No insurance without VIN, no VIN without insurance...

No insurance without VIN, no VIN without insurance...

I've never owned a car so I don't have any insurance. The account page asks for insurance info which I do not have. The insurance provider I plan to go with requires my VIN number to purchase a plan, which I don't have yet. How can I proceed?

EVRider | 27. Mai 2019

You don’t need to purchase insurance until you take delivery of the car. Just contact your insurer a couple of days before delivery to set it up — by then you’ll have the VIN.

heyitsjaron | 27. Mai 2019

Does that mean that I fill out info for deliver location, registration, trade in, and payment method, and leave insurance blank?

rhj | 27. Mai 2019

I’m was in the same boat
I filled out everything else and left the insurance blank.
A month later When the Delivery Specialist had matched me with a VIN they sent email to hurry the process along.
I passed the VIN to my insurance company they under wrote a policy and faxed me an Insurance ID card with VIN policy number and expiration date. I posted that to my Tesla account and also emailed it to my Delivery Specialist.
Later I received a final MVPA purchase agreement which I forwarded to my finance company.
I then received a notice asking me to pay my outstanding balance along with a delivery date.
Enjoy you new Tesla