Loud Fan

Loud Fan

I updated to the latest software this past weekend. I went to supercharge yesterday and when I got back the fan in the frunk area was loud, never experienced it this loud after supercharging. Went On 100+ mile trip came back and supercharge it again. Again the fan was loud when I got back. I could probably hear it from 10-15ft away. Is this normal with the new update? I probably supercharge about 30 times and never heard it this loud. Charging at home is fine.

stevehendler | 18. April 2019

What was the max charging rate? Maybe they are prepping for the increased supercharger speeds..

Teslanene | 18. April 2019

It top at 117kw there are videos of people getting 145kw at this SC. I thought maybe it’s cooling the battery down.

crmedved | 18. April 2019

Is it warmer in your location than previous supercharging sessions?

stevehendler | 18. April 2019

Yeah I can't imagine it being for anything else. Ambient temperatures are increasing, that is the most likely explanation. I wish we had access to OBD level data.

hokiegir1 | 18. April 2019

The fans are pretty loud as it gets warmer outside and needs to cool the battery more. Just wait until it's 95+ and you are supercharging off a 200 mile leg of a trip. ;)

rdh37 | 18. April 2019

On a recent road trip, my first one, I stopped at a completely empty supercharger station. Car was at about 40% and when I walked away the car was charging at 461 mph. Boy was I glad to hear the fan loud and clear. :) In fact, and as mentioned in a previous post, the handle was actually warm to the touch when I removed the cable from my car. In case anyone cares, it was about 50 F outside with minimal breeze. Have a nice day.

gllivyl | 18. April 2019

It has been happening to my car as well since the recent SW update (8.5?).

The loud fan sound goes away after the car get driven for about a minute or so.

The outside temp was in the neighborhood of 60.

Must be some kind of new "feature" since it had never happened to my car before that update.

M3phan | 18. April 2019

Ditto, my fan is noticeably hummier since last update.

trevorrichards4 | 19. April 2019

Agree I noticed fan running faster after recent updates.

Infiniti Pi | 19. April 2019

This happened to me yesterday after charging at home. About 70 degrees in the garage. V8.5.

ILoveMyModel3 | 19. April 2019

This is normal if the batter is hot after charging.... The fan stops after the batter has cooled down which only takes about 5 mins.

jimglas | 19. April 2019

red sox fans are like that

CharleyBC | 19. April 2019

Yep. I agree the fan is much more aggressive when Supercharging in the past few software releases. My wild guess is that by cooling the battery more, they can keep the charge rate higher longer, thus moving you along out of the Supercharger sooner. I even had it kick in at the Truckee Supercharger a month ago on a snowy day.

andrewsjra | 19. April 2019

Are you talking about this noise?

I noticed it on 8.6 when my car sat outside in the warmer Cali weather. It just started warming up into the 80’s.