Removing the Charging Plug

Removing the Charging Plug

Why is it that sometimes when I walk up to my car with my phone (key), I am able to immediately remove the charging cable and other times, I need to first unlock the doors before I am able to remove the cable?

MoonDog | 21. Mai 2019

I think if the charging is 'complete', the car may go into some kind of sleep state after charging that does not listen to the connector's signal. I have the same issue sometimes and so far it seems to only happen once the charge is complete (per my settings).

stevenmaifert | 21. Mai 2019

It could be related to the outside air temperature. Per the Owner's manual "in cold ambient temperatures below
41° F (5° C), the charge port remains unlocked whenever the vehicle is not charging, even when Model 3 is locked."

EVRider | 21. Mai 2019

When I charge in my garage, I have to unlock the car in order to remove the charging cable.

posinator | 21. Mai 2019

I like to pre-heat pre-cool my m3 before driving just so i can non-chalantly remove the charging cable without having to unlock it first...

SteveWin1 | 21. Mai 2019

Its what MoonDog said. If the car is "awake" it will allow you to remove the charging cable if you have your phone or if the car is unlocked. If its asleep, you won't be able to remove the charging cable until you either open the app, which wakes the car, or you open a door or the trunk.

This is one of my biggest pet peeves about this car. Makes no sense. If you follow Tesla's advice, you plug in every single night and every single morning, the first thing you're going to do to your car is unplug it and that's the one thing that doesn't wake the car?

jimglas | 21. Mai 2019

I am happy some random person cant walk by and unplug my car and steal the charging cable

SteveWin1 | 21. Mai 2019

@jimglas. What you're happy about would still be the case if the charging cable button woke the car up. Just like your car door doesn't open when some random person tugs on the handle, the charging cable also wouldn't unlock without a key. Both actions should wake the car up though and if the key is nearby once the car wakes up, it should either unlock the door or unlock the cable depending on the action the user took.

stevenmaifert | 21. Mai 2019

@jimglas - They can do that if the car is done charging and the outside air temp is below 41° F (5° C) where you are charging. I don't know about stealing the charging cable since that is affixed to something unless your are using the UMC outside a locked space, but in theory they could swipe your J1772 adapter if you are plugged into that type of charger. | 21. Mai 2019

Nothing to do with Temperature in my case. It doesn't seem to be correlated with whether or not charging is complete. I never tug the plug until charging is complete. I'd say that three out of four times I have to open a door but sometimes I get a surprise. Software flaw I'm thinking.