Model S did not have ludicrous installed when I took delivery on 6/7

Model S did not have ludicrous installed when I took delivery on 6/7

Took delivery on Model S P100DL on 6/7. Car has insane mode but no ludicrous which is apparently 60% more power output according to the manual. Insane is 30% more power output. Spoke with delivery specialist and was told will get over the air update to add ludicrous but have yet to get update. Anyone else who ordered ludicrous mode did not get it on delivery? How long did the take to update you car with ludicrous? | 11. Juni 2019

I don’t see how your delivery specialist didn’t notice this. Thanks for sharing, I will certainly check mine when I take delivery later this month. Not sure a firmware update can add ludicrous (in the past, there was additional hardware required; seems like wasting money to include it on every performance Model S they manufacture). Good luck! Is “Dual Motor” underlined on the rear?

pmcginnis2112 | 11. Juni 2019

I took delivery of my P100DL on 6/8 and am having the same experience. No ludicrous activated. This problem has been discussed on TMC forums (and maybe here as well). Should be fixed with OTA update. I asked my sales rep to get update pushed. He told me to expect it in the next 24-48hrs. Fingers crossed.

Funny, their showroom model had the same issue. Sales rep was clueless about the problem.

I've also driven my car ~50 miles and the autopilot system is still calibrating. I've read various comments about that on the forums, some people saying it can take over 100 miles, some saying it took their car under 20 miles. A few posts mentioned having the calibration program frozen and needing a software update for calibration to complete. I'm hoping my pending update also addresses that potential issue.

Enjoy your Raven!

Otherwise, I'm loving the car. Suspension is great. Much tighter fit/finish compared to the 2015 S90D I traded.

Boonedocks | 11. Juni 2019

That’s so odd about calibration on your new Raven. Mine had the blue circle around the steering wheel icon and completed its full circle and calibration within about 6-7 miles on the expressway

lagomorph | 11. Juni 2019

Mine also calibrated very quickly, possibly in 3 miles. However, I don't have FSD enabled on my Raven, even though I paid for it. Waiting...

hleland | 19. Juni 2019

My new MS P100D was ordered with Ludicrous but was delivered on 6/7/19 with Insane mode. Talked to salesman who assured me they would update to Ludirous and sure enough, 24 hours later I had Ludicrous mode. My autopilot cameras calibrated in about 10 miles of freeway driving.

aaracena07 | 09. August 2019

Picked up my tesla on August 1st and it also only came with insane mode. 8 days later no one know anything, and I am still waiting for Ota for Ludicrous mode. It's been very frustrating