On route battery warm up quesiton

On route battery warm up quesiton

Finally got the 2019.12.1.1 update in my '14 S85.

I haven't seen it mentioned in any of the other posts about this update. If the battery is prepping itself, ie, warming up, while on route to a charger, is there an indication as such on the screens?

Jcastillo18 | 01. Mai 2019

Good question I just got the update last night unfortunately haven’t driven my car yet I will post it later on today when I use my car .

jordanrichard | 01. Mai 2019

Jcastillo18, it will only do this warm up IF you are using the nav sys to get to a supercharger, otherwise the car doesn't know where you are going.

Jcastillo18 | 01. Mai 2019

Oh ok thanks . Warming up the battery is what gets me confused. Does it mean it literally warms up the batter if it’s cold outside or does it get the batteries prepped to get the full charge ?

barrykmd | 01. Mai 2019

What if you're running low on juice on the way to the supercharger? Does it have a less-than limit where it won't warm the battery and increase energy usage en route?

jordanrichard | 01. Mai 2019

There is an ideal temperature for the battery pack to be at, for the battery to charge at it fastest rate for its given SOC. We as owners don't know what that specific temperature is, but Tesla does. So if your battery pack is up to this ideal temperature, the system will get it to that temperature for you automatically. Clearly, this feature will be utilized more in the cooler/colder months, but then again, since we don't know what the ideal temperature is and we also don't know at any given time what the current temperature is, it may even be utilized during the summer.

NKYTA | 01. Mai 2019

@barry, they already do this in other ways, e.g. can’t cool/warm from the app. Seems unlikely that they would have left this piece out of this feature.

jugglenaut | 01. Mai 2019

Tesla probably has some complex algorithms that warms up the battery to less than optimal temperatures, with the expectation that after 10 minutes, the temperature goes way over optimal, and some happy medium between under v. over needs to be reached. Heating would be less at ambient 70ºF, and more at ambient 30ºF -- and correspondingly, less heat as your battery gets to 0% and more heat when your battery will arrive with > 5% SOC at destination. The hilarious thing, is that the SW update screen, on the car, claims a benefit of 25% faster average charging -- which is true*, but under the most limited of circumstances. *While under 15% SOC, and temperatures below 35ºF and during first 2 minutes of charging <- My guess at what conditions 'true' is. My experiences indicate that the car, during summer temperatures, and batteries 90kWh and better, is closer to 5-10% improved, during first 5 minutes -- and no improvement after that.

tomphamwd | 01. Mai 2019

Let assume your battery is all warmup by the time arriving at the supercharger but all the charging slots already occupy for the next hallf hour. In that scenario, will all that heat preparation go to waste by the time the car ready to charge?

Jcastillo18 | 01. Mai 2019

If it’s through navigation it should determine how many stalls are available

Yodrak. | 01. Mai 2019

"If it’s through navigation it should determine how many stalls are available"

And do what with that information with respect to warming the battery?

jordanrichard | 01. Mai 2019

Great posts, but doesn’t address the question. Is there any indication that this warm up is happening. If one’s battery is super cold, on the phone app will display a battery heating symbol. So that is what made me think about this battery warming while under way.

Ohmster | 01. Mai 2019

I saw no indication on my way to a SuperCharger yesterday via NoAP.

‘17 S75 & X75D: (Uncorked EAP FSD AP2.5 Bio)*2 +12.1.1/8.5. Grin on!

jordanrichard | 01. Mai 2019

Ohmster, ya, the tricky part is no one knows when one should expect to see an indication, IF, there is even such a indication.