Who says Tesla dose not advertise?

Who says Tesla dose not advertise?

The pornhub sex in Tesla on autopilot had more than 7 million clicks already.

I clicked too only because I wanted to find out how autopilot perfermed. ;)

Mathew98 | 11. Mai 2019

Sorry to burst your bubble. I was responsible for the first 6 million hits.

And Tesla still "dose" not advertise.

AlMc | 11. Mai 2019

A 'dose' of reality. They advertise by using owner's testimonials and giving test drives. Not sure what it says about society if indeed there are 6 million hits or more on something reported to be pornographic.

If they did not crash their vehicle I will assume AP 'perfermed' well.

DRFLGD | 11. Mai 2019

Must, ahem, hard to type with one hand.

finished | 11. Mai 2019

I miss Brian H. Never thought I would.

sentabo | 11. Mai 2019

They weren't thinking properly. With better positioning she could have used her backside to help avoid the nag so he wouldn't have to.

Tropopause | 11. Mai 2019

Just wait until FSD arrives. Yikes.

Anthony J. Parisio | 12. Mai 2019

With FSD teen will never return Dad’s car!

Bill_75D | 12. Mai 2019

We had to pull over and park back in the good old days. Ahhh, memories...

gridley1950 | 12. Mai 2019

"We had to pull over and park back in the good old days. Ahhh, memories."

.Well yeah. We used to call it, "watching the submarine races."

Silver2K | 13. Mai 2019

Submarine races??? How many were there????

gridley1950 | 13. Mai 2019

We used to park down by the beach. Looking outside in the dark was the last thing on our, (my) mind! But that's what we called it!
So I don't really know how many there were. :)

rxlawdude | 13. Mai 2019

dose? did someone call a pharmacist? ;-)

sbeggs | 13. Mai 2019

@rxlawdude, no.
@carlk is just channeling @Anthony J. Parisio, who is famous for using “dose”!