Model X refresh

Model X refresh

Looks like some battery and motor upgrades. That is great. I may want to get a newer X but would like some changes. Please let me know if some of these issues have been addressed

1 smart phone acts as your key. I don’t like the fob

2 now you just pull a cable in the front bumper to open the frunk. Makes the frunk unsecured. The M3 does not do that

3 bigger sun visor?

raffidesigns | 24. April 2019

1. Only the Model 3 has the phone as the main key, however you are able to use the Mobile App to unlock and remote start the Model X.
2. There is no cable for the frunk. The quick setting on the 17' screen has an option to open the frunk. to close you use two hands to gently press down.
3. The Model X panoramic roof is the same as it was when released in 2015.

Lubdub | 25. April 2019

Actually in the original there is a a cable.
It is where you find the opening for the tow hook. That is the only way to open the frunk when the 12v battery is dead. The 3 allows you to charge the battery with two little wires that are in the same place as cable in the X
So you don’t need the cable

dapetrun | 25. April 2019

I ordered a new Model X on April 23rd. Next day new refresh news came out. They said I had to cancel my order AND RE-ORDER so I would receive the latest updates and refreshes. STUPID!!!!!! It's just a stupid ploy to get another $500 out of my wallet for the exact same vehicle. It's not like they started building my car in the last 48 hours!! They have their heads up their ass on this one. | 25. April 2019

@dapetrun - Perhaps dealing with a stealership to get a Nissan Leaf is more your style. If it only cost $500 to get a 15% more range, better performance, 50% faster charging, better tires, and dynamic air suspension - I'd consider it a bargain.

dapetrun | 25. April 2019

No, you're missing the point. I would have received all those updates without all the hoop jumping because they haven't started building my original order yet, not for weeks! But they wanted me to think it was necessary to re-order the X in order to get the refresh. If they are supposedly putting the new refresh parts on TODAY why on earth would they need to re-order a vehicle that was only ordered 48 hours ago. It's not the $500 I'm complaining about as much as the BS they make you go thru. Just charge my card an additional $500. Who do they think they're kidding.

Uncle Paul | 25. April 2019

Your contract is sealed when you place your order. You are not able to continously renegotiate your deal up to the day of manufacture.
In most any business, change orders institute a fee.

Luisito | 25. April 2019

@dapetron - Who told you you are not getting the new refreshes? From Tesla’s article they said “These changes will go into production at our factory in Fremont, California this week, and can be ordered today at”

I too have a vehicle that is “been confirmed and scheduled for production in our factory.” I ordered mine back on the 19th of March. Got my VIN on the 3rd of April 160xxx and they still haven’t started production.

I would think they would build with all the newest upgrades based on their statement. If that’s not the case then I would rather pay the $500.00 to get all the new improved parts.

dapetrun | 25. April 2019

Lead Sales Advisor @ Tesla in Fremont, CA: Hugo Veronica. Don't get me wrong, I too would pay the additional 500 beans to guarantee the updated X but I don't believe Hugo for one minute that cancelling the order and re-ordering was necessary in order to get this. I know damn well my X hadn't entered anywhere near the building process and they think their customers are this stupid?!

However Luisito, your order was significantly placed much earlier back in March and you already have a VIN. But if you say they haven't started building it yet then that tells me they pretty much stopped all production on X's and maybe S's too in order to get as many 3's out the door before the end of 1st quarter for their production stats to satisfy investors maybe? Although, this is already late April and if they haven't started building your model yet then they must have been busy re-tooling and/or re-programming the assembly robots with the different parts or some such thing.

I've read other orders placed in March had VIN numbers just days later but I don't know if they received those that have ordered. There seems to be no consistency at Tesla. Really strange.

Luisito, I would check with your Tesla Sales Manager and verify if you would be getting the updated refreshed X.

Uncle Paul, no one is asking to renegotiate anything. They are making the changes on the model X, not me. If they want another $500 for the new stuff then just charge my AmEx another 5 Benjamins and move on with the order! Making the customer jump thru all the hoops with re-entering all the account info and paperwork is a stupid waste of my time.

Luisito | 25. April 2019

@dapetron - I’ve been waiting 5 weeks and still no build start. So I would assume why build with older parts especially when they say they do continuous improvements.

Their blog says “Beginning today, Model S and Model X now come with an all-new drivetrain...”. If they haven’t started my build yet and you just ordered yours, you may be waiting till June before they start. The price was even higher when I purchased. I don’t expect a Model X refresh if they already started the build but as you said they haven’t even started nor assigned you a VIN.

dapetrun | 26. April 2019

Luisito, you may be pleasantly surprised your build might include the new refresh or at least some of the parts. The new V-3.0 FSD computer was one item I wanted. The other updates are just icing on the cake! Hope you get yours soon. Good luck. | 26. April 2019

Keep in mind the online status has not always been unreliable and usually a week or so behind reality. Just because it appears it is not yet in production, it's very possible it has already been made. Also the delivery location has a huge affect on production timing. Tesla is looking to change that, and make more cars based on order date, but it will take Q2 to shift to this new build approach. In the past all cars build in the first month of the quarter were targeted for Europe and Asia and the last month for North America. Even if they are changing this, it means Europe/Asia orders are behind when Tesla was producing North American cars in March. I suspect much of April's orders are for Europe/Asia as they deal with the backlog. It should start to even out in May and June.

jimglas | 26. April 2019

My online build status was quite accurate, to the day

nintendomas | 26. April 2019

my story is similar. ordered the Model X April 9th. got my vin about one week later and today it saids my car is in production. I've been emailing and calling my delivery agent for a few days with no response about if I'm getting the redesigned model or not. bad first impression from tesla support.

nintendomas | 26. April 2019

per my delivery agent's email reply i just got "Your car is still in production and will come with the new design we have available to customers."

richard | 26. April 2019

@nintendomas cool, have you heard anything more about this? Ny var has been in production for 3 weeks now. Really hoping to get all the Good stuff.

Please post updates if Any

ooagentmm | 26. April 2019

Elon said back in like May 2018 that S and X would be able to use their phones as a bluetooth key like in a Model 3 (I'm not talking about the data connection required to unlock and start the vehicle currently - there is a huge difference here). Honestly this feature in my Model 3 has been amazing and now I have a 100% keyless life. I'm ready to pull the trigger on a Model X but not until that feature is added as I don't want to go back to the old days of carrying keys (seems like a super outdated idea now).

Lubdub | 26. April 2019

One question I initially asked not yet answered. Can you pop the hood on newer X using the cable hidden in the hole for the tow hook? It is not on the 3. Is it still there on the X? The 3 has + and - battery cables to charge the 12v battery

beaver | 26. April 2019

worriers - you can always (threaten to) reject delivery if they don’t give you the model you want. You will get the new version or a discount is my bet | 27. April 2019

@matthew - The hardware is there (starting with MCU2), but the experiences of M3 users (some great and some not so great) may have put Bluetooth phone unlock on the back burner for the S/X. Then again, they may have improved it to the point it's released soon! I prefer the small Tesla fob myself - especially as I seem to run my phone to zero battery at least once a month and would be locked out of my car otherwise.

sschaem | 28. April 2019

Do you plan to trade? and with Tesla or sell to third party .

I was also interested in the new X (mainly for the suspension), but the trade in price is to low to make sense.
Paid $162K in november for a P100DL (+$13K in taxes /fess), and after 2400 miles Tesla now offers me $95k for it.

My X also came with free lifetime supercharging (new one would not), so a saving for Tesla.

On another note, could Tesla offer upgrades for existing cars VS having to do trade in at a massive loss ?

gshanley | 30. April 2019

Received my VIN one week after order of April 22, production to start May 1, was assured car would contain all refresh and new chip.

Luisito | 30. April 2019

@gshanley - Now I'm confused. I ordered my P100D, 6 seater, 20" rims with white interior on the 19th of March with a VIN confirmed on the 3rd of April (160xxx) and they still haven’t started production!!!

What did you order and are you in the US? Are they producing certain models in different phases? I keep hearing of others getting delivery and production start dates way after my order. Odd...

bisala | 01. Mai 2019

My hope is that anything running through the production lines after the announcement would have received the upgraded motor and chip. I am not going to worry about it as by the end of the year, they may have new interior, then perhaps new batteries in 2020. So, at some point, the spec will fall behind. As long as I get what I paid for, I am good. Anything else is a bonus. We shall see.

hoodrm | 01. Mai 2019

I ordered a Long Range X in mid April as I was told that expected delivery would be June. I received a call from my sales specialist on Monday indicating that they needed to reorder all existing orders to get the refresh. Tesla was going to make a final production run of the now older models and fulfill all orders. I happily updated my order and also received the bonus referral.

bisala | 01. Mai 2019

Thats the same timelines as my order. I did not get the call, so perhaps, I will get the older spec without the new goodies.

ron_cover | 01. Mai 2019

My wife wants her Tesla X and we would like to experience this car on a journey. We will soon fly to Las Vegas and would just like to rent a car there. Can you tell me if you know a service or a place where we could rent it for a couple of days? I still look for a car here, but it’s still not clear whether it will be available, and I would like this particular Tesla model.

gshanley | 01. Mai 2019

I ordered my 2019 Long Range MX on April 22. Recent call indicated production has started and delivery should be by end of May and all refresh and other upgrades would be included.. That may or may not turn out to be true, but that is what I was told.
I live in Shreveport, Louisiana with no Tesla dealers in state, so they will send the car by truck to my residence.
No one from Tesla will come, so I am on my own with respect to inspection and usage. However, the utube videos are plentiful and thorough so I am ready.

alanvw | 02. Mai 2019

Anyone know if the refreshed Model X Standard Range can be unlocked later to the long range? Is it the same battery pack in both standard and long range models? | 03. Mai 2019

@alanvw - Sorry no. Standard range uses a 75 kW pack, while the Long rang uses a 100 kW pack.

modelxmaybe | 04. Mai 2019

I am strongly considering a Model X (if my name was any indicator), but I am having a hard time justifying between a used 2016 Model X that pops up in the used inventory, or a brand new one. I am not too familiar with older Tesla's but can anyone tell me what I'd be missing out on with the 2016 version as opposed to a brand new one?

Uncle Paul | 04. Mai 2019

Get the new one.
Faster charging.
Greater range.
Faster computer
More advanced suspension
Tax Credit.
Longer Warranty.
Lots of new updates.
Nobody else has farted in it :)

modelxmaybe | 05. Mai 2019

Great arguments, would the 2016 never be eligible for the FSD?, just the "autopilot with convenience features"?

The 2016 attracted me because of lower price and FUSC. I do plan on owning this vehicle very long term though, so I do think the cost would be worth it to make sure I get all the features that seem future proof (I dont really care for the taxi eligibility if that ever comes out), but the autopilot and FSD now seems future proof as it even mentions highway and street full self driving.

platylover | 05. Mai 2019

"autopilot with convenience features" would be HW1.0. only HW2.0 and later would be upgradeable to FSD. on autonomy day Elon said it would cost more to retrofit HW1.0 for FSD than building a new car. This is mainly due to cameras, radars and sonaars needed for HW2.0 and above that are not available on HW1.0. on the autonomy day video, they showed that the newest HW3.0 enclosure was made to retrofit into HW2.0 vehicles.

this is the main reason i am going to buy a new MX vs a used 2016 model. wife was on the fence previously about spending 90k-100k on a new car, but after a visit to local tesla showroom and test drive with FSD where navigate on autopilot was demonstrated, she is now convinced the MX is the car she wants and is sold on the FSD feature.

bisala | 05. Mai 2019

I am intrigued to see how the new suspension actually changes how the car rides. MX is pretty nice to drive as it is, and that's in comparison to air suspensioned range rover/ Porsche Cayenne. I am sure that we will start to see some reviews next month.

Sribash | 05. Mai 2019

i was told by the sales agent that for any MX the suspension will adjust based on the data on the road from the previous MX on the same road. Looks like they may be either doing a V2V communication or may be tagging the location on GPS and sending it to the cloud for sharing with other MX. Not sure about how this feature is implemented. Anyone else have heard about this?

Vawlkus | 06. Mai 2019

It’s an upgrade to the air suspension that’s being driven by the AP 3.0/FSD hardware and software. In theory, it will allow the car’s vision to adjust the suspension based on what it sees of the road ahead for better handling and a smoother ride.

The newer air suspension system is going in now, with software roll out for later on.

sschaem | 07. Mai 2019

If Tesla resell value wasn't so low I would have traded in for that suspension upgrade alone.

Vawlkus | 08. Mai 2019

What are you talking about? Wrecked Tesla’s cost almost as much as used ones do, their valuation is crazy high. | 08. Mai 2019

Resale value loss on all cars is awful during the first year or two. Tesla resale value percentage over new is better than other luxury makes over a 4 year period. Cars are rarely a good investment, but at least Tesla provides a lot of fun over that period. Then with RoboTaxi service, it may actually increase the value of Teslas with FSD in the next couple of years.

alex | 08. Mai 2019

@ron_cover Have you tried Turo? There are a lot of Tesla in the app

sschaem | 08. Mai 2019

Vawlkus @ I have an immaculate 2400 miles P100DL , paid Tesla $162K mid November, the best offer Tesla can give me is 95K if I buy the 2019 P100DL. Thats a $62K drop in value pretty much driving the car of the lot.
This is also not factoring in the tax paid of 13K.

I had a roadster reserved that I canceled after finding this out, because I dont plan to keep the roadster very long and loosing potentially $80k for driving it of the lot doesn't make sense.

Luisito | 08. Mai 2019

Has anybody taken delivery on a “Refreshed” Model X? Mine started production on the 2nd of May. Still waiting on build completion. Here’s a snippet of the refreshed improvements:

More Efficient Design: Pairing a permanent magnet motor in the front with an induction motor in the rear enables unparalleled range and performance at all times.
Faster Charging: Model S and Model X are now capable of achieving 200 kW on V3 Superchargers and 145 kW on V2 Superchargers. Together, these improvements enable our customers to recharge their miles 50% faster.
Fully Adaptive Suspension: We’ve also upgraded our air suspension system for Model S and Model X with fully-adaptive damping, giving it an ultra-cushioned feel when cruising on the highway or using Autopilot, and a responsive, exhilarating confidence during dynamic driving.
HW3: Hardware 3 Full Self Driving computer

garywalker | 08. Mai 2019

Luisito - when did you place your order? I ordered 24 April but no update on build status

Luisito | 08. Mai 2019

@garywalker - I ordered on 3/19/2019, VIN assigned 4/3/2019 15 days from order. In Production: 5/2/2019 30 days from VIN. According to the sales reps, they said it will have the latest refresh since those were in place on the 23rd.

Vawlkus | 09. Mai 2019


Re-read what I already posted. Tesla DOES NOT WANT USED VEHICLES, INCLUDING THEIR OWN.

They low ball ALL offers on used vehicles, INCLUDING their own.

Go to sell it privately and you’ll see much better prices.

nintendomas | 09. Mai 2019

the VIN for my X turned back to a reservation number last night. ordered April 9th, VIN assigned one week later. now gone? dunno. my delivery agent changed too after he told me i would get the refresh. delivery estimate was pushed from May 3rd to May 10-15 per my old agent. status has been in production since the Friday after they announced the refresh. oh well guess i wait

sschaem | 09. Mai 2019

Vawlkus@ I dont believe this is the case for their model 3. They want to build their own inventory.

And I can understand a dealer want to low ball offers for a trade in to make more money. But here its direct buy from manufacturer.

Tesla would make about $35k profit on my trade in, + the profit on a selling a brand new P100DL + the profit they already made on my original P100DL.

I would be fine if Tesla would make 15K profit on a trade in, specially as its their own car, but this type of upgrade feels like financial rape.

So it seem to me Tesla is losing about $73k in profit by being greedy in their trade in valuation.

As an investor, I dont like Tesla leaving easy money of the table like that.

jimglas | 09. Mai 2019

"this type of upgrade feels like financial rape"
Then don't do it and stop complaining

amazingliuclan | 09. Mai 2019

They are selling an inventory 2018 P100DL for 108,700 (before tax credits) that’s why they only offer you 95k as a trade in. There’s a steep depreciation curve first year especially with new models coming out.

Vawlkus | 10. Mai 2019

All well and good IF Tesla had the personnel to handle resales and processing.

They found out the hard way that they don’t, and cannot afford to add people just for that purpose. Better to let the current market handle the used inventory so Tesla can try to get their delivery process correct.