Each time they said it was software and pushed an update to the car. Each time it still fails. I notice mine occurs more frequently when I drive for 10-15 minutes and get out of the car for about the same amount of time. The other night we were out shopping. Stopped at 5 places. Had to reboot the car 4 of the 5 times we got in. I will say I'm on a beta version and I reported that it got a lot worse when I started the beta trial.