Never saw it coming.

Never saw it coming.

Very impressed that no one here saw the new configurations of the S/X coming. Lots of posters were envisioning a change in sheet metal, a new frame, different batteries, a change of the interior to be more like the Model 3, or having it upgraded to a more expensive looking design.

We were blindsided whant Tesla enhanced the car to give the most important thing to new buyers and those wanting to upgrade their current cars...more range.

They changed the motors and bearings to give additional range. Then are changing the tires to make them more efficient, changed the suspension to make it both smoother riding, but also better handling. They upgraded the performance models with free Ludicris Mode and have promised upcoming software upgraded to make the car even faster, and better riding.

As usual, the forums have been blindsided for the most part, with people expecting one thing, and getting something totally different. The exteriors and interiors are pretty much the same. No changes in the battery size or cells.

Think Tesla is leaving the competition in the dust with these new improvements. Tesla is a moving target for others to hit.They are simply falling further behind.

The forums did predict correctly the enhanced computer, and the faster charging, but missed most of the other releases. | 24. April 2019

Yep, Tesla seems to keep changes well hidden until released!

Note that the free $20K Ludious is for those buying a new performance LR car and have previously bought a prior S/X - it's not free to new customers.

mbp11 | 24. April 2019

I am not so eager to upgrade. I would have to give up my lifetime supercharging... unless that goes away someday.

Dramsey | 24. April 2019

Free ludicrous is tempting. When I bought my late 2016 S90, upgrading to a P100D with Ludicrous would have added $40K to the car...

carlk | 25. April 2019

Increase range to 375 mile with the same 100 kWh battery is briliiant. What I-Pace or e-tron got with similar size batteries? 230? 200? And what kind of power and acceleration they got with that? Tesla is way way ahead of everyone else in EV technology.

Tesla-David | 25. April 2019

Totally agree, another brilliant strategic move by Tesla/EM demonstrating that they are in another universe and way way ahead of the competition, the FUDsters, Short sellers, and Tesla Haters be damned, and are so full of crap. I despise them all and continue to believe fervently in EM, Tesla, and its mission, and am betting on a very positive future going forward.

jordanrichard | 25. April 2019

Carlk +1. The 2019 E-Tron with a 95 kWh pack has LESS range than a 2012 Model S 60.

jimglas | 25. April 2019

But the E-Tron is a TESLA KILLER! | 25. April 2019

Maybe the Audi E-Tron will kill the Tesla S40 - oh wait, already discontinued in 2013, yet the S40 looks better, has has a far better display, avoids hundreds of tiny buttons, has been upgraded to 2019 software for free, and may be a safer car! Obviously, the E-Tron never strived to be a competitor to Tesla - perhaps more of a competitor with the Nissan Leaf.

TranzNDance | 25. April 2019

Tesla is The Tesla Killer.