V3 Superchargers at Fremont

V3 Superchargers at Fremont

While conjecture on my part, it's a good bet that the Fremont factory Superchargers are being upgraded to V3 250 kW. This location was closed on April 22. Looking at the site today, most of the old pedestals have been removed and new cement poured for new pedestals. It looks like it will be upgraded to 8 v3 Supercharger stalls and 4 old v2 stalls will remain. There are no power cabinets installed yet for the new stalls, but the conduit looks to be fully installed. My guess is they are about 3-4 weeks away from opening.

As it progresses, I and others can update this post as we learn more.

sschaem | 07. Mai 2019

Some supercharger station have upto 50 stalls ? that could be over 12 megawatt at peak with v3 !

Seem to me that our grid (world wide) is totally unprepared for mass EV adoption.

on subject: do we actually know the average charge rate from 10% to 90% on V2+ vs V3 ?
From the chart I seen, 250kw only happen for a short time, it drop pretty quickly below 150kw (what v2+ provides) | 07. Mai 2019

@sschaem - Yep, a lot of power, but you should need fewer V3 stalls for the number of cars as charging is faster than V2. I'd also expect less than half that power will be necessary for a location. The likelihood of 50 cars showing up at the same instant all with 5% SOC is quite unlikely. I'm sure Tesla even has data as to the worst case scenarios so they can correctly gauge how much real power is needed. It's sort of like your home, where you might have 100 amp service, but if everything was turned on and every 15 amp outlet in use, it would greatly exceed 100 amps, but this never really occurs.

As there are no v3 SCs publicly available yet, I don't know what the 250kW taper will be. I did chart the taper for a Model 3 at 150 kW from 6% to 90% SOC here: It shows it staying at the max power far longer than before from about 10% to 44% SOC.

jordanrichard | 07. Mai 2019

Sschaem, I am not aware of any location in the U.S. at least, that has 50 charging stalls. | 07. Mai 2019

Yep, I think China has the only 50 stall locations. In the USA, there is Kettleman City at 40 stalls, Santa Row at 26 stalls, and about 4 more with 24 stalls (all in California). The vast majority of locations are 8 to 10 stalls.

NKYTA | 07. Mai 2019

TT, Baker is 40 paired. You need to get out more. ;-) | 08. Mai 2019

@NKYTA - After lunch, I was even a mile from Petaluma SC and Concord SC last week on my way home, and didn't stop. Too easy to skip locations now, even though it would add to my admittedly limited SC count.

Tropopause | 08. Mai 2019

Maybe Tesla plans to buffer the V3 Superchargers with PowerPacks?

NKYTA | 08. Mai 2019

TT, I know you aren’t a gamer, but you could get 100 doing the Bay, LA and a Sac run. Just sayin’ ;-) | 09. Mai 2019

@NKYTA - Yep, ought to get off my computer more often :)

@Tropopause - Fremont has had PowerPacks for at least a year, maybe two. I'd expect they'll keep them in place for the new V3 Superchargers, presuming they can handle the power needed for v3. | 24. Mai 2019

Update today - They look to be a few weeks away from going live. There will be 8 stalls with V3 (250 kW), and 4 with the old V2 150 kW paired stalls. The pedestals look the same to me, other than the thinner V3 charging cables (yes, more current and thinner cables). I suspect they are liquid cooled as needed. Also these are a different design than the original liquid cooled pedestals tried out more than a year ago that had a cooling system (with radiator at the bottom). Can't wait to try them out!

Tropopause | 25. Mai 2019

Thanks for the update, TT! Have you heard of V3 stalls anywhere else besides Fremont? | 25. Mai 2019

Not yet. If I were to guess, Hawthorne, CA might also be a early V3 installation. After that, I'd expect brand new installations will get V3, and a few locations that are stall constrained (perhaps due to local regs) might get redone with V3 stalls to effectively handle more cars in the same number of stalls.

I happen to swing by the Fremont Factory every so often to keep tabs on what's going on (although don't need a charge there) .