Vinyl Wrapped Dash

Vinyl Wrapped Dash

I finally got around to wrapping the console in the same Brushed Black Metal 3M vinyl as my console. It took two tries, as I ripped the end on the first try stretching it over the end piece. In the end, I got it seamless!

AFBiker2011 | 20. Mai 2019

Looks very good! I've been considering staining my wood dash to a darker color. Though I'm nervous about removing the piece, and whether it can accept a wood stain properly.

T35L4 | 21. Mai 2019

If you do it, I would recommend using an alcohol based DYE, instead of a stain. Then go over with poly.

rasinas | 21. Mai 2019

@AFBiker2011 Brian from i1Tesla has stained his dash a little while ago. Here is his video on it.

Mike UpNorth | 21. Mai 2019

Nice work - looks good.
The red T is a nice touch.