can't display release notes or user manual

can't display release notes or user manual

For the past two SW updates, I have not been able to display the release notes or user manual. For the release notes, the panel appears, but it is blank (white). For the user manual, the formatting (e.g. table of contents and tabs) appears, but the content is blank (white).

Any suggestions?

diamonds2 | 01. Mai 2019

Only happened to me once (2019.8.5). Just got 2019.12.1.1 and release notes were present.

EVRider | 01. Mai 2019

@mcdonalk: That's an old problem -- which version do you have now?

Jcastillo18 | 01. Mai 2019

Reset the screen happened to me but reset it and showed up after

rbeck210 | 01. Mai 2019

After software update the manual is no longer available.

mcdonalk | 01. Mai 2019

evrider: 2019.12.1.1, loaded just last night.

TranzNDance | 01. Mai 2019

Reboot the MCU.

WattsUpDoc | 02. Mai 2019

I had the same thing. I even sent an e-mail to Tesla about it the night before last. Yesterday, driving home from work, the issue was resolved. Go figure.