Most Teslas lack front license plates?

Most Teslas lack front license plates?

I see surprisingly many M3's here in the Bay Area with only rear licence plates mounted even when they have the real permanent DMV plate. I just got my real DMV plates and was thinking if I should only put on the rear plates to begin with. I know front registration plates are required in CA. Has anyone ever got pulled over for lack of front licence plates or is it not really enforced?

Joshan | 13. Juni 2019

it is enforced in Illinois. I got a Fix It ticket.

Mike UpNorth_ | 13. Juni 2019

I'm rolling the dice in MN....

MichaelB00012 | 13. Juni 2019

13000+ miles in IL, no plate, no ticket

*knocks on wood*

stevenmaifert | 13. Juni 2019

@p_dahlgren - Here in CA I've never heard of anyone getting pulled over just for lack of the front license plate, but if you are pulled over for some other infraction, you are likely to get a fix it ticket too. You may also get one in certain public parking places. LAX is notorious for that.

Smalm | 13. Juni 2019

I’d say in CA only need to worry about the meter maids, who will ticket for anything. Gotta make those quotas.

St☰v☰ | 13. Juni 2019

I'm here in SoCal, and mine came with one from the SC, but it's going to be short lived for an electric holder very soon. On the other hand, my other car, going on 12 years, has never had a plate on the front. I do have it though, tucked between the console and passenger seat.

dmanincali | 13. Juni 2019

+1 to smalm

I don't have front plates on my X or 3 and have yet to get a fix-it ticket.
Never heard of someone getting one while driving (unless it was a tack on to something else) but have heard of plenty of people getting them while parked in downtown areas.

dsvick | 13. Juni 2019

I'm risking it in Ohio ... starting next year they won't be required so I'm hoping they'll be less picky about it between now and then ...

FISHEV | 13. Juni 2019

I purchased one of these. Haven't gotten it or plates yet.

Joshan | 13. Juni 2019

the issue with risking it, is you will get yanked that one time your driving after a couple drinks. Not worth it for me.

LostInTx | 13. Juni 2019

Have driven my 3 in Texas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Colorado. No front plate and so far, no problem.

howard | 13. Juni 2019

I don't have the front tag on in CO but ticketed twice in the City/County of Denver by the parking meter enforcement personnel. So I never park in a public spot in Denver. Otherwise never been stopped in the last 20 years.

JPPTM | 13. Juni 2019

Try this:

I just installed this--great when you park on the street in SF or at the airport.

smogne41 | 13. Juni 2019

Pennsylvania has its issues, but yay no front plates!

rob | 13. Juni 2019

Regretting the plate in TX. Gone over a year on my wife's lexis. Been thinking of pulling it off.

bp | 13. Juni 2019

13 years & 150k miles on a tinted & lowered A4 Avant in WA and never got called on it, despite a couple pullovers. No way I’m putting one on the M3.

lbowroom | 14. Juni 2019

I always put both plates on my car. I stack them on each other and put them on the back together. That way I don't lose it and if asked I can say they are both on the car. 20 years so far and no one has asked.

jjgunn | 14. Juni 2019

Got pulled over from carpool lane in Bay Area yesterday.

1) Passenger in back seat (cop admitted didn't see her)
2) No front license plate.
3) Purple Stickers in glovebox.

Cop gives me "fix-it" ticket. Proceeds to ask me questions about the P3D.

Hahahaha. Effing Tesla....gotta love it.

kevin_rf | 14. Juni 2019

I have an off center front plate. Thankyou Dedham delivery center.

In MA I've seen people pulled over for not having the correctly colored 1" registration sticker on the back plate. Not worth risking not having a front.

ICEMELT | 14. Juni 2019

+1 @Joshan. Not worth the risk.

Once I have seen someone install the plate on the bottom hollow space below the actual curvature. I was driving so couldn't take a close look on the mechanism.

Fredvanngo | 14. Juni 2019

I glued it on my front pumper from day 1

jimglas | 14. Juni 2019

I don't understand the reluctance to put on a license plate. Its a car, not a picasso

Midway99 | 14. Juni 2019

I'm in California and got popped for no front plate. I now have a front plate

Midway99 | 14. Juni 2019

it was more laziness than anything, it doesn't look bad at all now that I have one on there.

p_dahlgren | 14. Juni 2019

Thanks for a lot of good feedback.
@JPPTM's link to a magnetic set-up kit sounds like an excellent option and it uses the factory plate holder that came with the M3. I plan to order such a kit.
Of course, I want to drive my M3 legally to avoid additional risks of being pulled over.

jjgunn | 14. Juni 2019

Agree.....laziness & also waiting for my personalized plates to come in.

Techy James | 14. Juni 2019

This is one of the things I am sad about. Ohio current has a requirement that you have to have front license plate. Due to that law, when I got mine, I had the front plate bracket put on. 2 Months ago they announced starting next year the Front license plate will be optional. So now I get to figure out how to remove the front plate without damaging the car.

suddled | 14. Juni 2019

jjgun, I'm pretty sure if the reason he pulled you over for wasn't valid then that ticket isn't valid either. I would fight it.

slingshot18 | 14. Juni 2019

@Joshan why are you worried? Don’t drive if you’ve had too many. Not related to license plate.

slingshot18 | 14. Juni 2019

@Joshan why are you worried? Don’t drive if you’ve had too many. Not related to license plate.

dgstan | 14. Juni 2019

Yep, meter maid in Hayes Valley. Either pay the $200+ ticket of put the damn thing on and pay $10.

PECo CT | 15. Juni 2019


“jimglas | June 14, 2019
I don't understand the reluctance to put on a license plate. Its a car, not a picasso“

slingshot18 | 15. Juni 2019

It’s ugly, that’s why. Also why my carpool stickers are in my glovebox.

franc90D | 15. Juni 2019

I have mine off on my M3. Most in the bay do as well. I did get a ticket before in my Mini Cooper when I had it off.. fix it ticket and needed officer to sign off on it.
Didn't have them on my two previous MS' either.

Daryl | 15. Juni 2019

Front plates are not required in Arizona, so of course I have not installed mine.

On the other hand, after bumping a light pole and getting a slight ding in the front, I was wondering if an appropriately mounted license plate might have taken the bump instead of the front of the car. Not sure how that would work, though, since any impulse to the plate would be transmitted to the car, unless there was a way to mount to the internal frame and leave a gap between the plate and the car's "bumper".

anilsud73 | 15. Juni 2019

If you are law abiding tax payer then you should expect a fix-it ticket. If you are a felon or an illegal you get to do whatever.

thedrisin | 15. Juni 2019

Why flaunt the law? Sounds like the WH.

earlohm | 15. Juni 2019

Mounted Front plate on our M3 in Ohio, but will come off after June 2020. The Tesla MS loaner from our store had the front plate stored in the trunk!

kevin_rf | 15. Juni 2019

The whole point of a front plate is to more easily help in identification of a vehicle if it drives off, you know hit and run, suspicious vehicle situations. Not wanting a front plate really makes me question how law abiding some people are...

jjt2122 | 15. Juni 2019

I live in Los Angeles and I don't have a plate on the front, I have had my M3 since August 2018, so far no enforcement, but it's a fix it ticket if I get it with a small fine, it looks better without the front plate

BuffaloBillsFan | 15. Juni 2019

I feel sorry for those in states that require a front license plate. NC does not require them, so my front fender is 100% Tesla. I used to have a Buffalo Bills front license plate just for show (I bought my Infiniti in VA with an already-installed front license plate holder). I don’t miss it at all.

thedrisin | 16. Juni 2019


anis.kadri | 16. Juni 2019

I got a fix-it ticket about a month ago in the Bay Area. I was waiting for a spot to open up at Alice's Restaurant when the CHP showed up behind me.
The annoyance comes from the waste of time of having to go to a police station to get your ticket signed by an officer. The cost of the citation was $25.
I decided to use 4 suction cups on the existing bracket because I don't want to use glue or mess with vent. I always hear popping sounds when I am supercharging so I definitely don't want to air vents to be obstructed by anything. The glue is extremely abrasive too. So far the suction cups are holding up and are easily removable (until I get my next fix-it ticket).

bgbythsea | 18. Juni 2019

I’ve been cited (albeit decades ago) for no front plate in SF. My M3 has it on.

Mike20sm | 19. November 2019

Anyone know where to get a sticker like this for the front license plate?

Magic 8 Ball | 19. November 2019

Just put ours on a couple days ago, I put it on top of PPF first.

jvcesare | 19. November 2019

They have stepped up enforcement in San Diego so instead I installed a license plate wrap. Looks great.

goodman | 19. November 2019

I drove my Prius about 200,000 miles before putting on the front plate and only because I was taking it outside California. 20,000 miles w/o front plates on my Model 3 so far. no issues about it at all so far.

Mike20sm | 19. November 2019

Thanks Magic 8 and JVesare for the link. It was really bugging me not being able to find that. Might be a cool thing if made a larger version for the plate size for optional removal

CST | 19. November 2019

Just buy some PPF and cut it to fit - pretty easy to do.