New Tesla Owners Club

New Tesla Owners Club

The folks over at DRIVETRIBE (which is kind of a social network for cars) have rolled out a new featured called “owners’s clubs.” It’s designed to get folks talking about the cars that they own or want. I staked out a club for Tesla and encourage folks from the forums to share on DRIVETRIBE too — it’s mostly Tesla doubters over there and it helps to not always preach to the converted. Here’s a link —

10 points to the first commenter who replies “spam” or “self-promotion”!

ecrisologo52 | 09. April 2019

Hello out there. I am interested in chatting with a group of Tesla owners, especially with those waiting for 2020 deliveries of their Roadsters. I am a faithful owner of a model S 85 and I am looking forward to getting my roadster next year. I am so excited and I know that I am not alone.

bfudge | 29. April 2019

I understand your excitement. I also own a S P85 VIN 613. I am waiting for more info on the Roadster. Base starts at $200K. Waiting for options to be announced. Don't want a stripper.

vafike | 03. Mai 2019
izabella.eworld | 14. April 2020

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