Compatible game controller for Atari games

Compatible game controller for Atari games

Hello. I'm new to Tesla Forum and not sure if there's a way to search the forum for past thread.
Regarding compatible game controller for the Atari games on a Model 3, I've been reading the an XBox 360 wired controller will work.
Besides the XBox 360, does anyone know what other controller is compatible with the games?

Techy James | 02. Mai 2019

I bought a USB Microsoft PC Game Controller that resembles the new Xbox One game controller and it works without issue. Other option use the scroll wheels on Steering wheel. I miss Pole Position where you could steer with the Steering wheel.

Jhattonc | 02. Mai 2019

I just grabbed one of the controllers from my retropi and it worked fine... about $10 for a 2 pack

shanipatel93 | 02. Mai 2019

My Xbox 360 controller did not work but I tried the Xbox 1 controller, and that did work.

richardcollins2 | 02. Mai 2019

That sounds like a great way to keep the kids entertained while waiting. (Time to pull the old xbox 360 out of the closet and steal a controller.)

elecfan2 | 02. Mai 2019

I had a no-name, generic playstation USB controller I had laying around in a box, plugged it in, and it worked. Probably most will work, they're cheap, get one from a thrift store and try it.

OrangeinCO | 03. Mai 2019

I bought the cheapest option at Best Buy and it works great!

andrewsjra | 03. Mai 2019

This is what I purchased to play wireless. It’s pretty much compatible with most main console controllers. I’m using a blue Xbox controller.

8Bitdo Wireless Bluetooth Adapter...

Xbox Wireless Controller - Blue

jball | 03. Mai 2019

I used an old Xbox 360 USB controller and worked great.

SYM3 | 14. Juni 2019

@Jhattonc I just bought these controllers and it only worked once when connected to the left USB port. However, when I unplugged and tried again, it didn't work. Are your controllers consistently working? If so which usb port do you use?

Mike83 | 14. Juni 2019

Does a PS3 controller work? I may try it.

alfred143 | 29. Juni 2019

PS# controller works on most games, but not the BB2 game.

tkk | 14. Juli 2019

I have tried with a PS3 and a PS4 controller with thw new game BB2. No luck

stebo1 | 21. Juli 2019


I grabbed those NES knockoffs from Amazon but can only get them to work with games that allow scroll wheel left and right. So Asteroids works, Lunar Lander, Tempest, etc. unfortunately more than half of them do not work (Centipede, Millipede, Super Breakout, and Beach Buggy).

I think with Beach Buggy it’s probably because that was programmed specifically for the Tesla; but the others will not work because their presets are touchscreen instead of scroll wheel. Anyone know how to change the settings and get around this?

stebo1 | 22. Juli 2019


david.e.sheets.61 | 25. Juli 2019

The ones below do not work for me.

I just grabbed one of the controllers from my retropi and it worked fine... about $10 for a 2 pack

prosperkenn1 | 30. Juli 2019

I grabbed some techie Xbox one wireless version which worked.
You can always look it up on Amazon.

stebo1 | 02. August 2019

Right, I was able to get them to work for certain games but has anyone found a controller that will work for Missile Command or Super Breakout? It seems like any of the games that are programmed to be played solely with the touch screen do not work with a controller.

stebo1 | 02. August 2019

Well, the most recent update seems to have kind of fixed it for some games but not others. Hopefully the next one will be even better

KAM6 | 02. August 2019

So does Xbox controller work?

acm0045 | 08. August 2019

@david.e.sheets.61 and @Jhattonc do that controller work for all games?

ghosty_palo | 08. August 2019

We tried one of our PS4 controllers with a USB cable connected to it and it worked for Asteroids and we thought we were done. However, an hour or so later we tried again and it didn't work on any game. Tried it multiple times since and it has never worked again... I'm not sure what to buy or do about it.

rxlawdude | 08. August 2019

PS3 controller does not work.

eric | 15. August 2019

For me Beach Buggy works with with Xbox 360 (USB cable attached) controller but not with PS4.

Taffy | 18. August 2019

I got these on Amazon and they don't work. Any idea why? Is there something else I can try?

mknewman | 19. August 2019

Anyone get a Bluetooth controller to work?

stebo1 | 20. August 2019

Taffy - I got those same controllers. After a ton of trial and error - here is how they will work.

The keypad must be plugged Into the one of the front USB slots (left side works best for me).

You must have it plugged in prior to launching Atari from your toy box.

Sometimes you have to exit and re-enter to get them to work.

They will not work with all games, definitely not with the ones that are programmed specifically for touch screen only.

You may have to hit start from the touch screen before using the controller.

Supposedly the newest software will support Beach Buggy, currently there are no controllers that will handle Beach Buggy because it is only touch screen or steering wheel.

The games that seem to work perfectly with a controller are the ones where the scroll wheels can be used with the game (Asteroids, Tempest, etc). Missile Command has recently started working for me with the updated software.

I am getting a software update right now and hopefully that will allow gamepads for Beach Buggy. I have tire tracks in my garage from playing it!

Taffy | 22. August 2019

Thanks so much! What's funny is I just returned them yesterday!! I will buy them again and try your suggestions!
Thanks stebo1

jebinc | 22. August 2019

So, after two days, no one can point to a game pad/controller that aligns with the OP’s request. Safe to assume then that nothing yet exists, even from Tesla who put this stuff out. Thanks all for the input. Sadly, it just reinforces my “parlor tricks and gimmicks” working hypothesis.

jebinc | 22. August 2019

^^^^ Oops, posted in the wrong game pad thread. Sorry about that.

Craiglampe | 23. August 2019

PlayStation 3 with USB cable does NOT seem to work. I think USB cable only charges this remote, doesn’t interface.

Craiglampe | 23. August 2019

XBOX One controller works. (Thru micro USB cable to Left jack). All games seem to work, most recognize “start” button. (Even break out thru analog — very difficult / sensitive). Beach buggy racing too — even has vibration/rumble! I did plug USB in prior to “launch arcade”

jebinc | 23. August 2019

Like only a genuine MS OEM Xbox one controller, and not the cheap Amazon sold knockoffs?

woodbr85 | 25. August 2019

I bought these that @Jhattonc recommended and they don't work as @stebo1 pointed out: reading

After reading through this entire post, it seems like only consistent mention of anything working is the XBOX one controller.

PS3, PS4, and XBOX 360 controllers all have people saying it does AND doesn't work.

Is anyone out there using some 3rd party controller that works well?

justin.shields | 28. August 2019

I could not get Xbox one controllers to work with any game. Plugged them in first, tried rebooting the car and launching the arcade toy over and over but no luck. Pretty lame.

jebinc | 29. August 2019

Lame is right. Shame on Tesla for this debacle.

Taffy | 30. August 2019

Craiglampe, How do you plug in a micro USB cable?

woodbr85 | 02. September 2019

I got two wireless controllers intermittently working. One controller tends to drop within a few min when both are plugged in. But I did manage to get both working when I follow a very strict setup.

Plug in adapter one, and power on/connect controller one.
Keep controller in line of sight of adapter.
Boot beach buggy. (probably not important)
Exit beach buggy. (probably not important)
Plug in adapter two, and power on/connect controller two.
Keep controller in line of sight of adapter.
Boot beach buggy.

8bitdo Wireless Gray -
8bitdo Wireless Red -

Note: I was trying to match colors to my controllers, but there are differences in both. The original post I got information from, mentioned the red one. Both do work with my controllers.

Xbox Wireless Controller - Red -
Xbox Wireless Controller - White -

I updated the adapter and controller firmware and I don't have an issue anymore. However, I keep both controllers in line of sight of the adapter.

I've also bought a usb hub for both adapters to fit into


I plug it into the right (passenger side) usb port and it holds both adapters horizontal to the right. I have a battery hub plugged into the left (driver side) usb that has fast charge capabilities and my usb for TeslaCam, and everything seems to be working. (