Tesla MX Delivery Experience

Tesla MX Delivery Experience

Ok, where to begin. :)

I thought I'd compare my experience in taking delivery of a Tesla Model X in 2019 vs my Tesla Model S from 2016.

I used to post a lot in these forums when I first got my Model S in 2016 and interacted with a bunch of folks that I'm thrilled to see that they still post sporadically. Life happened, fast forward 3 years and we took delivery of an inventory 2019 MX 100D, Pearl White on White Vegan, 6 seat layout, with the lifetime Supercharger promo and the heavily discounted sticker.

Sad to see that the swag bag that they used to give are gone, but understandably so, since they can't possibly sustain that. I remember the umbrella, the mug, the pen, the pin, the hat and a bunch of other stuff in my swag bag back in 2016.

I think what I found to be the biggest difference was that, it used to be an event to take delivery... now it's basically like any other car buying experience from crappy dealerships. Not sure if it's just the delivery place (Mt. Kisco, NY) but the delivery experience was really poor.

The car had 150 more miles than when I put a deposit on. The car came from PA (about 150 miles from NY). When they scheduled me for delivery, they said they were waiting for the truck to fill up to bring them up to NY. When I took delivery of it, it had 309. Not really that big of a deal, but, I just thought if I put a deposit on a 150 mile vehicle, I will wonder why it now has double. Obviously, they never transported it, but rather driven it.

The worst part was that the MX's white vegan seats were dirty! I had to tell them to clean the seats while I waited longer. It looks like someone with greasy hands were fondling the seats. They managed to get most of it, but it's not necessarily clean. I'll have to get it detailed. I tried asking for detail credit but no luck.

Anyway, I just thought I'd document my experience here. Certainly poor compared to my Model S from 3 years ago. It felt like I was at a sleazy used car dealer.

Hope everyone is well... does lilbean and silverp85 still post here?

jimglas | 11. Juni 2019

"now it's basically like any other car buying experience from crappy dealerships"
so I guess you spent all day haggling with the salesman while he checked in periodically with his "manager" on your "deal" ?

gguinto | 11. Juni 2019

Replace "manager" and "deal" with "I'm not aware of your file" and "let me go back and print your docs" and "oh shoot, these are the wrong paper work" and repeat at least a few dozen times in a span of 2 hours and you pretty much sum it up. Mind you, they called me in the morning saying they have me scheduled for 5:00pm.

Look I get it, they're a growing car company. I still believe in the cause and still stoked on my newly acquired MX. Just simply pointing out, what a stark difference 3 years can make.

Al Cantara | 11. Juni 2019

Gguinto—- I’m with you, bro. I took delivery of an inventory X on 5/31. So different than when I got my S in 2016. In 2016, I flew to San Jose (I live in LA) so I could take delivery in Fremont and tour the factory. It was an event. Other folks there taking delivery. I still have my pen and mug.

When we took delivery of our Model 3 when they first opened the Marina Del Rey delivery center it was also great. They had a coffee bar, cars were parked inside for delivery and it was FUN!

Now I go get my X. Coffee bar closed. No cars parked inside. It’s just “sign and get out.” But that’s fine unless we talk about the cracked tail light, the dinged wheel and the non working USB ports. The indignation from the delivery guy when I told him to get it all addressed. Amazing. He’s like “make an appointment at a Service Center.”

Great car overall. Company? Poor.

Jesse K | 12. Juni 2019

Very sadly have to agree! I was a true early adopter with a 2013 Model S. I did not get any swag bag or the like and even took delivery in some crappy garage in White Plains, NY. Yet, the experience 6.5 years ago was WAY better than this one. Tesla has become a communications black hole. No matter how much you pour into it, nothing comes out. I was scheduled to pick up my Model X Raven w/ LM tomorrow. Just got a call stating that the car is not at the center yet and likely would not be for another week! It seems no one works at the company for more than a couple days, as everyone I contact, "no longer works here", when I try back. I used to be such a huge proponent of Tesla. I seriously wish another car company would come out and really compete against them. Perhaps they would then turn some attention to the customer service end of things.

deemo | 12. Juni 2019

I guess I will see this Friday, I am scheduled to pick up a X inventory on 6/14. The only issue so far is that they had the wrong delivery center and I could not change online, they kept giving me very limited choices (only 2 one hr windows at the wrong delivery center). It took a couple of calls and a visit to a showroom to fix (hopefully). The delivery info is now blank but no longer shows the wrong delivery center and the person who called me about the S trade-in and set up the delivery time is from the right center.

The delivery for our inventory Model S was a little rough, I got a lot of calls but no emails. There were no real issues with the car but turns out that they had misspelled my name and email address (why no emails) so they had to redo the paperwork at delivery a couple of times. My account was set up and I could see the car prior to delivery (correct email address) but could not log into the car from the app for a couple of months after delivery. It took almost 6 months to fix completely, Tesla kept using the wrong email address to contact me to fix the issue and continued to use the wrong address for another 4 months when tried to fix for the state rebate paperwork and for service appointment info. Got a drink, my pen, mug and umbrella, all very nice otherwise. The Model 3 went better, with just minor issues even though it was a fairly early one, got a water and a toy car.

jjgunn | 13. Juni 2019

Yes just like in 2016, Tesla has just a few customers.

There is practically only you 3 or 4 to deal with.

So lemme get this straight......

1) No swag bag
2) 150 extra miles on it
3) Dirty White seats -- (Oh, the horror!!)

You received your vehicle because they drove it to your location instead of asking you to wait a couple weeks while the delivery truck fills up.

Sorry they didn't throw a parade for you, at the end receiving your swag bag, while you take delivery of your $100k vehicle.

Are you willing to help this company grow or would you rather receive more fanfare during delivery?

nipper2 | 13. Juni 2019

I had a FANTASTIC experience with my 2019 X and would never buy any other car but an Tesla

gguinto | 13. Juni 2019

@nipper2 - that's awesome. A friend of mine had a great experience taking delivery of his Perfomance M3 yesterday too. I guess it varies by DC. I must've gotten the B-team. (or if I'm being honest, the D team)

@jjgunn - you're getting this all wrong. I'm all for Tesla being successful and I fully support the cause and their mission. I own a few stocks and heck, that's why I bought a second Tesla.

This is all meant to be constructive feedback and point out that they need to re-focus a little bit on that magic that they had before.

I'd really love to hear what your honest feedback is, if my experience were to happen to you. So, let's hear it. Buy a brand new anything and have it not quite brand new, what would your reaction be?

PS - it's also not about the swag bag - I wasn't expecting that at all.

kelly.floyd | 13. Juni 2019

Placed deposit on a price adjusted 2018 showroom P100D MX a couple of weeks ago and got a completely different price on the MVPA from what was listed on the website. OA put in a case to fix price to reflect website. Fast forward to delivery and arrive early to pick up the car. OA is on vacation so delivery manager calls and tells me he has some news for me regarding the price of the car. I tell him I am there and to talk to me in person. I walk around the building and have to find him instead of him finding me. That was annoying. He tells me that the price is 19k more than what I had anticipated paying. I tell him about the website and he asks if I have proof. I send him the screenshot of the website and then still doesn't fix it. He informs me that someone made a mistake and the price would not be adjusted down. When I say that I cant afford to pay more he offers to cancel to the order. My Dad was there with me, and disgusted at them raising the price on me, tells me we should go. Frustrated, I left the delivery center and emailed him when I got home. He had already canceled my order without me saying that is what I wanted to do. I asked what happens to the deposit. He says I will get a refund in 30 days. After the ordeal and it being no fault of my own that felt extremely excessive and insulting. I was so excited to get my dream car and to have it pulled out from under me was a bit traumatic and I feel like the whole situation was handled very poorly. No consideration was given to all the work to get the financing, insure it, and line up a buyer for my model s. Still trying to process my feelings about the experience.

jjgunn | 13. Juni 2019

I also own 2 Tesla's.

I actually cracked a joke when I picked up my Model X & said...."What...No parade?!?!"

My paint wasn't perfect. (Black) & trunk/hatch wasn't aligned perfectly. Guess what? Tesla fixed it. Everything is great.

My P3D was driven to my house. Had 47 miles on it -- also some light scratches on the paint.

For a car to be "brand new" it must have less than 50 miles on it. You already knew you were buying a MX with at least 150 miles on it. It's no longer brand new. You admittedly received a good deal/value for the MX. So they drive it 150 miles to get your vehicle to you faster. Big deal. Enjoy your car.

Ddowns2050 | 16. Juni 2019

I bought my first Tesla in march of 2013 and just bought my 5th 2 weeks ago. I am a staunch supporter. But gguinto has valid points. I do think it that it isn't as big of deal at delivery as it was 6 years ago, but that is to be expected and is ok.

That being said there is no excuse in delivering a "New" inventory car (Tesla's words not mine) with dirty white seats I don't care how many miles are on it. I'm sure Tesla would clean it upon asking but you shouldn't have to. And by the way my service center has always provided impeccable service.

As far as not being new if it has more than 50 miles on it. When the 100 battery came out I ordered a S100D the day they were available for order. Not a inventory car. Tesla drove it to a supercharger to charge it and I'm not sure for what else. It had 103 miles on it when they delivered it and it was sold as new by Tesla (maybe I should have got a discount). I didn't have a major problem with it, but that is what happened.

gguinto | 17. Juni 2019

Thanks @Ddowns2050.

@jjgunn - we're enjoying the car thanks! I guess we can agree that your tolerance to that stuff is better than mine, so let's agree to disagree.

Regardless, I spoke to my Sales Advisor from another Service Center and he and the manager agrees that it should not have gone that way. Including the fact they did not put the unlimited supercharging on the vehicle, which the guys at Paramus S/C are working to get it done.

I think, the bottomline is, I got a crappy experience from the non-A-team people and after talking to a few owners, they all echoed the same sentiment about the Mt. Kisco, NY location.

Right now, we're enjoying our cars and still believe in accelerating the transition to a sustainable energy.


jamesxq | 17. Juni 2019

I think when you're buying an inventory car, there's always a chance that it has been driven by someone either as a demo or loaner. I took delivery of an inventory MX a month ago with 780 miles (showed 768 on the web when I put down the deposit). It had slightly noticeable blue jeans dye transfer on the white vegan seats which is really hard to completely get ride of. But I took it anyway with the understanding that I might have to clean it myself or live with it. To me, there's no free lunch. Because I saved on the discount, there must be something imperfect with the car. There was no fan fare when I pick it up, but the delivery gale tried to be helpful. But I had go back twice to pick up the towing package and license plate frame, since she didn't give to me. It's a little annoying, but I was able to get them after-all. So my experience has been neutral to slightly positive. Or maybe my expectation is low to start with.

jjgunn | 17. Juni 2019

Fair enough @gguinto - glad you at least got past it.

@jamesxq - will Oxy Clean laundry stain remover work on the White seats? That's what I would try.