Missing AP Features, i.e Lane Assist & Auto-High Beam?

Missing AP Features, i.e Lane Assist & Auto-High Beam?

I've been driving my new Model 3 Standard for two weeks and the following features don't seem to be available (despite my configuring them on screen):

* Lane Assist 

* Collision Avoidance Assist 

* Auto High Beam

The manual says these features are available even on the standard range Model 3. For Lane Assist, I don't see any of the white, yellow or red lane lines, though I do see a red vehicle and lane line in my blind spot if I try to change lanes and use my turn signal. No sign of Auto High Beam even on dark roads.

Any suggestions?

SwindlerCave | 17. Mai 2019

Not sure about lane assist, but the auto high beams only turn off the highs, not on, so you have to engage them first (push the left stalk toward the dash).

For collision avoidance set the warning to "Early" and make a late transition to an empty lane behind some stopped cars (safely!!!). I was approaching an intersection with stopped traffic but a green right arrow; AP is pretty conservative and gave me the collision warning just before I'd fully transitioned to the right lane to turn because the lanes to go straight were stopped and several cars deep.

crmedved | 17. Mai 2019

I don't think you'll ever really see collision assist or lane keep assist. The collision warning only goes off if you're approaching a stopped vehicle pretty fast without slowing down... I've triggered it only once in several months of driving with the early setting.

As Swindler pointed out, Auto High beams only function when you have the high beams "on". They will turn off when oncoming cars or detected or cars in front of you.

Lane keep assist I -think- only works if you start drifting out of the lane *and there is a car next to you*. I've never had it activate.

wiscy67 | 17. Mai 2019

The Auto High Beam option on my SR+ works by engaging and disengaging high beams depending on conditions. I never manually touch the lights in my car including the cabin (Auto dome lights). The headlights come on when it's dark and high beams automatically come on when there are no other cars around. And the high beams dim when other cars come into view. Some members have reported that their auto high beams disengage or don't work when sensing light from their own headlights reflected in street signs.

If your Auto High beam isn't working this way then try manually engaging high beams before setting it back to Auto. I've never had an issue with mine so I'm not really sure how to troubleshoot.

EVRider | 18. Mai 2019

It’s possible that some features aren’t working yet in HW3 cars, but the don’t know if that’s the case here.

Revelate | 18. Mai 2019

May be a change based on software version? I got my AWD back in November and the auto-high beams would toggle both on and off... I'd love the feature if it just auto turned the high beams off, but it was so annoying and wasn't needed where I drive plus not shutting off when it should've of (I live in urban Los Angeles) I just turned the feature completely off.

If I had something where in my awkwardness I accidentally flip the high beams on and shut off automagically, that would be totally swanky, but I don't want it turning on automatically especially when it shouldn't which was the case previously... that was a few updates ago though.

rxlawdude | 18. Mai 2019

Something is funky - my LR RWD (early VIN 138x) today suddenly dropped out of Autopilot ("Cruise not available") in the middle of a drive. The high beams were on, and given this was in the middle of the day, that seemed odd. So I toggled the turn signal stalk and either had green "headlights" or blue "high beams." Again, this is during the day.

So now I have:

No Autosteer
No auto high beams
No auto headlights.

Rebooted and powered off to no avail.

Not happy about this at all.

rxlawdude | 18. Mai 2019

(And yes, all settings show those things as active!)

danwassink | 19. Mai 2019

I had the same issue. I tried resetting and powering off numerous times. Didn’t fix it. I talked to Tesla, they couldn’t fix it. They wanted me to schedule a service appt. I then went and did some research and I read in a forum that the car does diagnostics upon waking up from a sleep. If it finds anything wrong, it shuts everything down. So the key is to let it sleep and when it wakes up, it will do another diagnostic run and, if all is OK, everything will be back. This is what I did and my cameras, cruise, and Autopilot came back. Why wasn’t it able to sleep in the first place? I had a few third-party apps connected to my car. This kept my car awake. I looked at the log files and it has been days, if not weeks, since she slept. So I needed to disconnect all the apps and start over. To do this, just change your password to Tesla. Once you do this, all the 3rd-party apps will be disconnected. Now just wait for a few hours so your car can go to sleep, I waited overnight. When I went back to my car the next morning, everything was working once again. I had a 10 hour drive back home, I was glad to see it all back! Now I can’t say this is for sure what happened, but I tried everything, including resetting and powering off. Nothing worked, until I changed the password. Could be coincidence, but if you are having the same issue, give it a shot, change your Tesla password, let it sleep for a few hours. It may work for you too.