Build date?

Build date?

Forgive the newbie question. How do I find out my build date? I took delivery on May 14. The tires are dated 47th week of 2018. Thanks in advance.

Mikael13 | 20. Mai 2019

Check driver’s door jamb :-)

mnlarsen | 20. Mai 2019

Placed my order three weeks ago and they still can't give me a delivery time estimate. Is this consistent with other peoples experience?

jordanrichard | 20. Mai 2019

You won’t get an exact date from the door jamb, but you can get the month and year.

peldor427 | 20. Mai 2019

@mnlarsen, what model/options did you order? I ordered back in Sept and it was at the dealer in 1 week. I may have been lucky with what was scheduled for the assembly line, but it was way quicker than I expected and much sooner than the original estimate. I had to scramble to be ready in time.