Improved 90 kWh battery charging

Improved 90 kWh battery charging

I received the 2019.12.11 update yesterday and when I supercharged today it seemed to be at a higher rate. I have 30k miles on the car and typically the max charge rate is in the neighborhood of 102 - 106 kw with the battery at around 20% SOC and around 60 degrees outside temperature. Usually the battery is “warmed up” but I don’t know it’s exact temperature. Anyway tonight I arrived at the SC with ~15% SOC after 50 miles of highway driving and 59 degrees outside. The charge rate settled in at around 100kw and then jumped up to 119 kw with a 30% SOC. From that point until a bit over 50% SOC the kw + soc added up to 150. Is this related to the SC charging increase that’s been mentioned

Bighorn | 01. Mai 2019

It was the FW update that allowed the car to charge faster.

jbdvm1988 | 02. Mai 2019

I was pleasantly surprised since the 90kwh battery is rumored to be more susceptible to degradation and has been throttled if “excessive” number of DC charging events happen. I assumed the 90 packs wouldn’t be participating in this most recent update