25K mile service

25K mile service

Are people going ahead with their 25,000 mile service? The last time I looked into it (maybe a couple of months ago), it seemed as if Tesla was no longer recommending fixed service intervals. However, they've been known to change guidance on this stuff kind of randomly. Am I behind the times on this one?

Daryl | 18. April 2019

I am not planning on taking it in for 25K service.. Rotating the tires is about the only regular maintenance required I think.

Wiper blades as needed.
Washer fluid as needed.
Brake fluid every couple of years.
Battery coolant every 4 years or 50,000 miles.
Replace tires as needed.

That's about it. No oil change, no transmission fluid, no brake pads (unless you are running a lot in track mode).

jordanrichard | 18. April 2019

Battery coolant is no longer changed. It is good for life. Brake fluid has gone from replacing every 2 years to checking it’s condition every two years, replacing if needed.

charles.a.braun | 18. April 2019

I had my 50K service scheduled but cancelled it when Tesla posted that they were no longer recommending it. They agreed that I was doing the right thing by canceling.

jjgunn | 18. April 2019

So do we still schedule for 25k? I'm coming up on it at 22k right now

Carl Thompson | 18. April 2019

I am nowhere near 25k miles but when I get there I will definitely schedule the service to have Tesla look at the car simply for peace of mind if nothing else.

elecfan2 | 18. April 2019

I'll hit 25000 miles on my long distance trip I take tomorrow. I plan to take it in at 50000 miles to have the battery coolant replaced. I already take my model 3 to my local tire shop every 6000 miles or so to have the tires rotated, reminds me that I need to swap out my winter tires back to my summer tires soon.

Brunoranger | 18. April 2019

Wait, I knew about the brake fluid intervals changing to contamination testing but they also took the 4yr / 50k battery coolant replacement off the table?

Hot damn! All I need to do essentially is rotate my tires in my driveway every 7500 miles or so

beaver | 19. April 2019

Tesla recommends rotating the tires only every 10-12,000, but good to check every 6,000

jordanrichard | 19. April 2019

Does no one know how to read.....? There is no longer a requirement/recommendation to change out the battery coolant.

elecfan2 | 19. April 2019

@jordanrichard, interesting, well I'll guess I'll just rotate the tires every 10k miles and look into the winter maintenance stuff, good to know the battery fluid doesn't need to be changed anytime, wonder what changed?

CST | 19. April 2019

Hmmm... I think the air conditioning service is possibly tied to the battery coolant. Every 6 yrs for Model 3.

rxlawdude | 19. April 2019

A cynic might wonder if reducing routine service will increase out of warranty repair revenue.

gmr6415 | 19. April 2019

I agree with Carl Thompson. I don't know the exact fluids being used by Tesla, but I've read that the gear box lubricant is ATF, and I'm assuming the battery coolant is glycol. ATF is a high detergent low viscosity oil. It contains additives that break down over time and exposure to heat. Obviously there is no torque converter there that would result in the same high temperatures of an automatic transmission, but the additives will still break down over time and exposure to heat.

Glycols also have additives the break down over time and exposure to heat. I don't see either of those fluids as a "lifetime" fluid and brake fluid certainly isn't a lifetime fluid. It's designed to absorb and isolate moisture. At some point it will need changing.

@beaver, Are you talking about 10-12,000 miles or km? You should read your tire manufacturers warranty. Pushing rotations to 10-12,000 miles will void your manufacturer's warranty. Michelin's warranty states:

"For treadwear replacement claims, documents showing that your tires have been rotated and inspected every 6,000-8,000 miles (10,000-12,000 km) or as specified by your vehicle manufacturer, whichever rotation period is less, and the attached Mounting and Rotation Service Record has been fully completed and signed."

beaver | 19. April 2019

@gmr6415 yes you are technically correct, but what % of owners actually follow the mnfct schedule perfectly and have 3rs party signed records? My guess is 1-5%

I have heard that Mich will still cover warranty claims within the prefect paperwork. They just try to scare us

beaver | 19. April 2019

*without perfect paperwork