License Plate Mount 3D printed

License Plate Mount 3D printed

Front License plate mount.
Had on vehicle for over a month... no problems at freeway speeds..

tbd2001_01 | 08. Mai 2019
lbowroom | 08. Mai 2019

It mounts to what?

Magic 8 Ball | 08. Mai 2019

Can I hook a snow plow to it?

Joshan | 08. Mai 2019

the one that came with the car didnt work?

ODWms | 08. Mai 2019

Looks like it mounts to the grille (below the bumper). Makes sense for those of us with PPF on the number cover and have a concern about long term adhesion of the factory bracket.

derotam | 08. Mai 2019

So you basically just copied The Bandit?

tbd2001_01 | 08. Mai 2019

It mounts between grill slots both the vertical and horizontal ones. The attach two back plates. Assemble with hardware.

Alanant | 08. Mai 2019

Looks good. Will you be sharing the STL file?

stopnair | 08. Mai 2019

looks fugly...the shape itself will reduce the efficiency of the vehicle.. lol

ODWms | 08. Mai 2019

@tbd2001_0, any way you can post a pic of how the it looks on the car? Maybe with and without a plate attached?

derotam | 08. Mai 2019

Just search for The Bandit license plate holder...they have pics and it looks the same as OP's!

ODWms | 09. Mai 2019

Thanks, tbd2001_01! I like it. Any way I can order one from you?

tbd2001_01 | 11. Mai 2019

STL file..... possible...... have a 3d printer?

TM3Q | 11. Mai 2019


I'm curious because I own a few 3D printers (3 delta type and 2 cartesian type), what material did you use? I imagine you didn't use normal PLA filament, did you use ABS filament?

Where I live I don't need front licence (Province of Quebec,Canada) but it's cool to see people using their 3D printers to create their own parts :-)

ODWms | 11. Mai 2019

@tbd2001_01 - No, I don't have a 3D printer, thanks. I meant if I can buy one from you directly. | 11. Mai 2019

@tbd2001_01 - If you want, I can post either a link or the STL files on my site. I already have a list of other Tesla related 3D printed parts and accessories:

You can reach me directly at voting@ my name above.

tbd2001_01 | 11. Mai 2019

I can post at a site where u can download and pay a fee for the use of file. Let me know how many people are interested.

jpleaner | 23. September 2019

Hi all, did any of the 3d print STL files in this discussion get posted onto a site for download?

tbd2001_01 | 23. September 2019

Material used Taulman Tech G

Bartleby0 | 29. November 2019

Any chance of sharing your design?